CBSE Class 6 Social Science Question Paper Set X Solved

SECTION A( Objective)
a. The kingdom that was under a system of government called Gana/ Sangha.
( Vajji, Magadha, Avanti)
b. In Hunsgi, most of the stone tools were made using ___________.
( marble, limestone, chalk)
c. The first animal to be tamed by the early man was ___________.
( Cat , Sheep, Dog )
d. ____________________ celebrates Christmas in Summer
( India, United States of America, Australia)
a. The word ________________ literally means the land where the jana set its foot and settled down.
b. The shape of the earth can be best described as __________ which means earth shaped.
c. The evil practice of __________________ has been abolished by Article 17 of Indian Constitution.
d. The type of government that functions in India is _____________.
a. Tiny stone tools that were used to make saws or sickles during Mesolithic Age.__________________.
b. Groups of families related to one another, belonging to two or three generations and living together in small settlements._____________________.
c. The time on the 82 ½ 0 E Longitude is known by this name._________
d. The ratio between the actual distance on the ground and the distance shown on the map.______________

CBSE Class 6 Social Science Question Paper Set X Solved 1
a. The phenomena shown in this diagram is ____________________.
b. The vertical rays of the sun falls on the (latitude )________________.
c. It occurs on __________________
SECTION –B (Subjective)
5. Name the four Varnas that came to existence during the Vedic Period? 
6. Name the sacrifice performed by brave men to be recognized as Raja. 
7. Why do you think stone age people buried their dead along with goats? 
8. Why is voting important in a democracy? 
9. What do you understand by Universal Adult Franchise? 
10. Most of the stone age sites are found in river valleys- Why do you think stone age man preferred to live in valleys?
11. What were the features of the houses found in the archeological sites at Burzahom?
12. What is the importance of Prime Meridian and International Date Line? 
13. What would happen if the Earth stops rotating? 
14. What do you understand by a ‘sketch map’? 
15. Differentiate between Absolute monarchy and Constitutional Monarchy. 
16. Write a short note on Manuscripts? How did this term originate? 
17. What were the changes that happened the life of early man as result of the climate change that took place 12,000 years ago?

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