CBSE Class 6 Social Science Question Paper Set V

Q.1 Who was Aryabhatta? 1
Q.2 Name the important fold mountain range of Europe? 1
Q.3 Write longitudinal value Standard Meridianof India. 1
Q.4 Who is the in charge of police station? 1
Q.5 Define Municipal Councillor. 1
Q.6 Kalinga is the ancient name of
    a) Bengal      b) Haryana      c) Orissa
Q.7 Huge water water bodies are called
      a) Rivers    b) Ocean basins         c) Seas
Q.8 The Gram Panchayat is elected for ______________years. 1
Q.9 The idea of Bhakti is present in which book? 1
Q.10 Which type of forests can survive in saline water? 1
Q.11 What is meaning of Prashasti? 1
Q.12 The earth has been divided into ______________times zones. 1
Q.13 The coastline of which ocean is highly indented? 1
Q.14 Which landforms are rich in mineral deposit? 1
Q.15 Wildlife week is celebrated in the first week of
        a) March      b) November       c) October
Q.16 Where did Ashoka get his message inscribed on? 1
Q.17 Define Bodhisattvas. 1
Q.18 Mention two authors who wrote about Harshavardhana. 1
Q.19 Give another name of Patwari. 1
Q.20 List any one department of municipal corporation. 1
Q.21 What were the problems that Ashoka wanted to solve by Dhamma?
Why did kings want to control the silk Route?
Q.22 Which winds brings rainfall in India? Why is it so important?
Q.23 Why do large numbers of people live in the Northern plains? 3
Q.24 What are the functions of tehsildar?
What are the various functions of Municipality?
Q.25 What is the link between a gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat? 3
Q.26 Who wrote the play AbhigyanShakuntalam? What information do we get from these types of plays?
Q.27 Read the extract carefully and answer the following questions:
Farmers often require a copy of their land's record together with a map, as shown in the previous illustration. They have a right to this information. They may have to pay a small fee for this.
However, this information is not easily made available and farmers sometimes have to face many problems to get it. In some states, records are now being computerised and also kept at the Panchayat office so that they are more easily available and regularly updated.
a. When do you think farmers may require a copy of this record?
b. Study the following situations and identify the cases in which these records would be necessary and why?
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