CBSE Class 3 English Revision Assignment Set A

CBSE Class 3 English Assignment (15).Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practise them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.


The Very Expensive Coconut

I. Hard words:-

1. Wedding

2. Least

3. Miserliness

4. Fainted

5. Pluck

6. Grabbed

7. Gust

8. Shook

9. Scared

10. Heap

II. Meanings:-

1. Miser-a person who loves money

2. Stingy-not generous

3. Grove-a small area of particular type of fruit trees

4. Haggling-trying to reduce the price of something

5. Mahout-a person who takes care of an elephant

6. Galloped-ran very fast

III. Answer the following questions:-

Q1. Chandrakant had never tasted anything as tasty as the coconut burfi in all his l

life. What could be the reason for this?

Ans1.Chandrakant had never tasted anything as tasty as the coconut burfi in all his life because he did not spend money on anything.

Q2. How many kilometres did Chandrakant walk searching for a free coconut?

Ans2. Chandrakant walked thirty kilometres searching for a free coconut.

Q3. Why did Chandrakant agree to give away a hundred rupees to the mahout?

Ans3.Chandrakant agreed to give away a hundred rupees to the mahout because he wanted to save his life.

Q4. Do you like the horseman?Why?

Ans4. No,I do not like the horseman because he was greedy and unkind.

Q5. Chandrakant's wife,the shopkeeper,the gardener-no one is happy with Chandranath.Imagine you are his friend.Tell Chandrakant three different ways in which he should spend his next thousand rupees so that he and the people near him are happy.

Ans 5.a.)Buy the things required by the family members.

b.) Spend money to help the needy.

c.) Avoid shortcuts to acheive goals.

IV. Make sentences:-

a. Bazaar b.Bunch c. hurry


The Little Pine Tree

I. Hard words:-

1. Foothills

2. Majestic

3. Insisted

4. Brightly

5. Exclaimed

6. Bare

7. Chirped

8. Whistled

9. Pieces

10. Magnificient

II. Meanings:-

a. Twittered-short,high sounds

b. Shed-let something fall

c. Sturdy-strong

d. Glossy-smooth and shiny

e. Gleam-look clean and bright

f. Sparkled-reflected flashes of light

g. Wailed-cried loudly

h. Wandered-moved aimlessly

i. Crooned-sang

j. Lording-ruling

III. Answer the following questions:-

Q1.Why was Little Pine Tree unhappy in the beginning of the story?

Ans1. Little Pine Tree was unhappy in the beginning of the story because he thought that he was not beautiful.

Q2.What did Grandma Pine tell Little Pine Tree?

Ans 2.Grandma Pine told Little Pine Tree that their leaves are always green,pointed and don't allow the snow to settle on them.

Q3.Which of these words will you use to describe Little Pine and why?

Proud Silly Funny Intelligent

Ans3.Little Pine was proud because he wanted to be more beautiful and made silly wishes.

IV.Make sentences:-



c. proud


Grey as a mouse,

Big as a house,

Nose like a snake,

I make the earth shake,

- J.R.R.Tolkien

Q1.Write 5 sentences on My goldfish.

Ans1.Once I saw a goldfish .

I saw it in the morning .

It lives in water.

It was swimming in a pond.

It was looking very beautiful.


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