CBSE Class 7 English Sample Paper Set H

Read and download PDF of CBSE Class 7 English Sample Paper Set H designed as per the latest curriculum and examination pattern for Class 7 issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. The latest Class 7 English Sample Papers have been provided with solutions so that the students can solve these practice papers and then compare their answers. This will help them to identify mistakes and improvement areas in English Standard 7 which they need to study more to get better marks in Grade 7 exams. After solving these guess papers also refer to solved Class 7 English Question Papers available on our website to build strong understanding of the subject

English Sample Paper Class 7

Students can refer to the below Class 7 English Sample Paper designed to help students understand the pattern of questions that will be asked in Grade 7 exams. Please download CBSE Class 7 English Sample Paper Set H

English Class 7 Sample Paper

CBSE Class 7 English Sample Paper Set H. It’s always recommended to practice as many CBSE sample papers as possible before the examinations. The latest sample papers have been designed as per the latest blue prints, syllabus and examination trends. Sample papers should be practiced in examination condition at home or school and also show it to your teachers for checking or compare with the answers provided. Students can download the sample papers in pdf format free and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for latest sample papers.


1. Read the given passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: 12m

[1] If our forests are in peril so are our grasslands with both man and animals contributing to the destruction. And the problem is by no means new. A survey done 30 years ago had classified 80 per cent of the country’s grasslands as “poor” but even today there is no policy on the management or protection of grasslands, no effort to break the vicious circle that is playing havoc with the diversity they support.

[2] As a recent issue of the magazine “Down to Earth” noted, the growing demand for cultivable land is eating into our grasslands. Common lands which once provided grazing ground are being used for other purposes and what remains is being destroyed by our growing livestock. India is now the second biggest dairy producer in the world with one livestock animal for every two persons. In fact, 25 per cent of the total agricultural produce comes from cattle rearing and dairy farming.

[3] So, as grasslands are getting degraded, more and more animals are needed to produce the same amount of milk which means an increasing demand for fodder. Moreover, goats have become popular because they also eat the roots.

[4] But this again means further degradation of grasslands. Weeds are replacing edible grass and soil erosion and water loss follow with far-reaching consequences for both man and animal.

[5] Perhaps the most affected are the 200 tribes, which amount for six per cent of the total population. Forced by the progressive decline in pasturelands many are giving up their traditional way of life of pastoral nomadism and joining the ranks of the urban and rural poor. Several species of animals and birds which are linked to the bio diversity of grasslands including the wild buffalo, black buck, wild ass and chinkara are also under threat as also a host of insects and reptiles.

[6] Quite obviously, there is urgent need for a long term holistic policy on the management and conservation of grasslands, one that will stress on improving the quality of livestock rather than quantity and take traditional pastoral systems into account while developing strategies to meet the growing needs of the country.


A. On the basis of your understanding of the passage, complete the following statements:

[a] Grasslands are getting degraded not just because of __________________________.

[b] A recent issue of “Down to Earth” has ______________________.

[c] The 200 tribes, which amount for six per cent of the total population, have _____________________.

[d] 80 per cent of the country’s grasslands______________________________.

[e] Till date, there is no policy___________________________________.

[f] More and more animals means___________________.

[g] There is urgent need for a long term holistic policy, to ______________________________.

[h]Through this passage, the author wants to _____________________________________.


B. Choose the right option: [0.5*4=2]

[a] _____________ as well as the forests are facing danger due to human and animal activities.

[i] livestock [ii]grasslands [iii] goats [iv] weeds

[b] 'Weeds are replacing edible grass and soil erosion and water loss follow with far-reaching

consequences for both man and animal.' means_______________.

[i] weeds and grasslands are the cause of soil erosion

[ii] edible grass cannot be grown because of water loss.

[iii] human beings and animals are to be blamed equally for far reaching consequences.

[iv] none of these.

[c] In the line 'But this again means further degradation of grasslands' (para 4), 'this' refers to___________

[i] goats eating up the roots of plants

[ii] degradation of grasslands

[iii] increasing demand of fodder

[iv] all the above

[d] The tradition of nomadism is declining because of__________________.

[i] the reducing pasturelands

[ii]trends of increasing urban lands

[iii] both [i] and [ii]

[iv] neither [i] nor [ii]


C. Find words from the passage which mean the same as the following from the paragraphs indicated. [0.5*2=1]

i) danger (Paragraph 1) ii) clearly (Paragraph 6)

D. Give a suitable title for the passage. 1m

2. Read the poem carefully and answer the questions that follow: 8m

There came a giant to my door,

A giant fierce and strong;

His step was heavy on the floor,

His arms were ten yards long.

He scowled and frowned, he shook the ground,

I remembered through and through;

At length I looked him in his face,

And cried, ‘Who cares for you’.

The mighty giant as I spoke,

Grew pale and thin and small;

And through his body, as ‘it were’ smoke,

I saw the sunshine fall.

Such giants came to strike us dumb,

But weak in every part;

They melt before the strong man’s eyes,

They fly the truth of heart.


A. Choose the right option: [0.5*4=2]

a. In these lines ‘the giant’ has been pictured as………….

i. weak. ii. very strong, violent and huge.

iii. very shy. iv. very dull.

b The word ‘melt’ here means……………

i. to become strong. ii. to grow weak.

iii. to think. iv. none of the above.

c. The meaning of ‘scowled’ is…………..

i. scared. ii. careless.

iii. a look of anger. iv. restless.

d. The word ‘mighty’ means the opposite of …………..

i. powerful. ii. careless.

iii. week. iv. untidy.

