NCERT Class 12 Graphics Design Integrated Methods of Advertising

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There are many different ways to augment actual advertising and marketing techniques. That means such efforts by any company don’t directly sell a product or service, but promote it nevertheless. Either the publicity materials carry a line saying that …’this programme is brought to you by the makers of…’ followed by the product name. Or it will say: ‘this event is sponsored by THE TASTE OF INDIA…’ followed by the product or brand name. But beyond that these events or programmes do not normally highlight the salient features of the product. These are thus known as integrated methods of advertising as they support the main campaign, they include events, exhibitions, publicity, awareness programmes, public relations etc. We will look at some of them in detail.

Kinds of Events

• One time-many days: Such events normally happen only once in many years like SAARC, Commonwealth Games or Olympic meets, which only happen once in a country but may go on for many days and often at different venues. or only once, like a Centenary Celebration or a grand wedding. Which happens only once in a lifetime but is likely to spread over many days, sometimes even months involving a variety of functions and diverse audiences (like celebrating a centenary year).

• Ongoing: These are typically routine functions of an  organisation, like training programmes at various Institutes, festivals at various departmental stores and hotels, exhibitions and trade fairs, conducted tours for sight seeing on luxury liners etc. But on one side it is part of their normal business, the audience changes ever-so-often, and the organisers have to be at their best every single day, to offer something innovative all the time.

• Once only: These are absolutely the opposite of the above. These are rare like a visit by the President of India or an equally big dignitary. For this certain security measures and protocol is demanded, guidelines for which are provided and have to be fulfilled.

• International: These are very high profile and involve ministries and multinational dignitaries, like world conferences. They usually include cultural programs, social evenings with business sessions. For such events meticulous planning is required.

• National: These could be patriotic, commemorative, competitive or entertaining like The Rising of 1857, 75 years of Dandi March, Beauty Pageants etc.

• State level: These could include Foundation Days like Swarnim Gujarat celebrating fifty years of the state, Sports Tournaments like Khel Mahakumbh also organised in the state of Gujarat.

• City level: These could be celebration of festivals, rallies, exhibitions, trade fairs and cultural programmes.


These too need advance planning and proper budgeting. Nothing should be done unless the purpose and target to be achieved is clear. Launches could be of different kinds:

• Soft Launch, is when the announcement is not loud and the product or service is introduced into the market quietly.

• Introduction and Brand Awareness

• Market Invasion. This is where all you see everywhere and anywhere is the advertised brand. It is like invading the marketplace with publicity.


Here of course the product will be sold, it’s a bit different from the rest, but here the product is not being pushed through an advertising campaign. Sales are organised during festivals like Diwali, Eid and Christmas not only in our country, else where in the world too. Sales are mostly for clearance of old stocks (quite the opposite of a launch) before new designs are introduced and usually offer heavy discounts and incentives to the buyers, motivating them to buy the products. So whatever advertising is done, does not speak about the merits of the product instead only invite the readers by flashing things like “buy one get two free’” or “50 per cent Discount till stocks last.”



1. What do you understand by the term “integrated media”? Why are they named so?

2. Explain how public relation and exhibitions help in marketing a brand.

3. What are the different aspects of planning for different events? Write briefly about any two.

4. What kind of the activities can come under corporate or social responsibilities? List at least five of them.


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