CBSE Class 9 Computer Science email and Security on Internet MCQs

CBSE Class 9 Computer Science email and Security on Internet MCQs with answers available in Pdf for free download. The MCQ Questions for Class 9 Computer Science with answers have been prepared as per the latest syllabus, NCERT books and examination pattern suggested in Standard 9 by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Multiple Choice Questions are an important part of Term 1 and Term 2 exams for Grade 9 Computer Science and if practiced properly can help you to get higher marks. Refer to more Chapter-wise MCQs for NCERT Class 9 Computer Science and also download more latest study material for all subjects

email and Security on Internet Class 9 Computer Science MCQ

Class 9 Computer Science students should refer to the following multiple-choice questions with answers for email and Security on Internet in standard 9. These MCQ questions with answers for Grade 9 Computer Science will come in exams and help you to score good marks

email and Security on Internet MCQ Questions Class 9 Computer Science with Answers

(1) The data can be transferred via internet can be ..........

(A) Pictures (B) Voice (C) Documents  (D) All of these 

(2) ...... refers to the transmission of messages across computer networks in an electronic form.

(A) MMS  (B) SMS (C) E-mail  (D) Letters 

(3) Electronic-Mail is a method of exchanging ....... messages from sender to one or more recipients using Internet.

(A)  Digital  (B) Analog  (C)  Hybrid  (D) Text 

(4)  Time taken for an  E-mail  to reach its recipient is approximately............

(A)  Seconds /minutes (B)  One hour (C)  Two days (D) A week 

(5)Cost of sending an e-mail is .........

(A)  Cost of stamps (B) Free with Internet Facility

(C)  Cost of Paper (D) Cost of Shipping

(6)Which one of these is the correct e-mail address ?

(A) (B) (C)  info$ (D) info&

(7) At present variety of information can be sent through mail such as .............

(A) Audio  (B) Video (C) Animation and Text  (D) All of these 

(8) Audio, Video, Animation and text types of information is collectively known as ....... message.

(A) Text (B) Multi-dimensional  (C) Multi-media (D) