CBSE Class 9 Science Is Matter around Us Pure assignment

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Is Matter Around Us Pure Class 9 Science Assignment Pdf

Class 9 Science students should refer to the following printable assignment in Pdf for Is Matter Around Us Pure in standard 9. This test paper with questions and answers for Grade 9 Science will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Class 9 Science Assignment for Is Matter Around Us Pure

Is Matter around Us Pure

Q 1 Name the process which can be used to recover sugar from an aqueous sugar solution.

Q 2 What happens when a saturated solution is heated ?

Q 3 Name the process you would use to separate a mixture of water and alcohol.

Q 4 Give an example of an aqueous solution in which gas is dissolved.

Q 5 What is the cause of Tyndall effect as shown by colloid?

Q 6 How would you confirm that a colourless liquid given to you is pure water?

Q 7 Give two examples of colloidal solution.

Q 8 Name the technique to separate -
(a) Salt from sea water
(b) Butter from curd

Q 9 What is crystallization ?

Q 10 What is a saturated solution ?

Q 11 What is solution?

Q 12 Which process would you use to separate colours in a dye ? Define the process.

Q 13 Fog and cloud are both colloidal in nature . How do they differ ?

Q 14 A compound is regarded as a pure substance but a mixture is not. Give reasons.


Q 1 Gold can be drawn in wire. Name the property.

Q 2 Between sulphur and copper which one you will use for making wire.

Q 3 Silver is best conductor of electricity still the electrical wires are made of copper and aluminium. Why?

Q 4 (i)Name a soft metal.

      (ii)Name the element present in diamond.

      (iii) Name a non-metal having shining surface. (iv)Name an element used as semi conductor 

Q 5 Why metalloids are used as semiconductors?

Q 6 Why metals are used in making instruments like bells, tanpura and violin?

Q 7 Non-metals are bad conductors of electricity. Name a non metal which is conductor of electricity and is used in making electrodes.

Q 8 Is diamond element or compound? Write its composition.

Q 9 Non- metals are usually soft. Do you know any hard non-metal? If yes ,name it.

Q 19 Why water is a compound not a mixture?

Q 11 Which of the following will show properties of its constituents? Methane or soil

Q 12 Name solute in brass

Q 13 Particle size of a substance was 50 nm. Is it solution or colloid or suspension

Q 14 A solution is prepared by dissolving 12g of sodium chloride in 150 g of solution. Calculate the mass percentage of solution.

 Exam Questions NCERT Class 9 Science Chapter 2 Is Matter Around Us Pure

Question. Name the types of mixtures.
Ans : Homogeneous mixture and heterogeneous mixture.

Question. Define dispersion medium.
Ans : It is the component which is present in excess and acts as a medium in which colloidal particles are dispersed.

Question. A colloid which have liquid as dispersed phase and solid as dispersion medium called-
Ans : Gel.

Question. The component of solution that is present in smaller proportion
Ans : Solute.

Question. (i) State the principle of the process of centrifugation.
(ii) List any three applications of centrifugation.
Ans : (i) Centrifugation is the process of separating suspended particles from a liquid like colloids by churning the liquid at a high speed. The principle is that denser particles are forced to the bottom and lighter stay at the top when spun rapidly.
(ii) Applications of centrifugation :
(a) Used in dairies and homes to separate cream from milk or butter from cream.
(b) Used in washing machines to squeeze out water from clothes.
(c) Used in laboratories to separate colloidal particles from their solutions.
(d) Used in diagnostic labs for blood and urine test.

Question. Why is water considered as compound?
Ans : Water is considered as compound because :
(i) Water is composed of two elements : hydrogen and oxygen.
(ii) The ratio of hydrogen and oxygen by mass in any sample of pure water is the same.
(iii) The properties of water are different from its constituent elements : hydrogen and oxygen.
(iv) Water can be decomposed by chemical means only

Question. Write characteristics of compounds.
Ans : Characteristics of compounds :
(i) Compounds are the substances formed by chemical combination of two or more elements.
(ii) The constituent elements are present in a fixed ratio.
(iii) A chemical reaction takes place during the  formation of a compound.
(iv) Properties of a compound are different to those of its elements.
(v) Constituent elements cannot be separated by physical processes.

Question. Give two examples of colloids from your daily life.
Ans : Milk and fog.

Question. Give natural example of mixture.
Ans : Sea water, minerals, soil.

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