CBSE Class 6 Social Science Question Paper Set W

 Answer all the questions.
1. Choose the correct options for the following: (1x5=5)
a) People who undertake journeys to holy places
i)visitors ii)tourists iii)pilgrims iv)guests
b) Lowered blocks between two fold mountains
i)ridge ii) synclines iii) anticlines iv) valleys
c) Route leading to the south
i)southern ii)dakshin iii) down iv) dakshinapatha
d) Birds that move to warmer countries in winter season
i)migratory ii)westerlies iii)easterlies iv) foreigners
e) Narrow zone of contact between the land,water and air where life exists
i)hydrosphere ii)lithosphere iii) atmosphere iv) biosphere
2.Fill in the blanks with the correct options: (1X5=5)
a)The word ‘monsoon’ has been derived from the Arabic word___________.
b) This was the Greek name for Bharuch_______________________.
c) The city is divided into several ______________ for the proper functioning of the Municipality.
d) The Hindu Succession Act was passed in the year_____________________________.
e) Under the Gupta administration, some important posts were made _________________.
3.Edit and rewrite the following: (1x5=5)

a) Around 2000 years ago Nalanda became the second capital of the Kushans.
b) Coniferous forest can thrive in saline water.
c) Every village is divided into smaller units called committees.
d) The solid portion of earth on which we live is termed as hydrosphere.
e)The Sarpanch is not an elected person but appointed by the government.
4. Define the following terms: (1x5=5)
a) Global Warming
b) Sangha
c) Plateau
d) Municipal Council
e) Sarpanch
5. Answer the following questions in brief : (3x10=30)
a) How are plains formed? What factors make them useful for human habitation?
b) Write about the assemblies of the villages in the new empires.
c) Write about any three features of Bhakti.
d) What are the sources that provide funds to the Panchayats?
e) What steps have been taken by the Indian government to protect wildlife?
f) What is the work of Ward Councillors?
g) The floor of Tropical evergreen forest remains swampy. Why?
h) ‘Over 3,00,000 people deserted the city of Surat in 1994.’Explain the reason.
i) Mumbai and Kolkata have moderate, humid climate. Elucidate.
6. Answer the following questions in detail : (4X6=24)
a) Describe any four types of natural vegetation found in India. Give example of each.
b) Write a short note on the Pallavas and the Chalukyas conflict.
c) What was the Silk Route? Explain the technique of making silk.
d) Mention any four functions of the Municipal Corporation.
e) Explain with suitable example the factors that affect the climate of a place.
f) Who is a Patwari? What role does he play in the rural administrative system?
7. On the river map of India mark and label the following places(Index is compulsory):
a) The capital city of the Pallavas.
b) The first capital were Harshavardhana ruled.
c) The city in the north famous for cloth manufacturing.
8. On the political map of India mark and label the following places(Index is compulsory):
a) The Mangrove forest in West Bengal.
b) This physical division experiences extreme cold climate.
c) This north-eastern state is well known for the presence of the one horned Rhinocerous.
a) Coastal area where Ashoka decided not to fight any more wars
b) The capital city of the Pallavas.
c) A unique cenre of Buddhist learning in Bihar.
d) Mangrove forest in West Bengal.
e) Home of Asiatic lions.
f) Wild Life sanctuary in Assam
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