CBSE Class 3 English Singular Plural Assignment

CBSE Class 3 English Assignment (7)-Singular Plural. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practise them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.

Singular Plural

A noun is said to be singular (or in the singular number) if it refers to one person or


A noun is said to be plural (or in the plural number) if it refers to more than one person or thing.

The nouns girl, doll, bus, knife, baby, photo are singular.

The nouns girls, dolls, buses, knives, babies, photos are plural.

Given below are few rules that we have to observe while changing nouns from

singular to plural.

1. In most cases we add -s to the singular form to make plurals-

book books

boy boys

2. Nouns ending in a hissing sound, i.e. nouns ending in -s, -ss, sh, -ch and -x, we

add -es to the singular form.

gas gases

class classes

bush bushes

bench benches

fox foxes

3.Nouns ending in –o, if they have a consonant before them generally, we add –es to

to the singular form.

mango mangoes

tomato tomatoes

4. Nouns ending in –f and –fe form their plurals by changing the –f or –fe into –ves

calf calves

life lives

wolf wolves

5. If a noun ends with a –y and the –y has a consonant before it, its plural is formed by changing the –y into –ies

army armies

baby babies

story stories

6. A few nouns form their plurals by a change of the inside vowel as :

foot feet

goose geese

woman women

Q1. Give the plural form.

a. pony __________________

b. leaf __________________

c. army __________________

d. monkey __________________

e. piano ____________________

Q2. Give the singular form.

a. bodies ____________________

b.joys ____________________

c. bushes ____________________

d. watches ____________________

e. storey ____________________

Q3. Change the nouns in brackets to their plural form in these sentences :

a. (wolf) The shepherds could hear the howling of ___________ from a


b. (knife) Set the ___________, forks and spoons on the table.

c. (tealeaf) Put ____________ in the pot and add boiling water.

d. (calf) The farmer put ear tags on the newly born __________.

e. (loaf) The baker sold many _____________ of fresh brown bread.

Q4. Complete each sentence by writing the singular of the noun in brackets :

a. The ice-cream had a ___________ on the top. (cherries)

b. The _________ looks clear today. (skies)

c. I saw a ____________ in the paddock. (donkeys)

d. I killed the __________ that landed on the cake. (flies)

e. I ate _________ in lunch. (jellies)

Q5. Circle the nouns that will complete the sentences:

a. Many ( tiger / tigers ) have been killed in our forests.

b. Divya cut her hand while peeling ( potato / potatoes ).

c.Ritik lost one ( box / boxes ) during the journey.

d. The ( branch / branches ) of the tree broke and the kitten fell down.

e. Arun scored two ( goals / goal )in the football match.

Q6. Fill in the blanks:

Singular Plural

gas ______________

_______________ dresses

fly _______________

lady _______________

_______________ peaches

fairy _______________

________________ mice

church _______________


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