CBSE Class 6 Social Science Question Paper Set M

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Section - A


Q.1 Tick the correct answer- 

(i) Literary assemblies held in South India were known as……………………..

(a) Satraps (b) Sangams

(c) Tamilakam (d) Both a & c

(ii) Landless labourers in South India were known as……………………

(a) Labourer (b) Kadaisiyar

(c) Gramabhojaka (d) Dasakaramkara

(iii) India traded with which region through the silk route?

(a) East and West Asia (b) West and Central Asia

(c) North and West Asia (d) North and Central Asia

(iv) Muvendar is a Tamil word meaning of

(a) three chiefs (b) land owner

(c) slave (d) priest

(v) ……………………..defeated the Pallavas and ended their rule.

(a) Cholas (b) Cheras

(c) Chalukyas (d) Pandyas

Q.2 Give one word for the following: 

(a) They carved scenes depicting peoples’ lives in towns and villages.

(b) A famous trading centre that was in trade relation with Romans.

(c) The capital of Pandyas

(d) Bamiyan is situated in this country:

(e) He wrote the prashasti of Samundragupta:

Q.3 Fill in the blanks : 

(a) .......................served as banks for rich people.

(b) Gautami Balashri was the mother of .....................................

(c) Xuan Zang’s boat capsized in .................river.

(d) The idea of Bhakti is present in

(e) The ...........................was a village assembly of non-brahmin landowners.

Q.4 Answer the following : 

(a) How do you know that Arikamedu was a trading centre?

(b) Why did kings provide protection along the silk route? Name the kingdom that controlled maximum part of silk route.

(c) What do you mean by bodhisattva? Which form of Buddhism supports this idea?

(d) Who were Samantas? What were their responsibilities?

Q.5 Answer the following briefly: 

(a) Who were vellalars?

(b) Name the two important cities under Kushanas.

(c) What do you mean by hereditary officer?

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