CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Value Based Questions Set A

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Q1. A, B and C are partners sharing profits in the ratio 3:2:1 and contribute capital Rs. 1, 00,000; Rs. 80,000 and Rs. 60,000 respectively. Profit before adjustments is Rs. 84,000. Interest on capital is to be provided @ 10% p.a. Since C has to take care of his physically challenged brother, his share of profit should not be less than Rs. 15,000. A and B have agreed to bear the deficiency.

Contextual: Prepare Profit and Loss Appropriation Account. (2)

Value Based: What values are reflected on the part of A and B that they are ready to sacrifice their share to meet the deficiency of guaranteed profit? (2)

Value Points:


Sacrificing nature




Q2. A & B are partners sharing profits in the ratio 1:1. C wants to join their firm as it enjoys a good reputation in the industry. A and B were initially reluctant to his admission but agreed to admit him for 1/5th share in profits. For this, they ask him to pay an unreasonable amount of goodwill in cash irrespective of his share in the profits.

Contextual: Compute Sacrificing ratio and New Profit sharing ratio. (2)

Value Based: What values are being overlooked by the firm at the time of C’s admission? (2)

Value Points:

Respect for Professional ethics





Q3. Ram, Ramesh and Rajesh are partners in a business sharing profits and losses in the ratio 3:2:1. Rajesh retires and both the existing partners agree to share profits in the ratio 2:1 .Later Rajesh requests the other partners that his physically challenged son should be inducted as a partner in his place. After discussing it amongst themselves both the partners, Ram and Ramesh agree to take his son as a partner.

Contextual: Calculate the gaining ratio on Rajesh’s retirement (2)

Value Based: Which values have been taken into consideration while taking Rajesh’s son as a partner? (2)

Value Points:


Socially responsible behaviourMutual Cooperation

Equal Opportunity to all

Q4. A, B and C are partners carrying on an illegal business without forming a partnership deed. C wants to retire but A and B are not willing to give his share. Their profit sharing ratio is 3:2:1.
Value Based

Identify the values which should have been incorporated while formulating partnership.
Value Points

Respect for law
Righteous behaviour
Responsibility towards society
Q5. A, B and C are partners in a firm. B died on 28 February, 2010. On his death, his wife (legalexecutor) needs money for her son’s operation next week. His share of profit was to be calculated on the basis of last three years’ average profits. The profits were 2007- Rs.10, 000; 2008- Rs.15,000 and 2009- Rs 20,000. Goodwill is calculated on the basis of 2 years’ purchase of last three years’ average profit. The firm decides to settle the executor’s account immediately and absorb his wife as an employee in the firm.
Calculate the amount payable to his legal executor.
Value Based
Which value is exhibited in the firm’s decision? (2)
Value Points
Concern for the bereaved wife and family
Q6.Mr.Ramesh had personal assets worth Rs. 10, 00,000 and liabilities to be paid worth Rs. 4,00,000 (borrowed money from his friend). Mr. Ramesh dies & his son Ram decides to give equal
share to his sisters and pay off the liability immediately.
Value Based
What values does Ram exhibit by taking this decision? (2)
Value Points
Equal status to women in family
Prompt in discharging obligations
Q.7 Springs ltd decided to set up a handicraft based export oriented unit in a remote area of Bihar. Their business model involves sourcing of raw materials from neighbouring villages. For
this purpose a prospectus was issued inviting applications for 50,000 shares of Rs 10 each fully payable on application. Applications were received for 75,000 shares allotment was made on
prorata basis to all the applicants.
Give necessary journal entries. (3)
Value Based
Which values are being considered by the management of Spring Ltd. in setting up this unit? (2)
Value Points
Generating employment opportunities in backward areas. (by setting up unit in remote area),
Promoting balanced regional development
Promoting craft based industry
Equality (Pro rata allotment to all applicants)
Q8. Preeti Ltd. has a pending suit in court. Incase the ruling goes in favour of other party, compensation of Rs. 10,00,000 will be payable by Preeti Ltd. The management decides not to disclose this fact in the financial statement. Satish, an employee is not in favour of this decision and tries to convince the management to change their decision.

What values do you think are lacking in company’s decision?
Value Based
Suggest the most suitable way for company to deal with this situation. 
Value Points
Responsibility towards other stakeholders
Adherence to principles of accounting.
Q.9. ABC Ltd. acquired a land of Rs. 20 crores & gave it on a very nominal rent to a school for blind children.

How will you record it in cash flow statement? 
Value Based
Mention the social values which are reflected in this decision of ABC Ltd. 
Value Points

Social responsibility Sensitivity towards differently abled.
Q10. Mr. X, purchase manager of a company was entrusted with the responsibility of purchasing machinery. The machinery was worth Rs. 1 crore in the market .However X purchased it from his brother in law in lieu of shares in the company worth Rs.1.5 crore as purchase consideration.
Under which activity (in cash flow statement) will you classify the transactions stated in the above case? 
Value Based

State the values that are being ignored by the company as indicated in the above case. 
Value Points:



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