CBSE Class 12 Informatic Practices GUI Programming

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Gui Programming Class 12 Informatics Practices NCERT

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Gui Programming NCERT Class 12


Learning Objectives

After studying this lesson the students will be able to: 

   Identify, name and state the usage of the different components of the NetBeans IDE.

   Identify and name the various methods and properties associated with the various form controls

   Create simple applications in Java using NetBeans IDE.

   Create GUI applications using the concepts of variables and control structures.

   NetBeans IDE allows us to develop applications by dragging and positioning GUI  components from a palette onto a container. The GUI builder automatically takes care of the correct spacing and alignment of the different components relative to each other. The JFrame acts as a container for the elements like the JLabel, JButton, JTextArea and allows direct editing of their associated properties at the design time and run time. The related methods are used in the code to develop applications for a specific task. The concept of variables and control structures are used to simplify the code of the applications.

This group of phrases has something amazing hidden in it. Try and find out what is so unusual about this group of phrases? Is there any specific pattern in each line? * Bar crab Borrow or rob Straw warts


   Live evil

   A man, a plan, a canal--Panama!

   Delia failed.

   Evil olive

   Pull up if I pull up.

   Step on no pets.

   Ten animals I slam in a net.

   Was it a bat I saw?

   Was it a car or a cat I saw?

We found an interesting pattern in the puzzle and we will use this concept to develop an application in netbeans. Let us take a journey back in time and think as to what the world was like 15 years ago. Amazon was a large river in South America. Yahoo was a term from Gulliver's Travels. A googol was a very large number (one followed by a hundred zeroes) and to get our tickets booked we had to go to shops called 'travel agents'. In case we fell sick and went to a  hospital, our records were maintained on paper. If the doctor wanted to refer to a particular patient's record, he had to instruct a assistant to hunt for information from the pile of files.

Nowadays hospitals use computers to keep the records of patients - medical history, details on what medication to give to a patient, the prescribed dosage and also personal details that can be accessed at the click of a button. The entire information is entered into a computer using a front end that accepts the different patient details. We learnt how to design valid front end forms in class XI in Java using the NetBeans IDE. This chapter will help us recapitulate all the concepts learnt in class XI.


NetBeans IDE

It can be used to create java applications very easily using the efficient GUI builder. Let us quickly recap the different components of the NetBeans IDE: 

Figure 3.1 NetBeans IDE

   1. Title Bar

   2. Menu Bar with pull down menus

   3. Toolbars

   4. GUI builder: It is an area to place components on the form visually. There are two views of the GUI builder- the Design View and the Source View. We can switch over from one view to another by simply clicking on the source and design tabs directly above the Design Area.

5. Palette: Palette contains controls or components used to create GUI applications. Inspector Window Design Area Properties Window Palette

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