CBSE Class 7 English Sample Paper Set E

Read and download PDF of CBSE Class 7 English Sample Paper Set E designed as per the latest curriculum and examination pattern for Class 7 issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. The latest Class 7 English Sample Papers have been provided with solutions so that the students can solve these practice papers and then compare their answers. This will help them to identify mistakes and improvement areas in English Class 7 which they need to study more to get better marks in Class 7 exams. After solving these guess papers also refer to solved Class 7 English Question Papers available on our website to build strong understanding of the subject

Sample Paper for Class 7 English Pdf

Students can refer to the below Class 7 English Sample Paper designed to help students understand the pattern of questions that will be asked in Class 7 exams. Please download CBSE Class 7 English Sample Paper Set E

English Class 7 Sample Paper

CBSE Class 7 English Sample Paper Set E.It’s always recommended to practice as many CBSE sample papers as possible before the examinations. The latest sample papers have been designed as per the latest blue prints, syllabus and examination trends. Sample papers should be practiced in examination condition at home or school and also show it to your teachers for checking or compare with the answers provided. Students can download the sample papers in pdf format free and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for latest sample papers.

SECTION A: Reading

A1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Since ancient times, the pearl has been a symbol of unblemished perfection. The Latin word for pearl literally means “unique”, stating that no two pearls are identical. Pearls have been considered as ideal wedding gifts as they symbolize purity and innocence. Most gems like sapphires, topaz, ruby etc. are minerals that are mined from beneath the earth, but pearl is formed inside the shell of an oyster. Mineral gems are hard but pearl is soft. Other gems need to be coated and polished to bring out their beauty but pearl looks beautiful even in its original form. The formation of pearl is an interesting phenomenon. Oysters and molluscs live in water. They have two shells, joined together with a hinge. These shells keep opening and closing, allowing water to pass in and out of them so that the oyster inside can eat and breathe. Sometimes a foreign particle like a sand grain or a tiny parasite or a bit of broken shell enters the oyster‟s shell and lodges itself in its soft body, causing irritation. When the oyster is unable to get rid of this irritant, it secretes a substance called nacre, which forms a coating over the foreign particle to make it less dangerous to the soft tissues of the oyster. Gradually, successive layers of nacre are deposited over the foreign particle until it is fully enclosed in this substance, thus forming the pearl. It is the quality of the lustre and colour of the nacre that decides the value of the pearl. Rare and valuable pearls come from species of oysters and other molluscs that live in the sea.

a) Why are pearls considered to be the best wedding gifts? 

b) How does an oyster eat and breathe? 

c) Write two ways in which pearls are different from other gems? 

d) How is the value of a pearl determined? 

e) Why does an oyster secrete nacre? 

f) Find a word from the passage which means the same as :

i) faultless; flawless ii) one after the other; consecutive in a row 



B1. Fill in the blanks with the kind of adverbs given in brackets: 

a) Sachin practices for the match ___________. (adverb of time)

b) He is ___________ found abusing others. (adverb of frequency)

c) The man was driving ______________when he met with an accident. (adverb of manner)

d) Come ______ and talk to me. (adverb of place)

B2. Insert the adverbs given in brackets in their correct positions and rewrite the sentences.

a) I am late for the meeting. (already)

B3. Fill in the blanks with suitable adverbs. (½x4=2)

a) His performance is __________ better than before.

b) This bag is _______ heavy for me to carry.

c) The book you lent me is ________ interesting.

d) The man has _________ money to buy food for himself.

B4. Join these sets of sentences with relative pronouns and rewrite. (1x2=2)

a) You gave me a pen. I can‟t find the pen.

b) I saw a little girl on the street. The girl has lost her parents.

B5. Identify the errors in pronouns in the following sentences and rewrite the correct sentences:

a) I hope the children behave ourselves. (3x½=1½)

b) Ankur cleans his car itself.

c) I didn‟t want the CD player so I sold him.

B6. Fill in the blanks with suitable pronouns. (3x½=1½)

a) Tanya is ill so ______ is absent today.

b) The manager _______ welcomed the guests at the entrance.

c) ________ have you made for lunch today?

B7. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions: (4x½=2)

a) The car stopped ____ the signal.

b) He was so absorbed ___ his work that he didn‟t notice me.

c) He sits ____ his desk all day.

d) Cut the apple __________ pieces.

B8. There is an error of preposition in each sentence. Rewrite the sentence after correcting the error.

a) He saw a comedy show in the television. (½ x4=2)

b) There is no difference among this book and that.

c) The painter has been working since four hours.

d) I am going to be late among the party.

B9. Change into indirect speech: (1x4=4)

a) The dentist said to me,” You must brush your teeth twice daily.”

b) The coach said,” Our team played with great spirit today.”

c) Bhuvan said to his sister,” Which hobby class will you like to join?”

d) Raj said to the teacher,” May I submit this assignment tomorrow ma‟am?”

