CBSE Class 9 English Connectors Notes

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Connectors are the words that are used to join or connect single words, phrases, clauses or sentences. Words like ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘or’ ,’ so’, ‘yet’, ‘still’ are connectors. E.g.

Slow and steady wins the race.

He is rich but

Words like ‘though’, ‘although’, ‘while’, ‘whereas’, ‘neither’, ‘therefore’, ‘both’,

‘Only’ also come in this category.

Connectors are used for various purposes. They are used for :

Adding information

e.g. furthermore, in addition, moreover, and

Expressing similarity

e.g. in the same way, similarly

Expressing difference

e.g. while, whereas, but, instead, or

Expressing purpose

e.g. so that, otherwise, in order to, in case, for

Showing time

e.g. when, after, as soon as

  1. Paul can’t walk very fast though he is very tall. (Concession expressed)
  2. Sandhya likes singing whereas / while her sister likes swimming. (contrast shown)
  3. The theatre was half empty as / because it was raining heavily. (Reason given)
  4. An accident happened where the public meeting was going on. (place mentioned)
  5. The firemen had not arrived when the fire was put out. (Time indicated)
  6. Sandra can sing as melodiously as any of her classmates. (Comparison made)
  7. You will feel comfortable if you open all the windows. (Condition to be fulfilled)
  8. It rained so hard that we could not go out in the evening. (Result given)
  9. My brother likes to study physics while I enjoy reading English. (contrast shown)
  10. She decided to take only two meals a day so that / in order that she could reduce her weight. (Purpose expressed



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