CBSE Class 9 Computer Science Tables and Mail Merge MCQs

CBSE Class 9 Computer Science Tables and Mail Merge MCQs with answers available in Pdf for free download. The MCQ Questions for Class 9 Computer Science with answers have been prepared as per the latest syllabus, NCERT books and examination pattern suggested in Standard 9 by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Multiple Choice Questions are an important part of Term 1 and Term 2 exams for Grade 9 Computer Science and if practiced properly can help you to get higher marks. Refer to more Chapter-wise MCQs for NCERT Class 9 Computer Science and also download more latest study material for all subjects

Tables and Mail Merge Class 9 Computer Science MCQ

Class 9 Computer Science students should refer to the following multiple-choice questions with answers for Tables and Mail Merge in standard 9. These MCQ questions with answers for Grade 9 Computer Science will come in exams and help you to score good marks

Tables and Mail Merge MCQ Questions Class 9 Computer Science with Answers

(1) There are .......... different ways to insert a table in a document.

(A) One  (B) Two  (C)Three (D) Four

(2)  A table can be inserted using...........

(A) Menu (B) Icon  (C) Keyboard (D) All of these

(3)  The table can be inserted using..........keys.

(A) CTRL+ F12  (B) CTRL + Fll (C) CTRL+SHIFT + F12  (D) INSERT

(4) The Table has a default name called ...

(A) Table (B) Table 1 (C)  Table2  (D) Both (B) and (C)

(5)  The default Table size is ..........  columns and 2 rows

(A) 2  (B) 3 (C) 1 (D) 0 

(6) How a table can be deleted ?

(A)  Click anywhere in the table and choose Delete / Table from Table menu.

(B) Select table and press Delete key.

(C) Select table and press Backspace key.

(D)  All of the above. 

(7)  Which of the following is valid type of data source in mail merge ?

(A)  Spreadsheet (B) Text files (C)  Databases such as MySQL, Adabas, ODBC (D) All of the above 

(8) On selection of the .......... option, Writer surrounds each cell of the table with a border.

(A) Line (B) Table (C)  Border  (D) Rows 

(9)  The..........  button opens the dialog box which helps to change the table layouts.

(A) Format (B) AutoFormat (C)View  (D) Layout 

(10)  ..........tables means tables within tables.

(A) Nested  (B) Within  (C) Formatted  (D)  Inside 

(11)  Tables can be created within tables to a depth level limited to..........  levels.

(A) 10  (B) 11 (C)  12  (D)  9 

(12) Use..........  key to move across the cells of a table.

(A) Cursor (B) Shift (C)  Tab  (D) Enter 

(13)  In a table a new row is created by pressing .......... key, if the cursor is in the last cell of the table.

(A) Cursor (B) Left  (C)  Tab  (D) Enter 

(14)  The table can be resized with the help of the cursor shape of a.......... arrow.

(A) Single  (B) Double sided  (C) Triple headed (D) Four headed

 (15) Accurate formatting of the table size and position can be done through........ dialog box.

(A) Insert (B) View  (C)  Table (D) Format 

(16) The .......... of the table can be set like Automatic, Left, Right and Centre.

(A) Alignment  (B) Spacing  (C) Margin (D) Distance 

(17) The Row Height and Column Width can be adjusted using vertical and horizontal...........

(A) Scale  (B) Lines (C)Ruler  (D) Cells 

(18) The.......... Row Height and / or Column Width make the selected rows or columns as narrow as possible to fit their contents.

(A) Best (B) Optimal  (C) Best Possible  (D) AutoFit 

(19) Rows and Columns can be inserted using _ __.

(A) Mouse  (B) Menu (C) Toolbar (D) All of these 

(20) To insert quickly a column or a row using only the keyboard, activate the  keyboard by pressing...........

(A) CTRL + Insert  (B) ALT + Insert  (C) SHIFT + Insert (D) All of these

(22) To delete quickly a column or a row using only die keyboard, press...........

(A) CTRL + Delete  (B) ALT + Delete (C) SHIFT + Delete (D)  All of these 

(23) Two or more cells of a table can be merged from menu bar by choosing Table ......... cells.

(A) Mix  (B) Bind  (C) Merge (D)  Combine 

(24) The table cells can be split either horizontally or ...........

