CBSE Class 3 English Verb Assignment

CBSE Class 3 English Assignment (5)-Verb. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practise them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.


A verb is a word that tells us what a person, animal or thing is doing.

Verbs show action. So they are called action words or doing words.

Vineet laughs very much.

Sara is reading a book.

Q1.Underline the verbs in the following sentences.

a.The girl laughed.

b.Someone stole my purse.

c.The police caught the thief.

d.The hunter killed the tiger.

e.Children are playing in the garden

Q2.Tick the correct verb and complete the sentences.

a. A boat ( walks, sails, run ) on water.

b. The stars ( fly, move, shine ) in the sky.

c. Knives ( cut, shut, join ).

d. A lemon ( smells, feels, tastes ) sour.

e. The earth ( moves, flies, walks ) round the sun

Q3.Write a suitable verb in each blank :

a. The cap seller ____________ away his cap.

b. Our teacher _____________ us a new lesson.

c. It _____________ heavily yesterday.

d. He ____________ in the mud and fell down.

e. Ali ____________ the ball over the goal line.

Q4. Write verbs that begin with:

a. cr__________

b .th__________

c. sl__________

d. re__________

e. ca__________

Q5. Match the correct word with each naming-word :

a. lions     buzz

b. birds    neigh

c. snakes  hoot

d. horses   roar

e. bees     mew

f. cats      chirp

g. owls     hiss


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