CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Analysis of Financial Statements VBQs

CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Analysis of Financial Statements VBQs read and download in pdf. Value Based Questions come in exams for Accountancy in Standard 12 and are easy to learn and helpful in scoring good marks. You can refer to more chapter wise VBQs for Class 12 Accountancy and also get latest topic wise very useful study material as per latest 2021 NCERT book for Class 12 Accountancy and all other subjects for free on Studiestoday designed as per latest Grade 12 CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and examination pattern

CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Analysis of Financial Statements VBQs

1. Borrowing cost is in par with Rate of return.Still companies prefer to raise funds through borrowings and not through Share Capital. Identify the value followed by the company in raising funds.

1. Management in few hands

Safe guarding

Interest of investors

2. Government of India permitted NABARD to issue BhavishyaNirman Bond which channelized funds for priority areas of agriculture and rural development. The bank,accordingly has launched bonds of Rs.20,000/- per bond. The tenure of bonds is 10 years; however ,investors will have option to sell the bonds. The bonds have been rated as AAA by CRISIl and CARE. No tax will be deducted at source.

2. Saving Habit

Improving the growth of agriculture sector

Rural Development

3.A dealer of sewing machine in rural area wishes to purchase a number of sewing machines.

He has only Rs.5760 to invest and has space for 20 items. An electronic sewing machine costs him Rs360 and manually operated sewing machine is Rs.240. He can sell an electronic sewing machine at a profit of Rs.22 and manually operated sewing machine at a profit of Rs.18. Justify the values to be promoted for the selection of manually operated machine.

3. Conservation of Energy Electricity

Health Maintenance

Promoting Self skills

4.By introducing debt in the capital structure shareholders are benefitted by getting more EPS, when company is being winded up shareholders may lose the investment money. Which value is violated?

4. Values of Just and Equity

5. The operating ratio of A Ltd; is 55% and that of B Ltd; is 65%. Which Company is performing better and identify the value.

5. Social Responsibility

   Saving in cost

   Better utilization of Resources

6. The Balance sheet of A ltd. showed Rs. 25 Lacs as Cash and Cash equivalents.Whereas its working capital requirement is only Rs. 5Lacs on an average. Which value do you think is missing in the financial planning of the company?

6. Management of funds

7.Prepare Comparative Statement from the following

                                          31st March, 2007             31st March, 2008

Revenue from Operations         10,00,000                      12,50,000

Cost of Goods Sold                   5,00,000                        6,50,000

Operating Expenses                  50,000                           60,000

Interest on investments Rs. 30.000 and taxes payable @ 50%. Identify the values involved in preparation of comparative statement.


CBSE_ Class_12_Accountancy_Analysis_4

8. Prepare a comparative income statement of X Ltd., with the help of the following information and identify the value involved in it-

CBSE_ Class_12_Accountancy_Analysis_1

CBSE_ Class_12_Accountancy_Analysis_2

CBSE_ Class_12_Accountancy_Analysis_3

Additional debentures amounting to 50,000 were issued at par on 1st August 2011. Interest on debentures has been paid regularly. Mention the values involved in it.


CBSE_ Class_12_Accountancy_Analysis_5

CBSE_ Class_12_Accountancy_Analysis_6

CBSE_ Class_12_Accountancy_Analysis_7

CBSE_ Class_12_Accountancy_Analysis_8

CBSE_ Class_12_Accountancy_Analysis_9

9. It is mandatory for a public ltd. Company to prepare the cash flow statement as per AS-3(revised). Identify the value involved /followed by the company in preparing the statement .

9. Transparency

Adherence to law

10. When the company purchases an Asset and the vendors are settled by issue of shares and debentures, such transactions are not recorded in the cash flow statement as such transactions results in no flow of cash.Identify the value involved ?

10. Adherence to accounting practice

11. identify any two positive values involved in preparation of cash flow statement.

11. Transparency


Adherence to law

12.Jamshedji Tata conceived an idea of formation of company in 1908 when East India Company was ruling Indian Market. He selected hilly region bordering three states Jharkhand (the then part of Bihar), Orissa and West Bengal. All states were thickly populated and under developed. Area he chose was rich in Iron ore so he decided to develop Iron and Steel Industry. He wanted to tap unproductive savings of public and Issued Capital of Rs. 5,00,000. Area was undeveloped so he decided to spend 10% of profits every year for providing Infrastructure to employees. To begin with he provided them accommodation and later he spent amount for schools, hospitals, development of playground and gardens and also contributed in road construction. He also built temples, mosques and churches. Employees were satisfied and worked hard as a result profit grew substantially 20% every year.More Industries were floated by him. Which values lead him to this road of success. (Any FIVE)

12. i)Team work



iv)Sensitive towards social issue

v)Regional Development

vi)National Integration

vii)Capital formation

viii) improve people standard of living

ix)National Building

x)Motivation of employee.

13.Cadbury India Ltd; a Chocolate company launched a factory in Baddi a small town of Himachal Pradesh. The workers who enter in factory have to wash their hands with sanitizer and wear overcoat, cap and shoes which are sterilized every day for which company spends Rs. 3,00,000 per month. All employees working in factory wear gloves and not allowed to touch directly either raw material or final product. All employees irrespective of their positions have to take food in mess at the same place and the same food . For this the company spends Rs. 4,00,000 per month. Which values are taken care of?

13. Equity/Equilibrium

     Health Conscious

     Balance Regional Development

     Employment opportunity

     Sharing & Caring

14.MinalKhopkar’s 80 year old mother needs immediate knee replacement surgery. But it cannot take place as MS. Khopkar a resident of Pen in Maharastra’sRaigad district ,cannot access her account with the Urban Bank Ltd though she has three fixed deposits for 20lakh because of Chairman’s involvement in Bank Scam.The Bank operations were temporarily suspended.The Chairman allegedly responsible for their sufferings was the mastermind of a Rs.758 crore scam in bank.Justify the customer value violated by bank.Which value do you think is violated?

14. Financial Regularity




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