CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question paper 2006 (1)

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CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question paper 2006 (1). Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions.Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations. 

Q. 1. A cubic solid is made of two elements X and Y. Atoms V are at the corners of the cube and X at the body centre.What is the formula of the compound? 

Q. 2. Two liquids A and B boil at 145°C and 190°C respectively.Which of them has a higher vapour pressure at 80°C? 

Q. 3. For the reaction A → B, the rate of reaction becomes twenty seven times when the concentration of A is increased three times. What is the order of the reaction? 

Q. 4. Write the IUPAC name of: CH3.CH (Br) CH2CONHCH3. 

Q. 5. Give a chemical test to distinguish between aniline and N-methyl aniline. 

Q. 6. a. Draw the structure of XeF2 molecule. 

b. Write the outer electronic configuration of Cr atom (Z = 24). 

Q. 7. What is meant by entropy driven reaction? How can a reaction with positive changes of enthalpy and entropy be made entropy driven? 

Q. 8. Write balanced chemical equations for the following reactions: 

i. Ca3P2 + H2O → 

ii. XeF6 + 3 H2O → 

Q. 9. Write chemical equations 1 the reactions involved in the manufacture of potassium 

permanganate from pyrolusite ore. 

Q. 10. What are enantiomers? Draw the structures of the possible enantiomers of 3-ethyl pent-1-ene. 

Q. 11. Write the reactions and the conditions involved in the conversion of: 

a. Propene to 1-Propanol 

b. Phenol to Salicyclic acid 

Q. 12. Write the structures of monomers used in the preparation of: 

a. Teflon 



a. How does vulcanization change the character of natural rubber? 

b. Why are the numbers 66 and 6 put in the names of nylon-66 and nylon-6?

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