CBSE Class 12 Psychology Value Based Questions

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VBQ for Class 12 Psychology All Chapters

Class 12 Psychology students should refer to the following value based questions with answers for All Chapters in standard 12. These VBQ questions with answers for Grade 12 Psychology will come in exams and help you to score good marks

All Chapters VBQ Questions Class 12 Psychology with Answers

Value Based Questions


Question. Counselling is voluntary. It takes place when the client approaches a counselor. But, in school settings many a times students are referred to the counselor and students has to meet him/her despite his reluctance.
a) In this situation, do you feel it is right to force the student to meet the counselor? 
b) Give two values to justify your answer. 
Answer. Yes, it is right as ultimately it is focusing on the benefit of the student. The values that justify it are –
· Compassion
· Empathy
· Helping
· Concern for all life

Question. The sexually and aggression laden content in media is often criticized by many people as forcing young children into sexual experimentation and crime. But, some psychologists also believe that watching such content leads to vicarious satisfaction or catharsis of pent up feelings.
a) What is your view on this? 
b) Justify your answer with the help of related values. 
Answer. I feel children should be allowed to watch whatever they want as it helps to express the pent up feeling in a more socially desirable form. Values related to this are-
· Curiosity
· quest for knowledge,
I feel children should not be allowed to view such content as it may provide raw / uncooked knowledge that may encourage children to engage in such behaviors.
Related values are
· ceiling on desires,
· self-control,

Question. Industries often pump the untreated sewage into rivers.
a) What impact does it have on the environment?
b) What values are being hampered in this situation?
Answer. a) This causes water pollution by mixing toxic chemicals in the water which when consumed humans may lead to diseases like mental retardation and cancer.
b) The values being hampered are
* care for nature/environment
* national responsibility
* care for all life

Question. Kareena is having trouble in math class. She keeps going for extra help, but her grades are not improving. The teacher tells her it's okay because girls don't do well at math.
(a) What does this situation reflect?
(b) What values are being hampered in this situation?
Answer. a) Prejudice
b) related values are
* Equality
* Social justice

Question. Rita is learning music. Many times she has to miss her favorite serials as she has to go to music classes. Also she awakes up early to practice despite her love for sleep.
a) Which concept from the chapter self and personality can you link to this situation?
b) What values are depicted here?
Answer. a) Self Regulation
b) Values depicted here are:
* Dedication
* sense control

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CBSE Class 12 Psychology Value Based Questions

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