CBSE Class 5 Science Crops Worksheet

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Weekend Worksheet – 2014-1544


I. Fill in the blanks:

1. Winter Crops are otherwise called ________crops.

2. Practice of growing crops is called _____________

3. The scattering away of seeds is known as______________

4. Bones are made up of _______________

5. The lava cools down and hardens to form_____________rock.

II. The first letter of the words are given as clues:

1. bones and shells l_______________

2. mud and clay s_______________

3. sand s_______________

4. pebbles and sand c______________

5. scrubber p________________

III. Give one word For:

1. Soft delicate part of the body which controls all vital activities.

2. Helps in movement

3. Structural part of the body which controls all vital activities

4. Attaches muscles with the bones

5. 12 pairs of flat bones

6. It protects the brain

7. The softest mineral

8. The other name for petroleum.

9. This is used to make blackboards.

10. An example of seed dispersed by water.



1. Sliding joint long and strong fibres.

2. Muscles gliding joint.

3. Forelimbs allows the bones to move through180 only

4. The working of the heart arms

5. Hinge joint involuntary.

VI. Read the passage and answer the questions given below

My teacher showed us the picture of the vertebral column in the class. She told us that it is not made up of a single long bone but a series of small bones called vertebra. Therefore the backbone is also known as the vertebral column.

a) What is the name given to the small bones?

b) How does the back bone help us?

VII. Draw the following:

a) Stages of germination

b) Structure of a seed

c) Bone structure

d) Rib cage


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