CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Syllabus 2020 2021

CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Syllabus 2020 2021 available in Pdf for free download. The latest syllabus for Class 12 Computer Science have been issued by CBSE based on which Grade 12 students will have to prepare for examinations by CBSE, NCERT and KVS in Standard 12. The latest CBSE syllabus has been used to design NCERT book for Class 12 Computer Science based on which exams for Grade 12 Computer Science will be conducted. Refer to MCQ Questions for Class 12 Computer Science with answers and also download more latest study material for all subjects

Computer Science Class 12 CBSE Syllabus

Class 12 Computer Science students should refer to the following curriculum for NCERT Class 12 Computer Science. These CBSE NCERT KVS Syllabus for Grade 12 Computer Science will be very useful for preparing for upcoming exams and help you to score good marks

Computer Science CBSE Syllabus Class 12

CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Syllabus 2020 2021. Students must always refer to the latest syllabus issued by CBSE before starting studies. Download the latest syllabus for 2020 2021 released by CBSE to plan your studies as per the latest syllabus and guidelines issued by CBSE NCERT. The syllabus, weightage of chapters, blue print of question papers and the design of question papers is issued every year for the benefit of students. Access and download syllabus for all subjects here.
Unit I: Computational Thinking and Programming - 

● Revision of the basics of Python covered in Class XI.
● Functions: scope, parameter passing, mutable/immutable properties of data objects, passing strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries to functions,default parameters, positional parameters, return values, functions using libraries: mathematical and string functions.
● File handling: Need for a data file, Types of file: Text files, Binary files and CSV (Comma separated values) files.
● Text File: Basic operations on a text file: Open (filename – absolute or relative path, mode) / Close a text file, Reading and Manipulation of data from a text file, Appending data into a text file, standard input /output and error streams, relative and absolute paths.
● Binary File: Basic operations on a binary file: Open (filename –absolute or relative path, mode) / Close a binary file, Pickle Module –methods load and dump; Read, Write/Create, Search, Append and Update operations in a binary file.
● CSV File: Import csv module, functions – Open / Close a csv file, Read from a csv file and Write into a csv file using csv.reader ( ) and csv.writerow( ).
● Using Python libraries: create and import Python libraries.
● Recursion: simple algorithms with recursion: print a message forever, sum of first n natural numbers, factorial, Fibonacci numbers; recursion on arrays: binary search.
● Idea of efficiency: performance measurement in terms of the number of operations.
● Data-structures: Lists as covered in Class XI, Stacks – Push, Pop using a list, Queues – Insert, Delete using a list.
Unit II: Computer Networks

● Evolution of Networking: ARPANET, Internet, Interspace Different ways of sending data across the network with reference to switching techniques (Circuit and Packet switching).
● Data Communication terminologies: Concept of Channel, Bandwidth (Hz, KHz, MHz) and Data transfer rate (bps, Kbps, Mbps, Gbps,Tbps).
● Transmission media: Twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, optical fiber,infrared, radio link, microwave link and satellite link.
● Network devices: Modem, RJ45 connector, Ethernet Card, Router,Switch, Gateway, WiFi card.
● Network Topologies and types: Bus, Star, Tree, PAN, LAN, WAN, MAN.
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