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This question expects a student to write a report or a factual description based on verbal input provided.

  1. Given a suitable heading ;
  2. Write the name of the reporter ;
  3. Write the body of the report (content)
  4. Content should contain: ‘when, where, why, what. Who, how’.

A. Vaibhav / vibha Asher is quite concerned about the increasing incident of deaths and accidents caused due to the endemic disorder called road rage. He / she decides to write an article on the need for people to control their anger and inculcate the habit of disciplined driving. Study the following information and write Vaibhav’s article in not more than 200 words.


Avoid road rage-be a disciplined motorist

  1. Know traffic rules
  2. Be courteous to fellow drivers
  3. Start before time if you have an appointment
  4. Maintain your cool-don’t carry stress while driving
  5. Check your words and actions – count ten when angry


By : valbhav / vibha Asher

The recent film ‘Changing Lanes’ brought into sharp focus the endemic disorder called ‘road rage’ with the number of vehicles increasing everyday, it is on the increase all over the world. We can see clearly from the graph that the factors that compound road rage are : intolerance and lack of self discipline, having a sense of superiority and control while driving, family and work stress, environmental stress, traffic jams and delays along with absence of severe penalty for defaulters.

We need to remember that’ License to Drive is not a License to Kill’. To avoid road-rage a sense of discipline and responsibility has to be inculcated among all motorists.

We must pledge to know and abide by the traffic rules. Respect and courtesy to fellow drivers must be the norm. when leaving the house for an appointment, start early, in order to maintain your cool if there is a delay. Do not be on a short fuse while driving. Always measure your words and actions. Counting up to ten is a good rule of the thumb to avoid stress and unpleasant situations.

Every calm and disciplined driver helps to save precious lives. Always remember to : Be polite and share the Road rage will away.

Thank you and have a nice day.

B You are Abhishek / Aishwarya. You happened to see the following lines in a newspaper.

“we all mourn and groan about the loss of the quality of life through the destruction of our Ecology, and yet each one of us, in our comfortable little ways contributes daily to that Destruction. It is time now to awaken in each one of us the respect and attention our Beloved mother deserves. “Says Ed Asner, an Environmental supporter.

You decide to write an article in the school magazine titled “Save the Planet, Earth”. Using ideas from the unit on ‘Environment’ and your own ideas, write the article in about 200 words.



Recently, there has been much noise about ecology. This newspapers and magazines are replete with articles that much the loss of the quality of life through the destruction of our ecology. Yet, the fact remains that instead of doing something to save it, almost each of us seems to destroy it a little more. The consumerism of the west has spread in the east also. This consumerism, more than anything else is responsible for destroying the ecology.

Water, air and earth are the three things which together make this plants earth. Each of them is being destroyed. We consume more water per head than the people in history ever did. But what is more important is the fact that we pollute and poison the very source of water that is our rivers and even seas. The inorganic industrial waste which goes in the rivers has made the water unfit for drinking. In the same way the gases emitted by our industries are polluting the air. The earth has been dug for minerals, oil and water to such an extent that it seems to have lost its natural strength. It is being deprived of the forests which make our earth worth living and a beautiful planet.

To save our planet earth, we have to rivers this trend. A simple style of life consuming less of the earth’s resources and causing-no pollution is the need of the hour.


C. Geetika read the following news report about the tendency in children to stay from any sort of physical activity. She decided to make use of the information to write an article for her school magazine. Write the article for her in about 150-200 words using ideas from the unit on ‘Health and Medicine’ and your own ideas.

The teachers and parents have expressed their disappointment about the children of Today being nothing but couch potatoes. Very seldom do you find children outside their Houses, playing their one time favorite outdoor games like Hide and Seek, Cricket etc.


By Geetika

Every genuine person is today worried about the tendency in the young to stay away from any sort of physical activity. Gone are the days when the children loved to be out of the house in the streets and parks playing and running. Even when they were not playing they used to do other physical labour like walking to school or cycling to a friend’s house. It has all changed. Today you can find them sitting in the couch watching television or reading books. Instead of walking they use the bus or some mode of travel to take them to school. Seldom do they think of going to a friend’s house to meet him because there is a telephone line on which they talk as long as they please.

However, it is the parents and not the children who are responsible for this very sad state of affairs. They are happy to see their children leading a life of luxury. They do not love physical labor themselves, so how can they make the children love it ?

The school and the parents together can change the situation. Parents should see that the children do some physical exercise or work at home while the schools should make it compulsory for every student to take part in games.


D. You are Ramesh / Reema, a staff reporter of “The Times of India”. Delhi. You witnessed a road accident involving a truck and a Maruti Van in Karol Bagh. Write a report, in not more than 125 words.


