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NCERT Book for Class 12 Graphics Design Chapter 9 Advertising Design

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Chapter 9 Advertising Design NCERT Book Class 12

Traditionally media meant print, radio, television, cinema and outdoor advertising. But over a period of time it has changed very much. Today almost anything that can reach and influence prospective consumers or public at large is defined as media. These days advertisers depend a lot more on digital media.
The word media is the plural form of medium, ideally meaning a substance for transmitting an effect or any intervening agent like water in water colour and oil in oil paint: whereas, in this context it means “channel for communication of information.”
Earlier newspaper was the only media for communicating news and current affairs. Then radio and television became popular and there were designated time slots for news at prime time. Now news is received in different forms, on digital platforms, mobile phones and outdoor sites. Audiences can be reached anywhere and any time. The development and growth of digital technology has influenced the advertising industry and its working style. Now-a-days traditional media is supported by digital media in all strategic communication plans. However, it is felt that due to its viability and economic positioning it has far reaching results and in the coming times it is poised to take over the conventional media.
The advertising strategy as a whole requires a balance between creative thinking and business acumen. It is imperative that a person with an indepth knowledge of other areas of advertising like media, planning, costing, marketing etc. will definitely score a commanding edge.

What Is Media Planning

The selection of media is a specialised task considering the suitability for a diverse mass consumer market like India. It is the job of the media planner to decide the media or media mixfor communicating the message. The most important are:

Press: Print   Television   Outdoor        Advertising
Radio           Cinema       Advertising    Internet

Although we get some data on readership of newspapers and magazines, it is difficult to find which media is more effective compared to another. For outdoor advertising one can try to ascertain the number of people passing a given hoarding or kiosk site, but cannot measure with accuracy to what degree the message penetrates. Similarly, it is difficult to ascertain the number of radio listeners, leave alone knowing the popularity, thus, the best one can get by way of statistics is a measure of the number of “opportunities to see.”

Print Media

It is the largest single organised advertising medium in India. Readers of newspapers and magazines are in a mood to assimilate news and information. Advertisements are,


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