CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Syllabus 2017 2018

6. MATHEMATICS (Code No. 041) The Syllabus in the subject of Mathematics has undergone changes from time to time in accordance with growth of the subject and emerging needs of the society. Senior Secondary stage is a launching stage from where the students go either for higher academic education in Mathematics or for professional courses like Engineering, Physical and Bioscience, Commerce or Computer Applications. The present revised syllabus has been designed in accordance with National Curriculum Framework 2005 and as per guidelines given in Focus Group on Teaching of Mathematics 2005 which is to meet the emerging needs of all categories of students. Motivating the topics from real life situations and other subject areas, greater emphasis has been laid on application of various concepts. Objectives The broad objectives of teaching Mathematics at senior school stage intend to help the students:
 to acquire knowledge and critical understanding, particularly by way of motivation and visualization, of basic concepts, terms, principles, symbols and mastery of underlying processes and skills.
 to feel the flow of reasons while proving a result or solving a problem.
 to apply the knowledge and skills acquired to solve problems and wherever possible, by more than one method.
 to develop positive attitude to think, analyze and articulate logically.
 to develop interest in the subject by participating in related competitions.
 to acquaint students with different aspects of Mathematics used in dailylife.
 to develop an interest in students to study Mathematics as a discipline.
 to develop awareness of the need for national integration, protection of environment, observance of small family norms, removal of social barriers, elimination of gender biases.
 to develop reverence and respect towards great Mathematicians for their contributions to the field of Mathematics.
One Paper Total Periods 240 of 35 Minutes each Three Hours Max Marks. 100
No.Units  No. of Periods  Marks
I. Sets and Functions 60 29
II. Algebra 70 37 
III. Coordinate Geometry 40 13
IV. Calculus 30 06
V. Mathematical Reasoning 10 03
VI. Statistics and Probability 30 12
Total 240100
*No chapter/unit wise weightage. Care to be taken to cover all the chapters.
Unit-I: Sets and Functions
1. Sets (20) Periods
Sets and their representations.Empty set.Finite and Infinite sets.Equal sets.Subsets.Subsets of a set of
real numbers especially intervals (with notations). Power set. Universal set. Venn diagrams. Union and
Intersection of sets.Difference of sets. Complement of a set. Properties of Complement Sets.
2. Relations & Functions: (20) Periods
Ordered pairs, Cartesian product of sets.Number of elements in the cartesian product of two finite sets.
Cartesian product of the set of reals with itself (upto R x R x R). Definition of relation, pictorial
diagrams, domain, co-domain and range of a relation. Function as a special type of relation. Pictorial
representation of a function, domain, co-domain and range of a function. Real valued functions, domain
and range of these functions, constant, identity, polynomial, rational, modulus, signum, exponential,
logarithmic and greatest integer functions, with their graphs. Sum, difference, product and quotient of
3. Trigonometric Functions: (20) Periods
Positive and negative angles. Measuring angles in radians and in degrees and conversion from one
measure to another.Definition of trigonometric functions with the help of unit circle. Truth of the
identity sin2x+cos2x=1, for all x. Signs of trigonometric functions. Domain and range of trignometric
functions and their graphs. Expressing sin (x±y) and cos (x±y) in terms of sinx, siny, cosx & cosy and their
simple applications. Deducing the identities like the following:

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