B) Answer the following in complete statements: 1*5=5

a. How does the poet frighten the giant?

b. What was poet’s initial reaction at the sight of the giant?

c. What kind of a child is the poet?

d. How long were the giant's arms?

e. What did the poet see through the giant's body, as it became smoky?

C) Suggest a suitable title for the poem.


3. The Editorial Club of your school is organising a paragraph writing competition on the topic

“Importance of Sports in daily life”. Write your entry for the competition in about 80-100 words.


Your best friend has moved to a different city. Write a diary entry in about 80-100 words describing your feelings about this change. 5

4. You are Anjana/Arjun Chowdhary. Write a letter requesting the Traffic Manager of the City Transport Undertaking to make more buses available in your colony to provide an efficient bus service to the daily commuters.

CBSE Class 7 English Sample Paper Set H

5. Complete the following sentences choosing from the given options: [0.5 * 8=4]

(a) Do you have ………… food left? (i) any (ii) many (iii) some

(b) I have two pens , one is black and the………….is blue. (i)second (ii) one (iii) other

(c) …………….children are well mannered. (i) this (ii) one (iii) My

(d) Here is …………….pen that you have been looking for. (i) a (ii) the (iii) an

(e) Piyush ……….run ten kilometers without pausing. (i) may (ii) can (iii) could

(f) How …………you defy the orders of your boss? (i) dare (ii) need (iii) should

(g) ………… do me a favour? (i) shall (ii) may (iii) will

(h) We ---------------------- show respect to our elders. (i) ought to (ii) used to (iii) need to

6. Fill in each blank with the correct form of the verb from the options given: [0.5*8=4]

a) A song………… her in the school’s annual day programme. (was sung/was singing/was being sung)

b) The plane………….safely by the pilot. (was landed/landed/is landing)

c) You………….to lend me your scooter for few days. (is requested/are requested/was requested)

d) Is the road……………by the contractor? (been repaired/being repaired/being repair)

e) My purse……….by someone in the Metro. (has been stolen/has stolen/stolen)

f) Last month, he……… the police. (has been arrested/has arrested/had been arrested)

g) A doll………….by Kanchan for her daughter. (was make/was been made/was being made)

h) A scooter……… my father on his birthday. (shall be bought/will be bought/will bring)

7. The following passage has not been edited. Write the error and the correction. [0.5*8=4]

John Lennon was a English musician, singer a] _____________ ______________

and song writer. He shoot to worldwide fame as the b] _____________ ______________

founder members of the rock band ‘Beatles’ - the c] _____________ ______________

most commercially successful band in a history of d] _____________ ______________

popular music. When the ‘Beatles’ breaks up, e] _____________ ______________

Lennon come out a wiser man. f] ______________ ______________

Most of his songs is a reflection of the society g] _____________ ______________

of sixties. He was killed at 40, by a obsessed fan. h] ____________ ______________

8. Rearrange the following words to form a meaningful sentence. [1*3=3]

[a] the leisure hours/ of a child/ of the TV/ today/ are spent/ in front

[b] of most/ now-a-days /the attitude /parents is/ different

[c] front of the / is harming the /lot of time in / spending a / television sets / eyesight of children


9. Answer the following questions with reference to the context. Write your answers in complete statements: 9

[A] “When seated in the car, we were on our own mission called operation ‘Self Preservation’”

[i] What is the name of the story and the author? 1

[ii] Who are ‘we’ in the above lines? 1

[iii] What was operation ‘Self Preservation’? 1

[B]”There had always been so much she wanted to communicate but like in a bottleneck, the words remained stuck in her brain due to lack of an outlet”

[i] What was Sarah suffering from? 1

[ii] How was it caused?

[iii] Who helped Sarah communicate with the world? 1

[C] “The bruin lifted up its head And lifted up his dirty feet.”

[i] Name the poem and the poet. 1

[ii] What is the condition of the animal? 1

[iii] What was happening when the above lines were being said? 1

10. Answer the following questions in 30-40 words: [2*6=12]

[a] Why did Zeus punish Prometheus? Was he justified? Give reasons for your answer.

[b] What would the author do on getting eyesight for three days?

[c] Whom did Zlata blame for all that was happening around? Why? Do you think this was justified?

Give reasons for your answer.

[d] Do you think it was wise to separate the animals (BLT)? Give reasons for your answer.

[e] Write a brief character sketch of Mr Frank B. Gilbreth?

[f] Why did the author build a separate house for himself (My House)? What does this tell about his personality and characteristcs?

11. Answer the following questions in 70-80 words: [3*3=9]

[a] The author has described two houses in the chapter ‘My House’. What were the differences between both of them?


Why did the father take the kids to a wrong house before showing them the actual one in the chapter ‘Full House’?

[b] Why does the author Helen Keller asks a rhetorical question in the beginning of the chapter?


What are the various homonyms that the poet has used in the poem ‘Foolish Questions’?

[c] justify the title of the chapter 'An Unlikely Family'


Is it justified to call Prometheus 'the Giver'? What role did he play in making human beings' life easier?



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