CBSE Class 3 English Indefinite Article Assignment

CBSE Class 3 English Assignment (4)-Indefinite Article. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practise them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.

Indefinite Article

There are three articles--- a, an, the

A and an are called indefinite articles.

We use an indefinite article when we talk about something for the first time.

We also use the indefinite articles a and an to talk about any one group of

things and not something in particular.


Mala bought a pink frock.

We use an air-conditioner in summer.

‘A’ is used before a word that begins with a consonant sound.

a box, a shirt, a zebra

‘An’ is used before words that begin with a vowel sound.

an aeroplane, an egg, an inkpot, an owl, an umbrella, an hour

H is silent in hour so hour begins with a vowel sound.

Q1.Fill in the blanks with ‘a’ and ‘an.’

a. Please make me ________ cup of coffee.

b. Bill Gates is _______ American.

c. Mother baked _______ cake for my birthday.

d. I saw ______ elephant in the zoo.

e. ______ insect has six legs.

f. ______kangaroo keeps its baby in ______ pouch.

g. There are hundred centimeters in ______ metre.

Q2.Put ‘a’ or ‘an’ in each blank :

a. ______ apple

b. ______ cage

c. ______ doctor

d. ______ inkpot

e. ______ train

f . ______ orange

g. ______ owl

Q3. Put a tick ( )if the article used with the word is correct and a cross (  ) if it is wrong.

a. a friend ( )

b. an student ( )

c. a enemy ( )

d. an hour ( )

e. an basket ( )

Q4. Complete the story using ‘a’ or ‘an’ where ever necessary:

Once upon ___ time, a Qazi was reading ___ book. He was reading ___ interesting story in that book. He read that ____ man with ____ small round, head and ___ long beard is ____ silly person. The Qazi looked into ___ mirror and found that his head was small and his beard was ___ long one.

So the Qazi looked for _____ pair of scissors but he could not find it.So, he lighted ____ candle in order to burn his beard and make it short. When he felt the heat of the candle –flame, he left the beard which caught fire. Not only his beard but his chin also suffered burns.


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