NCERT Class 12 New Age Graphics Design Graphic Design For Interactive Media

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NCERT Book for Class 12 Graphics Design Chapter 12 Graphic Design For Interactive Media

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Chapter 12 Graphic Design For Interactive Media NCERT Book Class 12

With the advent of the Information Technology (IT), there was a great revolution in media. For the first time in the history of ‘communication media’, the traditional ‘passive user’ was bestowed with the power to control and dictate the media. User-control and ‘Interactivity’ has become critical factors in digital communication. As a result, there was an emergence of new concept called Interaction Design. It has become the most important component of media. This involves new ways of interacting with computers, interface design, navigation design, human computer interaction and user-centered design. Collectively put together it is termed as ‘Interaction Design’. By and large, Interaction Design includes Multimedia CD/DVD, Internet and web-based applications, Hand-held Devices, Mobile Technology and all possible future applications using technologies. Therefore, a graphic designer needs understanding of all the emerging media and technologies to apply the knowledge of graphic design meaningfully. Although, the phrase ‘Interaction Design’ has wider connotations and applications that go beyond the realm of Internet and Information Technology, in the current context ‘Interaction Design’ is understood as follows:
Interaction Design is defined as an interactive and meaningful transaction and management of information using all the possible media and emerging technologies.

It is evident that there are overlapping areas between Interaction Design and rest of the established media disciplines. In a certain sense Interaction Design is an extension of visual media and therefore it is bound to share methods and processes of designing with graphic design. Interaction Design shares concepts of visual design, composition, page layout, typography, and illustration with graphic design. It shares concepts viz., content design, scriptwriting, and animation with film, video, and animation.Interaction Design is an amalgamation and convergence of various traditional media viz., graphics, audio, video, text etc. however, Interaction Design has additional components called web-technology and interactivity. Therefore, a graphic designer has a different and special role to play at every stage of design and development of Interaction Design application.

Therefore, in the age of information, communication and technology (ICT), a graphic designer has to reorient to adapt to contemporary challenges. Earlier the domain of a graphic designer was limited to print media. However, slowly with the arrival of film-making and then animation the graphic designers found new horizons. Of course they had to learn relevant technologies. In due course graphic designers started extending their knowledge and visual sensitivity to film and animation to make them more visually pleasing and enriching.

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