CBSE Class 12 History Boards 2020 Sample Paper Solved

CBSE Class 12 History Boards 2020 Sample Paper Solved. CBSE has recently released the class 12 sample papers for subject History. These suggested sample papers are released every year by CBSE ahead of the class 12 board exams so that the students can understand the pattern of question paper and type of questions which is expected to come in the Class 12 board exams. Students can refer to the attached question paper along with marking scheme to understand what they can expect in the board exams in 2020. Its always better to solve the question paper first and then refer to provided answers.


1 Consider the following statements regarding the identification of Shiva, a figure represented on Harappan seals:
1. It is shown in the form of Gajapati
2. It is shown seated in Yogic posture.
3. It is surrounded by animals.
4. It is shown with a female figure identifiable with Parvati.
Which of the above are correct reasons for identifying the figure with Shiva?
a. 1 and 4
b. 2 and 3
c. 2 and 4
d. 3 and 4
2 Name any two centres for making shell objects in the Harappan Civilisation.
3 Define a votive inscription. 
4 Differentiate between polygyny and polyandry. 
5 Choose the correct option :
Buddhism grew rapidly both during the lifetime of the Buddha and after his death as
A.Buddha and his disciples taught in Prakrit.
B.Importance was given to rituals in Buddhism.
C.People were dissatisfied with existing social practices.
D.Only men were allowed into the Sangha.
6 The special officers appointed to spread the message of Dhamma by Asoka were known as______________

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