CBSE Class 5 Science Revision Worksheet Set O

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SA2 STD. V 2012-13

L-6 Nervous System (FA3 + SA2)

I Fill in the blanks:-

1. The brain gets its signals from various parts of the body through the ____________________

2. The __________ protects the brain from many dangers.

3. The nervous system consists of ____________, ____________ and ____________.

4. ____________ nerve carry visionary messages to the brain.

5. The _____________ forms the covering protecting the internal organs.

II Choose the correct answer:-

1. (Mixed Nerve / Motor Nerve) carry messages to the brain as well as carry orders from it.

2. (Cerebrum / Cerebellum) controls speech, memory and intelligence.

3. (Cerebellum / Medulla) connects the brain to the spinal cord.

4. (Pupil / Iris) is a circular diaphragm which gives the eye its colour.

5. (Cerebrum/Medulla) is the largest part of the brain.

III True Or False

1. The nerves are directly connected to the brain or spinal cord. 

2. The brain is divided into two halves.

3. The brain grows to its full size only when a person reaches his adult stage.

4. Cerebellum controls breathing and blood circulation.

5. The flavours of food is experienced by our taste receptors and smell receptors.

IV Name the following

1. The three kinds of nerves _____________, ____________, _________________

2. The organ which detects the sense of taste ___________________

3. Another name of taste receptors __________________

4. The sense organ which throws the waste water of the body as sweat ______________

5. The muscles that hold and control the shape of lens. ___________

Lesson – 7 Skeletal System (FA3 + SA2)

I Fill in the blanks

1. The muscles which are under our control are called _____________

2. The muscles which work automatically are called ______________

3. In the upper arm, there is a long bone called _________________

4. The other name of thigh bone is called _______________

5. Our face is made up of ____________ bones. 

II Name the following

1. Other name of backbone ________________

2. Two pairs of lower ribs which are not attached to breast bone. _____________

3. The point where two separate bones meet _______________

4. Tough tissues which bones are held together _______________

5. The muscles of heart __________________

6. The strong fibres by which the bones are held together _____________

7. The long curved bones that form the rib cage ________________

8. The framework of bones ________________

Lesson -8 Food and Health (only for FA3)

I Fill in the blanks

1. The diet which contains proper proportion of all important substances is called a _____________.

2. Deficiency or lack of particular mineral or vitamin causes _______________ diseases.

3. ___________ are single called micro organisms.

4. Vaccination was discovered by ____________________

5. Plaque is spread by _______________ that live on rats.

6. Typhus fever is carried by ___________ which lives on sick persons.


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