CBSE Class 12 Biology VBQs Biology In Human Welfare Set B

CBSE Class 12 Biology VBQs Biology In Human Welfare Set B read and download in pdf. Value Based Questions come in exams for Biology in Standard 12 and are easy to learn and helpful in scoring good marks. You can refer to more chapter wise VBQs for Class 12 Biology and also get latest topic wise very useful study material as per latest 2021 NCERT book for Class 12 Biology and all other subjects for free on Studiestoday designed as per latest Grade 12 CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and examination pattern

CBSE Class 12 Biology VBQs Biology in Human Welfare Set A

Based on CBSE and NCERT guidelines. Value based questions are now being given in exams to promote morals and values in students, Students should read and understand the following VBQs to get better understanding and score good marks in exams


Q.1. Release of numerous pest and disease resistant crops have been done in the recent years. They also account for adverse side effects. It has led to the development of "super pests" and "super weeds" which requires more scientific inputs to control them. Considering the above answer the questions given below :

a) What values have been neglected in the above case ?
b) Should we allow the continuation of such practices ? Justify your answer.
c) What steps should be taken to safeguard the natural genes ?


a) Concern for the environment, ethics .

b) It should be allowed. Research along these lines are crucial to meet the increase in yield but it should be allowed after properscrutinisation and analysis.

c) Separate gene banks should be maintained for domesticated plant species.

Q.2. Rahul is a small scale farmer and holds 2 acres of land. He would like to increase the yield in his farm. He is not convinced with his  friend's advice of using more fertilizer and pesticides to get better yield. He also plans to have an apiary in his small farm.

Answer the following questions based on the information given above :

a) What values have been promoted in the above case ?

b) Suggest some ways by which Rahul can increase his yield without compromising his ideals.

c) In which way can setting up of an apiary help Rahul ?


a) Concern for his immediate environment and a good intention of passing a healthy farmland to his       descendants.

b) Organic farming using biopesticides and biofertilizers. Adopting proper cropping patterns.

c) Improves the pollination efficiency in crop fields during flowering period and improves yield.

Q.3. More than 25 % of human population is suffering from hunger and malnutrition. Scientists have developed techniques where microbes are grown on industrial scale as a source of good protein which can be grown from waste water , animal manure and even sewage. Based on the above information answer the following questions :

a) What values have been manifested in the above case ?

b) In what ways would it be helpful to humans ?

c) What has been the response to such new ventures ?


a) Recycling nutrients and minimizing pollution for the betterment of the environment.

b) Less pollution, able to meet the demand of food as it is rich in proteins , very less ethical problems to face

c) Initially there has been very low response but it has been expected to have high responses as of mushroom culture in the recent years.

Q.4. Scientists have been successful in obtaining somatic hybrids which are tailor made products to meet human needs. One such example is pomato which has the advanced characteristics . People do relish such new entries in the market. Answer the following based on the information given below

a) What values do you think have been fostered or neglected in the above case ?

b) Should research along these lines be encouraged ?Justify .

c) What has been the outcome of such new arrivals ?


a) Experiments as opposed to natural products leading to short lived products with side effects.

b) Research can be encouraged with proper scrutinization as the biological significance of such things is also important.

c) There has been an overwhelming response to such new arrivals.

Q.5. People at present are having sufficient food thanks to the green revolution which has helped in the increase of the produce. But they are not having food with sufficient nutritional value. Nearly three billions  people are suffering from micronutrient ,protien and vitamin  differencies or "hidden hunger". So scientists have introduced biofortified crops with vitamins and minerals . This poses a threat to the original domesticated plants and there are chances of loosing the original plants and their wild relatives.

Answer the following questions based on the information given above :

a) What values should be propagated while performing such practices ?

b) Is research along these lines necessary ?

c) Suggest two more methods by which the problem of hidden hunger can be solved .


a)Concern for the health of the human society ie quantitative and qualitative .

b) It is necessary as it is able to solve the problem of malnutrition that is creeping slowly.

c) Good quality breeds can be used for cultivation, supplementary feeds can be given.

Q.6. Ravi maintains a dairy farm and is a successful business man in the eyes of the world. There has been a sudden expansion of his farm which is unbelievable but true. He has been using latest scientific techniques to increase the herd size and also trying to introduce cows which yield milk with medicinal properties. He is aware that there can be adverse effects on the cows due to this.

Answer the following questions based on the information given above :

a) What values have been neglected in the above situation ?

b) Should he continue such research in his farm ?

c) How should the communities react to such cases ?


a) Empathy towards living organisms, ethical values- live and let live, every organism has its intrinsic value.

b) It should be avoided and alternate ways should be thought of.

C) The communities should check and voice against such atrocities along with the goverment's ban on  such forms.

7. In Delhi, health workers make regular trips to residential areas to check for water stagnation in their homes or coolers or ponds. The residents are also penalized for any error.So when the residents requested their association secretary to protest against it ,he denied their request and called for a meeting.

(a) How would he have explained his actions?

(b) What value does he impart through this?

Ans. Malaria, filariasis and dengue spread through insect vectors, have to eliminate the vectors, avoid stagnation of water in and around residential areas, regular cleaning of coolers and use of mosquito nets.

Values: Awareness, concern, systematic approach.

Q.8. A famous oncologist paid a few visits to the local schools and addressed the teachers on the fear of the rise in cancer cases among women .

a) What do you think he would have talked about?

b) What was the intention behind his visit?

Ans. It is easy to detect cancer these days.
- Latest technique of molecular biology can be used to detect genes in individuals with   inherited susceptibility.
- can also be prevented
- Treatment- is a combination of surgery, radiation therapy and immuno therapy.
- Tumor cells can be eradicated lethally taking proper care of normal tissues. Chemotherapeutic drugs available to  kill only cancer cells.
- Biological response modifiers- interferon-can activate immune system and helps destroy tumor.

Values: Awareness, sensitivity to others and responsibility.

Q.9.Rohit a college student attended a seminar on December 1st on AIDS. Impressed by it he joined an NGO as a volunteer. His first assignment was to a rural village to talk to the youngsters about the disease.

a) What would he have stressed on in his speech?

b) Which value does he speak about here?

Ans. Textual answer

Values: Morality, awareness, sympathy, sensitivity

Q.10. How will you, a student of Biology support  Indian Government's move to eradicat polio through compulsory vaccination for all the children below the age of 5?

textual answer on vaccination and its advantages

Values: Sense of responsibility, conscious towards health.

11. A public school decides to appoint a counsellor to deal with problems in children during adolescence.

(a) How can counseling help children with such problems?

textual answer on role of counselors

Values: Responsibility towards the society, awareness of the changing scenario.

12 . Rahul is managing a farm and wants to do it without harming his environment. How should he go about tackling the pests and adding nutrients to the soil? What values is he trying to practice?

textual answer on biopesticides and biofertilisers

Values: Sensitivity towards environment, critical thinking and decision making

13. Vilappilshala, a village in Kerala is facing waste disposal problem. If you were the district collector, how will you handle the organic waste effectively to make the village self sufficient?

textual answer on setting up of a biogas plant

Values: Public awareness, sensitive to environment and self confidence.

14. A student as a part of his project visited a software company and was surprised to see a sewage treatment plant set up there. He wonders at the role of microbes in one of its steps and specifies it in his project.

(a) How would he have described the role of microbes in sewage treatment plants?
(b) What would he say was the intention of such a set up?

What value would he have imbibed from there?

a)secondary treatment of sewage in detail
b) Purificationof water before dumping it into the source 

Values:-Not ot disturb natural's balance, self  sufficiency develop confidence, concern about the environment

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