(A) Vertically (B) Straight  (C) Upright  (D)  Down direction 

(25) Using ........... a predefined format can be applied to the table.

(A) AutoFit  (B) AutoPre-defined (C)AutoTable  (D)  AutoFormat 

(26) To delete a table, click anywhere in the table and choose Delete..........

(A) All Cells (B) All Rows (C) All Columns (D) Table

(27) To delete a table, select the table and then

(A) Enter (B) Backspace  (C) ALT + Enter (D) Both (A) and (C) 

(28) CTRL+C and CTRL+V are used for …. and … table.

(A) Cutting and Pasting (B) Copying and Cutting

(C) Copying and Pasting  (D)Pasting 

(29) In Mail Merge........ documents are created.

(A) Two (B) One  (C) Three  (D) Four 

(30) The main document of Mail Merge is called the....... letter.

(A) Form (B) First (C) Main (D) Doc

(31) The Document which contains the data is called the......  source.

(A) Information (B) Data (C) Address  (D) Variables 

(32) Writer supports database as in spreadsheets, text files and..........

(A) MySQL (B) Adabas (C) ODBC (D) All of these

(33) The above mentioned Mail Merge information has to be saved in a file with extension as  .

(A) .csv  (B) .doc (C) .xls (D)  .txt 

(34)  The text file is saved with file extension ............

(A) .csv (B) .doc (C) .xls (D)  .txt

 (35) a text editor.

(A) Gedit  (B) Base   (C) Impress  (D) Calc

(36)  The default name of the data source is..........

(A) Datasource.odb (B) Address.odb (C) Source.odb  (D) Addresses.odb

(37)  The form letter has to be created with the appropriate...... names.

(A) Correct  (B) Merged  (C) Field (D) Composed

(38)  To select consecutive records, select the first record in the range and scroll up to the last record and press....... button.

(A) Shift  (B)Ctrl  (C) Alt (D) Ins

(39)  In Save merged document section, default is "Save as...... document".

(A) Individual (B)  Single  (C) Separate  (D) Edited

(40)  Press....... to display the Print dialog box.

(A) Shift + P (B)  Ctrl + P (C) Alt + P (D) Ins + P

(50)  The Print dialog box has........ parts.

(A) Two (B) Three (C)  Four (D) Five

(41) the option of the Print Dialog box.

(A) Printer (B)  Properties (C) Print Range (D) All of these

(42)  There are....... options to set in the Property Dialog box.

(A) Five  (B) Four (C)  Three (D) Two 

(43)  From the Property dialog box, if the selected option is ....... , then one has to choose from  Portrait or Landscape.

(A) Paper (B) Layout  (C) Graphics (D) Extra 

(44)  Darkness or Resolution can be set by selecting the.......... option of the Property dialog box.

(A) Paper (B) Layout  (C) Graphics (D) Extra

(45) By default the Print Range is set up as...... the pages.

(A) Some  (B) Few (C) All (D) None of these

(46)  The .......... symbol is used to set the range of pages, if the pages to be printed are consecutive. 

(A) *  (B)-  (C) = (D) , 

(47)  If the copies to be printed are more than one, then the......  option is selected.

(A) Collate  (B)  Whole (C) Collect  (D) Assemble 

(48)  Writer provides two different printable views, Editable and .......view.

(A) Single (B)  Read only  (C) Facing Page (D) Double Page 

(49)  The view options of the document page can be selected from the.......  bar.

(A) Tool (B) Menu  (C) Insert (D) Status 

(50)  The default option of Page Orientation is  ........

(A) Landscape (B)  Backdrop (C) Portrait  (D) Picture 

(51)  All the..... types of margins can be set from the Margin section.

(A) Four (B) Three (C) Two  (D) One 

(52)  ..........margins can be set by selecting Header and Footer option.

(A) Top (B)  Bottom (C) Top and Bottom (D) Header and Footer 

(53) allows users to use fields manage ............

(A) Margins  (B) Page Numbers (C) Fields (D) Page Style 

(54)A comment written at the foot (bottom) of page, it is called ..........

(A) Endnote  (B)  Pagenote  (C) Footnote (D) Bottomnote



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