CBSE Class 12 Biology VBQs Reproduction Set B

CBSE Class 12 Biology VBQs Reproduction Set B read and download in pdf. Value Based Questions come in exams for Biology in Standard 12 and are easy to learn and helpful in scoring good marks. You can refer to more chapter wise VBQs for Class 12 Biology and also get latest topic wise very useful study material as per latest 2021 NCERT book for Class 12 Biology and all other subjects for free on Studiestoday designed as per latest Grade 12 CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and examination pattern


Value Based Questions

Q.1. A researcher attempts making apomicts of hybrid seeds.

a. What are the advantages of this attempt?

b. How does it occur naturally in mango?

c. How do you think this experiment will help the farmer?

Ans.1. Apomicts of hybrid seeds. (3)

a. No segregation of desirable characters

b. Explanation of apomixes in mango 

c. Cheap and can therefore save money and energy

Q.2. The application for admission of a school student was rejected because the mother was HIV positive. Justify the ecision of the school giving relevant reasons.

Ans.2. The school should be sensitive and empathetic and is not justified in denying admission since AIDS is transmitted in specific ways (1). The four methods (2)

Q.3. Mrs and Mr Gupta want to know the sex of their unborn child. He doctor refused to comply to this request. a. Justify the doctor’s decision. b. Explain sex determination in man. 

Ans.3. The doctor is ethical and right since it is illegal to tell the couple the sex of the child. (1) Sex determination in man. (2)

Q.4. A lady died due to complication in pregnancy in a hospital where MTP was not legalized. a. Do you think the decision of the hospital was correct? b. What are the situations where MTP can be advised?

Ans.4. It is not correct to deny medical help by the hospital. The lady should have been treated and her life could have been saved if timely intervention was given. (1) Two situation where MTP is advised- (2)

Q.5. According to a survey, at least 10% of Indian couples suffer from infertility and we have so many orphaned and destitute children, who would probably not survive till maturity, unless taken care of. A counselor advised an infertile couple to adopt a child.

a. Why did the counselor give such an advice?

b. List any two methods to treat infertility.

Ans.5. Counsellor is sensitive and empathetic. He has concern for the orphaned children. (1) any two methods to treat infertility. (2)

Q.6. Some young mothers hesitate to breast their children. Is it biologically and ethically correct on their part? What is the significance of mother’s milk?

Ans.6. No, it is not correct to deny infant of mother’s milk (1). Significance of mother’s milk (1)

Q.7. Due to increased health facilities and better living conditions human population is growing at an exponential rate.

a. Is it morally correct for one species to grow at this rate? Justify your answer.

b. Describe one natural method and one irreversible le method of contraception.

Ans.7. Due to increased health facilities and better living conditions human population is growing at an exponential rate.

a. No, it is not correct. Man is only part of the environment and cannot rule over the other species. (1)

b. One natural method and one irreversible method of contraception. (2)

Q.8. People suffering from hepatitis B of HIV are advised to use a contraceptive method to prevent STD.

a. Name the method.

b. List the symptoms of STD

c. What is the human value from using this method?

Ans.8. A) condoms (1) b) Symptoms (2). c) To not spread the disease/ concern for health of others

Q.9. What is the special feature of sporopollenin in an pollen grain? What life skill can you learn from this?

Ans.9. special feature of sporopollenin in an pollen grain (1) life skill – tolerance and ability to overcome all kinds of adversities in life

Q.10. How do flowers reward their insect pollinators? Explain. What value does this relationship illustrate? 

Ans.10. Floral rewards (1) Value- sharing/ give and take / mutual understanding / good relationship (1)

More Questions

Q.1 Your younger sister has seen a banana tree in backyard of a house. She could see the fruits but no seeds. She wants to know how a new plant of banana will be produced without seed. What will you explain to your sister?

 Ans.In banana the vegetative propagation is with the help of rhizome


• Awareness 

• Observation

Q.2 A popular TV programme shows in some village, girls are killed soon after their birth. Do you approve such practice? What impact does it have on population?

2. No, I do not approve such practice as girls are equally important in the society. Otherwise the sex ratio will decrease.


• Sensitivity to words others 

• Awareness

3Q. Sunita’s bhabhi is not allowed to enter the kitchen during the days of her menstrual cycle. Sunita’s mother thinks that she is impure and dirty and the food prepared by her is also unhygienic. Give your opinion about such traditional belief.

3. Menstrual cycle is a normal process in the body of female which helps in reproduction.



• Self awareness about body.


• Compassion for others.

Q.4 Monika is a sex worker. You are a NGO worker. You are given the responsibility to educate the sex worker about sexually transmitted diseases. Specify any two ways of prevention from such diseases.

4. a) Always use condom during coitus

b) in case of doubt of any disease consult doctor


• Services to society

• Compassion


• Awareness of STD

Q.5 Neeru and Narim have a three year old daughter. During her second pregnancy she wants to go for sex determination test and if needed medical termination of pregnancy. Do you think her decision is right? Justify your answer.

5. No

Sex determination and MTP is not legal


• Should be ethical


• Awareness

Q.6 Nidhi is a class VI student visits a field and finds that all the flowers of some plant are ‘closed’. She thinks such flowers will not open and due to no pollination seeds will not be formed. Such plants will be ‘propagated’ vegetative. Do you agree with Nidhi’s findings? Explain.

6. No the flowers which do not open can have self pollination and produce seed. They can be propagated through seed.


• Concern about plants

• Observation


• Critical thinking

Q.7 Pooja’s grandmother blames her mother for giving birth to three daughters and wants another marriage of her son. Is it right to blame a female for sex determination? Justify your answer.

7. No. Female produces all eggs with X chromosomes while male is heterogametic and produce two types of gametes X and Y. It is the fusion of his gamete (X or Y) with egg of X type which determine the sex of baby


• Understanding.


• Respect for female.

Q.8 Maya saw a farmer spraying some chemical on flowers, on asking she came to know that this act will lead to the formation of fruits without fertilization. Maya thinks that fruits such developed are not good to eat as chemicals are sprayed on it. Explain the difference between such spray and usual pesticide spray.

8. The chemical sprayed by farmer is growth hormone which will induce parthenocarpy. This is not causing any harm to fruit or to the health of consumer. Pesticides are harmful to human health.


• Sensitivity and awareness about use of chemicals.


• observation

Q.9Rahul and his friends are having discussion about a recently released movie in which hero is a sperm donor. His friends say that sperm donation is a means to earn money. Rahul explains that sperm donation can help infertile couples. Whom do you think is right? In which type of infertile cases such sperm donation is helpful. Draw a neat and labeled diagram of a sperm.

9. a) Rahul is right . As it helps infertile couples. It is helpful in following cases

I) Inability of male partner to inseminate.

II) Very low sperm count.


• Courage

• Believing that “other” can make a world of difference


• Compassion for others

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