CBSE Class 6 Social Science Question Paper Set R

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I. Select the correct answer and write it. 

1. Megasthenese wrote

a. Indika b. Arthashastra c. Ramayana

2. Ashoka's guru was

a. Kautilya b. Chanakya c. Upgupta

3. Buddha breathed his last at

a. Taxila b. Bodhgaya c. Kushinagar

4. Tirthankara is

a. Jain saint b. Buddhist saint c. A Jain saint

5. The earliest capital of Magadha was

a. Pataliputra b. Rajgriha c. Anga

6. The Harppan people worshipped the

a. Snake b. Cow c. Humped bull

7. The chinese civilisation developed on the banks of the

a. Nile b. Tigris c. Hwang Ho

8. Farming is a __________ activity

a. primary b. secondary c. tertiary

9. There were _________ major castes in the Rigvedic period.

a. 5 b. 3 c. 4

10. Discrimination on the basis of skin colour is known as

a. dictatorship b. apartheid c. democracy

11. There are _________ official languages in our country.

a. 18 b. 19 c. 22

12. The organ of the government which makes laws is called the

a. Judiciary b. Legislature c. executive

13. Universal Adult Franchise allows all Indians above _________ to vote.

a. 18 years b. 21 years c. 24 years

14. The earth rotates from

a. west to east b. east to west c. north to south

15. Longitudes help us to find the

a. distance b. climate c. time

16. The frigid zone lies near the

a. equator b. tropic c. poles

17. The art of making maps is called

a. Geography b. Cartography c. Geology

18. There are __________ cardinal directions

a. 4 b. 8 c. 6

19. 21st June in the Northern Hemisphere

a. is the shortest day b. is the longest day

c. has equal hours of day and night.

20. If we want to locate a rive we will look into a

a. political map b. physical map c. the matic map

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