CBSE Class 9 English Letter Writing Notes


Use proper layout according to the type of the letter.

  • Write the address, date, salutation and subscription near the left hand side margin.
  • Indenting and punctuation mark may be avoided.
  • Leave space after a Para or important part of layout.
  • Divide the contents/body of the letter into three paragraphs :

(a) Introduction beginning

(b) Content main point

(c) End conclusion /suggestions etc.

  • Do not use any comma (,) after the Salutation & Subscription. There is no apostrophe’s in yours.
  • Be accurate, specific and concise.
  • Practice creativity in presentation of ideas. Use only relevant ideas.
  • Have fluency in presentation of ideas. Express them in a coherent and organized manner.
  • Organize your ideas before writing the letter.
  • Don’t use obsolete expressions. Be simple, direct and to the point.


(i) Vineet / Vain Prasad of 29, Rajpur Road, Ambala, come across the following poster in the newspaper. He /she is concerned about the spread of diseases during summers and decides to write a letter to the editor of a national daily highlighting the impending possibility of water borne diseases and the dire Need for creating awareness about the prevention of such diseases through such informative Posters. Using your own ideas and the ideas from the unit on ‘Health’, write vineet’s/vani’s letter.

Here comes the summer

………And also the possibility of Diseases Like Cholera and


Prevention is Better Then Cure

· Drink only safe water

· Keep food items cove

· Eat only freshly cooked food

· Wash hands before preparing or eating food…………..


If patient is restless /unconscious, has fever/ blood in stool, is eating / drinking poorly.


USE Oral Rehydration Solution – Available At All Health Center free of Cost


Rajpur Road Ambala

28 October, 200X

The Editor

The Tribune


Dear Sir

Subject: Summer Diseases

The poster about summer diseases in a local newspaper highlights the problems caused by the rising of summer heat on one hand and the lack of knowledge about the deadly Water-bome summer diseases such as cholera and gastroenteritis on the other hand. It is important to create awareness through posters and announcements on the radio and television. Media can play an important part in saving lives. Since prevention is always than cure, people must remember to :

  • Drink only safe water.
  • Eat freshly cooked food and keep all food items covered.
  • Maintain proper hygiene and always wash hands before preparing or eating food.

 If any person develops symptoms of the disease he should use Oral Rehydration Solution available Free at health centres, but if symptoms persist he should consult the nearest doctor immediately. Remember, symptoms such as restlessness, fever and blood in the stool can life threatening.

Yours faithfully

Vineet /vain Prasad

(ii) You are a social worker. You are a social worker. You feel upset as some of the good schools are admitting as many as 60-70 student in a class just to mint money. This is adversely affecting academic standards. Write a letter to the Edit or the Indian Express highlighting this corrupt practice. Sigh the letter as Rafeek / Salma.

Reiki Street


16 March 200X

The Editor

The Indian Express

Veer Savarkar Marg



Sub : commercialization of education

I wish to draw the attention of the public in general and authorities in particular to the crass commercialization prevalent in the good school renowned for providing quality education .

My son goes to a prestigious public school which admits student after conducting so many tests and charging a hefty amount as various funds. To a casual onlooker the system appears restrictive and selective, but the over crowded classrooms with 60 to 70 student in the primary section tell a different story. Almost every section of every class is in a similar situation. Even though the school work in two shifts there doesn’t seem to be any respite from the ever increasing size of the class. The overcrowding of classrooms adversely affects the academic standards. It is very difficult for any teacher, howsoever resourceful, to build any rapport or conduct interactive sessions in such large class classes. The curriculum is ‘covered’ in a poor manner.

The academic values are brushed aside with nonchalance and the sole factor that govems the school authorities is the money that these large numbers rake in.

Will the authorities look into this sad state of affairs and bring an end to this commercialization of education resulting in falling academic standards ?

Your truly


(iii) You are jimmy / Jane of 79, Ganganager, Indore. You have noticed many stray animals on the buy roads. These animals have caused traffic jam as accidents. Write a letter to the editor to “Times journal” telling him about the nuisance.



22 nd November 200X

The Editor

Time Journal



sub : Nuisance created by stray animals.

Through the column of your esteemed newspaper I wish to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities of the Municipal Corporation regarding the plight of the residents of Indore due to stray animals. The stray animals wandering on the main road causes traffic blocks And fatal accidents. These animals are creating health hazards too by littering everywhere. As a result, the dirty places have become the breeding place of mosquitoes and insects.

We have already written to the authorities but they have not yielded any action. It is

hoped that the authoritles will take an early action.

Your truly


(iv) You are a librarian of ST. Thomas school, Kerala. Write a letter to M/S A.X. & Sons, Booksellers, Kochi, placing order for books. (Mention at least 5titles of the books) to be supplied immediately.

The librarian


15 April 20XX

M/S A.X. & Sons – Booksellers



Sub : Order of Books for the school

Kindly arrange to supply at your earliest convenience the following books for our school

Library at the discounted rates applicable for the year 20XX-20XX.

A) Fundamentals of physics – Resnick Halliday 10 copies

 b) Elementary Algebra – David Collins 15 copies

c) Advance Learner’s English Dictionary – Oxford 4 copies

d) All about Organic Chemistry – A.G. Rao 10 copies

e) Fun with Mathematics – P. Rodriguse 15 copies

Before dispatching the books please ensure that only the latest editions are being supplied and the books are in good condition. Also check that each book has full pages and there is no insufficiency. payment will be released after approval by the library authorities.

Yours faithfully



(v) Look at this visual from a report on teenage problems. Using the information in the picture and your own ideas and opinions on the subject, write out a letter in not more then 150 words to the Editor on the problems and stresses faced by teenagers today. Sign yourself as ‘a worried teenager’.

A – 44 Anand Lok

New Delhi

The editor

New Delhi

4th March, 200X

Sub: Stressful Teenagers

Dear Sir

I am a teenager and day and night, I go through the tension of whether I will get the course of my choice. Will I be able to satisfy my parents’ expectation? so on and so forth, these are not only my worries but of all the teenagers around. In today’s competitive word, a’ teenager goes through a lot of worries. The worry of getting a good job, finishing education successfully, many even worry as to whether they will be able to get a university degree. All this is the result of a sense of insecurity. Though the teenagers put in their best,

they do not know whether they will get courses or jobs of their choice. For improving their academic performance, students join coaching classes. From school to Coaching classess,then there is no surety. Another reason for this tension is the lack of proper counseling facilities in our schools.

Teenagers need career counseling which would help them select the right course for Themselves. Also talking to counselors would help teenagers ease their tension. I hope my views reach to all the teenagers and help them over come their worries.

Your sincerely

‘A worried teenager



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