CBSE Class XI Geography MCQs and Short Questions Database

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CBSE Class 11 Geography MCQs and Short Questions Database. Based on CBSE and NCERT guidelines. The students should practice these Sample Papers to gain perfection which will help him to get more marks in CBSE examination. Based on CBSE and NCERT guidelines. Based on the same pattern as released by CBSE every year. CBSE releases sample papers every year. These papers are released prior to the CBSE board examinations so that students can do practice.



1. The technique of cartography in geography refers to

a) Geo-Informatics

b) Field Survey methods

c) Skill of Map making

d) Statistical Techniques

Ans. c) Skill of Map making

2. Which one of the following gas in the atmosphere acts as a filter and absorbs the ultra-violet radiations and shield life on the earth from intense, harmful form of energy.

a) Oxygen

b) Ozone

c) Nitrogen

d) Carbon-di- oxide.

Ans. b) Ozone gas

3. Stalactites and stalagmites are the depositional features related to which type of landforms?

a) Karst topography

b) Glaciers

c) Running Water

d) Ocean Currents

Ans.a) Karst topography


4. The interactions between the physical environment and human being has been very clearly described by a poet in the following line,“You created the soil, I created the cup, you created night, I created lamp, you created wilderness, and I created flower beds”.What inference will you derive from the lines above?

a) Humanised Nature

b) Naturalised human beings.

c) Synthesis of Nature and Human being

d) All the above.

Ans: C) Synthesis of Nature and Human beings

5. The continental drift theory put forward by Alfred Wegner advocated that all the continents are formed of a single continental mass, called Pangaea. In support of his theory he gave variety of evidences. Which one of the following evidence does not support this concept?

a) Placer deposits

b) Distribution of fossils

c) Conventional current theory

d) Jig-saw-fit.

Ans.c) Conventional current theory


6. The captain of a ship observed that it was local noon. He turned on the radio and listened to the 7.00 a.m. B.B.C. news. What was his longitude at that point of time?

a)75 E

b) 75 W

c) 20 E

d) 65 W

Ans. a) 75 E

7. During the photosynthesis, carbon- di -oxide combines with water in the presence of sunlight to form: ____________________

a) proteins

b) carbohydrates

c) amino acids

d) vitamins

Ans. b) Carbohydrates

8. If the surface air pressure is 1,000 mb, the air pressure at 1 km above the surface will be________________:

a) 700 mb

b) 600 mb

c) 1,300 mb

d) 1,100 mb

Ans. d) 1,100 mb


9. Bio-geography is a sub-branch of geography and is closely related to which field of Science.

a) Physics related to Astronomy

b) Botany related to Ecology

c) Mathematics related to Statistics

d) Geology related to Earth Science

Ans. b) Botany related to Ecology

10. Which one of the following disciplines attempt temporal synthesis?

a) Sociology

b) Anthropology

c) Geography

d) History

Ans. d) History

11. A mineral is a naturally occurring inorganic substance, having an orderly atomic structure and a definite chemical composition and physical properties. To which discipline of science can you correlate this definition of mineral.

a) Physics

b) Chemistry

c) Biology

d) Astronomy

Ans b) Chemistry


12. Read the following passage and frame a question:

“The long term average rainfall for the country is 1160 mm: which is the highest anywhere in the world for a country of comparable size. The annual rainfall however fluctuates widely leads to --- ----------------------------------------------------------”.

a) Farming is restricted to a few areas.

b) Underground water is not recharged.

c) There is inadequate water for urban areas.

d) There are frequent droughts in some areas and floods in other.

Ans: What happens if the annual rainfall fluctuates?

13. “In India, debris, avalanches and landslides occur very frequently in the Himalayas”.

Ans. what is the weather disturbances happen in Himalayas?

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