Class 7 Social Science The Delhi Sultanate Exam Notes

Class 7 Social Science The Delhi Sultanate Exam Notes. Please refer to the examination notes which you can use for preparing and revising for exams. These notes will help you to revise the concepts quickly and get good marks.

Cover the Following Topic:

1.The Delhi Sultanate

2.The Delhi Sultan

3.The Expansion Of The Delhi Sultanate

4.The Slave Dynasty

5.The Khalji Dynasty

6.The Tughlaq Dynasty

7.Sayyid Dynasty

8.The Lodhi's Dynasty

9.Decline Of The Sultanate

10.The Vijaynagar Kingdom

11.A Closer Look

12.The Mongals

13.The Sultanate In The Fifteenth And Sixteenth Centuries


Muhammad Ghori defeated Prithviraj Chauhan in the Second Battle of Tarain in 1192 AD. It was an important event in the history of Medieval India. The result of the battle was the beginning of the Afghan-Turkish Rule in India. The Afghan-Turkish Rule lasted for 15 years, however, the successors of Muhammad Ghori assumed power in 1206 and ruled India successfully till 1526. Since these rulers called themselves as Sultans, this period in the history of India is called as the Sultanate period.

The period witnessed the rule of five dynasties of the Turkish-Afghan origin.These dynasties are as follow :

- The Slave dynasty    –     1206-1290 AD   

- The Khalji dynasty   –      1290–1320 AD 

- The Tughlaq dynasty   –  1320-1414 AD

- The Sayyid dynasty –      1414-1451 AD

- The Lodhi dynasty   –      1451-1526 AD

The Delhi Sultanate

The Rulers of Delhi :   

(i) Delhi became an important city only in the twelfth century.

(ii) Take a look at Table

Delhi first became the capital of a kingdom under the Tomara Rajputs, who were defeated in the middle of the twelfth century by the Chauhans (Also referred to as Chahamanas) of Ajmer. It was under the Tomaras and Chauhans that Delhi became an important commercial centre. Many rich jaina merchants level in the city and constructed several temples. Coins minted here, called Delhliwal, had a wide circulation.

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