Head on Collision

By : Ramesh

New Delhi:25th December. An overloaded truck collided head-on with a Maruti van carrying a family including three children. The accident occurred yesterday at the junction of Karol Bagh at abut 6.30 p.m. Both the vehicles were at high speed. This accident occurred when the truck lost its control and crashed into the van coming From the opposite direction. The impact was so great that the van overturned. All the 5 passengers of the car including 3 children were killed on the spot. The cleaner of the truck was injured The drive is absconding. The injured were taken to M.N Hospital. A police case for negligent driving has been registered against the driver of the truck.


E. You witnessed a gruesome murder of a young school boy by his two school mates. Write an article for the newspaper.



By : Suresh jain

gurgaon,12 December 200X

The parents of one of the two children who allegedly shot and killed their classmate were absconding on Tuesday. Police said. A case has been registered against the father whose gun was used in the murder.

Deputy commissioner of police Satish Balan said action would be taken against the man under the Arms Act for alleged negligence. His son had brought his licensed revolver to school and allegedly fired four shots at Abhishek Tyagi, 14

Near the staircase and then handed the gun to his friend who fired another bullet. The two accused boys, student of class VIII in Euro international school, have been sent to 14- day judicial custody at Earibad juvenile home.


F. Sheshadri is a boy who has survived more than 25 major accidents; it makes you wonder about the cause of accidents in the Indian cities. You decide to write an article for the school magazine titled ‘Driving India Crazy. Taking ideas from the data below and your own ideas write the article. You are john / Bipasha.



By Bipasha

The news that a boy named Sheshadri has survived more than 25 major accidents, is thought crooking. It clearly shows that our roads have become very dangerous and a mishap might occur even with, one most careful walker.

Metropolitan cities are worst hit so far as the deaths by vehicular traffic on the road is concerned. The capitals of the country, unfortunately seem to have become most dangerous. Delhi account for almost as many deaths on the road as the other four metropolitans together. True, one may not be as unlucky as Sheshadri who become the victim of accidents which can make the life of the person a hell.

I have no doubt that the motorists are generally responsible for these accidents. some of them are in a constant hurry. They are tense and their tension results in accidents. In most of the cases of serious accidents the drivers have been found to be drunk. Disobeying the traffic rules has become common. Of course, one can speak of many other reaso0ne too this is the most important one.

I therefore suggest that the traffic rules be observed religiously if we care for our lives.


G. Given below is a graph. Prepare an article for the school magazine interpreting the date giving your reactions for the benefit of the students. Emphasize the need to promote reading , suggesting suitable measures.

Graph showing time spent on watching TV and on reading in Indian family



Ans .

Our people seem to have been so addicted to the TV screen that they have almost given up reading books. Since most of us think it is the same thing whether we watch a story on the screen or read it in a book. I think it is the time to think of the difference.

Reading enhances enhances our mental ability. While reading we make mental pictures and related then to real life. Moreover, we can look back and again when feel the necessity. It helps in giving us time to understand the subject properly.

In the year 1980, an India family spent only 2 to 3 hours on TV screen whereas almost nine hours were spent on reading. In the year 2000, the same family spent 12 hours before the TV screen and only an hour or two on books. I am afraid this reading must be light such as newspapers etc .serious reading has suffered a great blow because of the television. Children imitate their parents and other elders. When they do not find them reading, they also lose interest in reading books.

Reading books gives food to the mind. So many great men give credit for their achievements to the books but we have yet to hear of a person whom television has inspired to do something great. Hence I think it is outmost importance that we give more attention to reading.


H. More and more people are now used to carrying mobile phone to their work place. However, the use of mobile phones can be dangerous at times. Write an article on ‘Mobile Culture -0 the Ethics’ in about 200 words. T5ake hints from the information given below : 


T.O.I. Correspondent

Mumbai, April 22

THE GOVERNMENT on Tuesday banned the use of cellular phones at petrol

Pumps as they could ignite the flammable vapours present in the air and could

Be disastrous.

Don’t use cell phones..

· In class room.

· In conference hall

· While driving

· When in a hospital … I.C.U.

· If you are near a heart patient or someone who has pacemaker

Ans. Mobile Culture – The Ethics

Modern life is fast moving. It is important to remain connected while on the move. Cell phone is a wonderful gift of science as it has mado communication very fast and easy. Now one can easily carry out business transactions, attend to other tasks, SMS for board results and stock prices and umpteen other jobs when land-line is not easily available or busy. Cell phones are sleek and handy and easily fit in one’s pocket or handbag too.

But like all other gifts of science, cell phone is being misused, too. It has become a toy in the hands of the people – a means to display their status. Be it a friend’s funeral, a place of worship, a busy intersection hospital, a classroom or a conference room, people can’t help flaunting their mobile hone and disturb others.

One needs to understand that cell phone is essentially an object of utility or a necessity and not a plaything. The students ought not to carry the cell phone as it is a source of great distraction in the class room. While driving one needs to keep it switched off as it can make the driver lose his or her concentration and prove fatal. At public, it should be kept on the vibration and one must be brief and soft while talking. It’s overuse can be hazardous to health. So these ethics had to be observed so as to avoid the misuse of technology.



