CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Syllabus 2013 2014

Class XII (Theory)


Computer Networking:

• Networking : a brief overview.

• Communication Media: Wired Technologies - Co-Axial, Ethernet Cable, Optical Fiber, Wireless Technologies - Blue Tooth, Infrared, Microwave, Radio Link, Satelite Link.

• Network Devices : Hub, Switch, Repeater, Gateway and their functions

• Types of Network: LAN, MAN, WAN, PAN

• Network Topologies: Star, Bus, Tree

• Network Protocols: HTTP, TCP/IP, PPP

• Identifying computers and users over a network: Basic concept of domain name, MAC (Media Access Control), and IP Addres, domain name resolution.

• Networking Security: denial of service, intrusion problems, snooping.

Open Source Concepts:

• Open Source Software (OSS), comon FOSS/FLOSS examples (e.g. Gnu/Linux, Firefox, OpenOffice, Java, netbeans, MySQL), common open standards (WWW, HTML, XML, ODF, IP, TCP).

• Indian Language Computing: Character encoding, UNICODE, different types of fonts (open type vs true type, static vs dynamic), Entering Indian Language Text - Phonetic and key map based.


Review of Class XI;

Programming Fundamentals

(Refer to Appendix A for sample guidelines of GUI Programming, and Appendix B for Swing Control Methods & Properties)

Basic concept of Access specifier for classes, Members and methods Basic concept of Inheritance.

Commonly used libraries: String class and methods: toString(), concat(), length(), toLowerCase(), toUpperCase(), trim(), substring()

Math class methods: pow(), round()

Accessing MySQL database using ODBC/JDBC to connect with database.

Web application development: URL, Web Server, Communicating with the web server, concept of Client and Server Side.

HTML based web pages covering basic tags - HTML, TITLE, BODY, H1..H6, Paragraph (P), Line Break (BR), Section Separator (HR), FONT, TABLE, LIST (UL, OL), FORM;

Creating and accessing static pages using HTML and introduction to XML


Review of RDBMS from Class XI

Database Fundamentals

Concept of Database Transaction, Committing and revoking a Transaction using COMMIT and REVOKE,

Grouping Records: GROUP BY, Group functions - MAX(), MIN(), AVG(), SUM(), COUNT();

using COUNT(*), DISTINCT clause with COUNT, Group Functions and Null Values,

Displaying Data From Multiple Tables: Cartesian product, Union, concept of Foreign Key, Equi- Join

Creating a Table with PRIMARY KEY and NOT NULL constraints, Viewing Constraints, Viewing the Columns Associated with Constraints using DESC Command;

ALTER TABLE for deleting a column, ALTER TABLE for modifying data types of a column For adding a constraint enabling constraints, dropping constraints, DROP Table for deleting a table;


Front-end Interface - Introduction; content and features; identifying and using appropriate component (Text Box, Radio Button, CheckBox, List etc. as learnt in Unit-2 (Programming) for data entry, validation and display;

Back-end Database - Introduction and its purpose; exploring the requirement of tables and its essential attributes;

Front-End and Database Connectivity - Introduction, requirement and benefits Demonstration and development of appropriate Front-end interface and Back-end Database for e- Governance, e-Business and e-Learning applications

Impact of ICT on Society : Social and Economics benefits and Infomania.


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