B10. Punctuate and rewrite: (2)

nelson mandela after serving a prison sentence for over thirty years became the president of south africa


C1. Answer the following questions with reference to the context:

I. “And fast before her father‟s men

Three days we‟ve fled together,

For should he find us in the glen,

My blood would stain the heather.”

a) Who is speaking to whom? (1)

b) Whom does “he” refer to in these lines? (½)

c) What is the speaker afraid of? Why is he running away? (1½)

II. „Boy, are you already feeling sleepy? Don‟t you want a story?”

a) Who said this and to whom? (1)

b) Why is the listener eager to sleep? How did the listener react to this? (2)

III. “ The signal was given, the pistol exploded

And so did the runners all charging ahead

But the smallest among them, he stumbled and staggered

And fell to the asphalt instead.”

a) How many runners were participating? What did they do as soon as the signal was given?

b) What happened to the youngest athlete?

C2. Answer the following questions in brief: (4x1=4)

a) Explain,” I‟ll meet the raging of the skies but not an angry father.”

b) Why did Father sneer at Swami?

c) What did the other athletes do when they heard the boy cry out?

d) What is the message that the poet conveys through the poem, ”Nine Gold Medals”?

C3. Answer the following questions in detail: (2x3=6)

a) According to you, what kind of a person was Lord Ullin?

b) What was Swami‟s opinion about the boy in the newspaper story?

c) Explain,” And a banner above that said (Special Olympics)

Could not have been more on the mark.”


D1. Write a paragraph on the following topic – HARDWORK NEVER GOES WASTE (5)

D2. Design an advertisement for a BISCUIT

Name: ________________________________ Class & Sec. _______________ R. No. __________

Note: All the answers should be done on the question paper itself.


Read the passage given below and answer the questions by choosing the correct option.

There are three major reasons why young people begin using drugs. Some experiment with drugs because their friends are using them. Some carry the wrong notion that using drugs is a part of fashion and take drugs to look fashionable. Some experiment with cigarettes or take alcohol because they want to look grown up. But whatever be the reason for beginning drug use, people soon get addicted to drugs and find it impossible to give them up.

Drug use has many harmful effects. Alcohol can damage the liver, brain and heart. Cocaine can cause high blood pressure, which may burst a blood vessel in the brain and cause a stroke. If a contaminated needle is used to inject a drug into the body, it may lead to blood poisoning and destroy the heart valves. Drugs also cause personality changes. Some users lose interest in work, school, their family and their friends. Since drugs are quite expensive and not easily available, many drug users take to crime to meet the increasing cost of their habit. Hence, it is best to resist the temptation and say a firm „no‟ to drugs in the very beginning than to become a slave to this deadly habit.

1. Young people experiment with drugs because:

a) drugs are good for health. b) drugs are prohibited. c) their friends are using them.

2. Many drug users take to crime because:

a) they need money to pay for the drugs.

b) they want to lead a fashionable life.

c) committing crimes is exciting.

3. Alcohol can damage…..

a) the eyes and ears. b) the liver, brain and heart. c) the lungs.

4. We should say „no‟ to drugs in the very beginning because

a) we can easily get addicted to them. b) we cannot afford them.

c) we can try them when we grow up.

5. Drug users often…..

a) become efficient workers. b) become good athletes. c) lose interest in life.

6. If a person is “addicted” to something,

a) he is allergic to it. b) he is unable to stop doing or having it. c) he doesn‟t do it frequently.

7. A “ contaminated” food item is

a) high on nutrients. b) deficient in nutrients. c) impure and poisonous.

8. An “ expensive” item is one which

a) is found very rarely. b) costs a lot of money. c) is imported from other countries.

9. Choose the option in which the adverb is put in its correct position.

a) Hardly, she met me after that.

b) She hardly met me after that.

c) She met me hardly after that.

10. Have you seen the new bridge ____________ the river?

a) across b) under c) over

11. I have heard such a lot _________________ him.

a) of b) about c) with

12. Swati took a photo of _____________.

a) myself. b) himself c) herself.

13. Choose the correct indirect form of the given sentence.

Lalit said,” Veena played chess.”

a) Lalit said that Veena has played chess.

b) Lalit said that Veena had played chess.

c) Lalit said that Veena will play chess.

14. Choose the correct indirect form of the given sentence.

The judge said,”Call the second suspect.”

a) The judge requested to call the second suspect.

b) The judge ordered to call the second suspect.

c) The judge advised to call the second suspect.

15. In “ Lord Ullin‟s Daughter” the boatman agreed to help the two lovers because:

a) the boatman was greedy for the money the chieftain offered.

b) the boatman was angry with Lord Ullin and wanted to take revenge.

c) the boatman was moved by the maiden‟s love for the chieftain.

16. When Lord Ullin saw his daughter drowning he…….

a) promised to forgive the two lovers b) punished the boatman for helping the two lovers.

c) promised to give the chieftain lots of money.

17. The poet of “ Nine Gold Medals” is:

a) David Roth b) Thomas Campbell c) R.K. Narayan

18. In “Nine Gold Medals” the spectators had gathered around the old field:

a) as they were all tired and bored b) as they were waiting for the events to get over.

c) to cheer for the participants and witness the event.

19. In the lesson “A Hero”, Father harped on the subject of courage and strength because:

a) he wanted Swami to inculcate these qualities. b) he praised Swami for the courage he has shown.

c) he felt that it was not important to have courage and strength

20. What was Father‟s solution for making Swami courageous?

a) Swami would fight with a tiger. b) Swami would join police when he grows up.

c) Swami would sleep alone in Father‟s office.



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