CBSE Class 3 English Revision Assignment Set C

CBSE Class 3 English Assignment (2). Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practise them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.


Q1. Read the following passage carefully.

There is a beautiful park in our neighbourhood.It is large and covered with soft, green grass . There are flowers of many kinds in the park. Many children come to play everyday. They like to play on the swings and slides . Some old people visit the park too. They sit and watch the children at play. I love going to my neighbourhood park.

A. Now answer the following questions.

a. What did the children like to do in the park?




b. Why do old people come to the park?



B. Find four nouns from the passage:

a. _____________________ b. ___________________

c. _____________________ d. ___________________

C. Find four verbs from the passage:

a. _____________________ b. ___________________

c. _____________________ d. ___________________

D. On the basis of your reading of the passage fill in the blanks:

a. They like to _______ on the swings and slide .

b. Some __________visit the park too.

E. Tick the correct answer:

1. There are many flowers of many______

a. Colours.

b. Kinds.

c. Leaves .

2. I love to go to my ________

a. Neighbour house.

b. Neighbourhood park.

c. Both 1 and 2.

F. Frame meaningful sentences using the following words.

a. Beautiful _______________________________________________________________

b. Park


c. Green


d. Soft



A sentence is a group of words that makes complete sense.

G. Rearrange the words to make sentences. Use appropriate punctuation marks.

a. a / kite/ flew/ ajay


b. name /her /is /sheeba


c. is/ a/ holiday /Sunday


d. father/my/ gave/storybook/me/a


e. my /sharp/ is/pencil


H. Complete the following sentences.

a. My father is_________________________________________________

b. My mother is________________________________________________

c. My family is_________________________________________________

d. My best friend_______________________________________________

e. I like to eat__________________________________________________

f. I like to read_________________________________________________

Nouns are words that name people, places, animals and things .

J. Circle the odd noun out.

a. Moon star earth sun fish

b. Apples banana grapes chairs pineapple

c. Cup saucer kettle bowl cauliflower

d. Nose deer eyes ear tongue

A verb is a word that expresses an action.

K. Underline the verbs in these sentences with orange colour .

a. The farmer planted wheat in the field.


b. Our class went to the museum by bus.


c. My mummy cooks tasty food.


d. My parents will come back in the evening.


L. Fill in the blanks with is, am, or are.

My name _________Roma.I _________ eight years old. My mother ___a teacher. My father ________ a doctor. We _________ two sisters. My sister’s name ______ Reema. She ______ three years older than me.She _______ in the badminton team. I ____proud of her. We _________ the best friends.

M. Add a verb to complete the sentence.

a. Raj ____________________ in the garden.

b. Cow ____________________ us milk.

c. Rita _____________________ a song.

d. Mother_________________ food.


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