Sam Douglas, a student of Gloria Public School, Hamirpur (H.P.) has to take part in a speech competition on the topic “Stop Crowding Hamirpur”. During the last decade it has grown from a lovely green hill station into a heavily populated industrial town. Using the ideas from the table and the hints given below, ideas from the unit the unit on “Environment” and your own ideas, write Sam’s speech in not more than 150-200 words.

HAMIRPUR (1994-2004)



Good Morning to all I Today, I Sam Douglas of Gloria. Public School will speak on the topic, ‘ Stop Crowding Hamirpur’. In the last decade, this beautiful green hill station has grown into a heavily populated industrial town. The picturesque surroundings have been replaced by tall chimneys that spew smoke. Our once beautiful and lovely home has been transformed into an ugly habital!

No doubt, industrialization has led to employment and economic development.

But it has led to an increase in population and a breakdown of the essential civic amenities. From a small town of 15 lakhs having 2 lakh houses with only 55 thousand cars in 1994, today it now has a population of 22 lakh having 04 lakh houses with 90 thousand cars. Number of factories has risen from a meager fifteen to a whopping forty seven. Consumption of water and electricity has risen astronomically.

The pollution level is increasing there is over crowing in streets, buses and markets. Therefore, some urgent and stringent steps to control the situation are need of the hour. The people’s health is in real danger.

All factories must be moved at least twenty kilometers outside the town limits. The chimneys should be made very high. Also a green belt of trees must be planted around the industrial area. All of us must unite to make our hill station green and preserve its fresh beauty for the future generations.


Thank you and have a nice day.


You are Michael, one of the participants for the debate and have to speak for/ against the motion. Write the speech you propose to make.



A debate will be organized in the school auditorium on 1st April 2006 at 10 a.m. Teachers

And students are requested to attend.


Ashok Mukherjee


Debate Society


Ans. Mr. President Sir

I, Michael, would like to share my views on India’s performance in Olympic Games.

India’s performance in Sydney Olympics is now a forgotten story because we had other Olympics after that. Out performance in the last Olympics has also not given us any sense of pride. It, therefore, does not make me feel very sorrowful for Sydney Olympics except, of course, the common feeling that every past sorrowful incident brings.

At that time, it was considered very shameful that a big country like India had not been able to win any gold or silver medal in those games. Now that we were able to win just one silver medal in the last Olympics, we do not think much of that incident.

In fact what worries me is the fact that the corruption seems to have penetrated in our sports too. Most of us doubt if the selection of the players is fair.then the selected players are not given proper coaching also. It is these thing that demand our attention.

There is no shortage of talents and one day we will certainly shine in sports.

Thank you.

(iii) Shefali has to speak in the morning assembly on the growing number of books prescribed in school these days as the failing rate of literacy. With reference to the cartoon and the unit on Education, write the speech for her.


Ans. Respected Principal, Teachers and dear friends !

I want to draw your attention to the increasing number of school textbooks prescribed for students. The weight of the school bag is increasing day by day. If all the textbooks of a student are piled up, the height of this stack would exceed the student’s own height. Similarly, the pile of books would far exceed the student’s own weight.

On the other hand, the rate of literacy is falling. How alarming and pathetic! the fortunate few who can receive good education should not be overburdened with the load of books. Agreed, that there is explosion of knowledge, but our aim should be ‘education for all’. We must have a value-based education system. This will impart knowledge, sharpen faculties and mould character. Let us consider schools as nurseries for developing the most valuable human resources-the children, who are the hope of the future.


(iv) You are a member of your school’s Social Service League. You have decided to visit a nearby village from your school on a holiday to speak to the villagers how smoking is a silent killer of life, besides being a drain on the limited income of an average income earner. Prepare your speech to address them. Among other point you can also mention, how the vital organs are getting affected due to smoking, how it is harmful even to those who do not smoke but happen to be seen with smokers and how by various methods we should educate people on the dangerous effects of smoking.

Ans. Dear Sisters and Brother it is an honour to have an opportunity of talking to you and sharing my thoughts about smoking with you. It has been a part of my education and I have tried to learn as much as I could about the effects of smoking on human body.

The truth is that smoking is the biggest single factor that causes lung cancer besides many other diseases of heart and chest. It’s not only a drain on our limited income but also a silent killer. Yet the most unpleasant part of smoking is the passive smoking. It means that it affects not only the person who smokes but all those who happen to be near him at the time of smoking. It is because of these things that more and more people are giving up smoking in the western world. Unfortunately in our country. The number of smokers is constantly increasing.

I therefore, request you with all humility and with all the emphasis at my command to give up smoking if you are a smoker. Yet that is not enough. You must persuade all those in your village to stop smoking who have not yet done so.



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