CBSE Class 6 Social Science Question Paper Set O

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I. Select the correct answer and write in your answer sheet : 

1. The most powerful Saka ruler was

a. Rudradaman b. Kanishka c. Rajendra

2. Fa-Hien stayed in ________________ for three years

a. Peshawar b. Mathura c. Pataliputra

3. Ratnavali was written by

a. Harsha b. Banabhatta c. Shilbhadra

4. The domain of the earth consisting of water is called

a. Lithosphere b. Hydrosphere c. Atmosphere

5. Which country is our western neighbour

a. China b. Pakistan c. Srilanka

6. The place which receives heaviest rainfall in India is

a. Poona b. Chennai c. Mawsynram

7. India lies in

a. Northern Hemisphere b. Southern Hemisphere c. Polar Zone

8. The President of a Panchayat is called

a. Tehsildar b. Nyayadhish c. Sarpanch

9. The ____ presides over the meetings and looks after the work of the corporation

a. Chief Engineer b. Oversear c. Mayor

10. For efficient revenue administration each district is divided into a number of

a. Tehsils b. States c. Stations

11. The act of shifting from one place to another is called _________

a. employment b. migration c. expansion

12. ___________ keeps records of the village land

a. Collector b. Patwari C. Engineer

II. Write very short answer for the following : (20 to 40 words each) 

13. Who is known as Indian Napoleon in Indian history ?

14. No fees was charged from students of the Nalanda University. Why ?

15. Who was the greatest Indo Greek ruler ?

16. Who was Hieun-Tsang ?

17. Why is our climate called monsoon climate ?

18. Name the two islands which are part of India ?

19. How many states and union Territories are there in India ?

20. Name any four wild animals found in India.

21. Who is a Mayor ?

22. Name four officers of a district.

23. What do you mean by Panchayati-Raj ?

24. Name the different types of livelihoods in villages ?

25. Which was the first state in India to adopt the Panchayati Raj system ?

26. Write the names of three of our neighbouring countries.

27. Distinguish between ocean and sea.

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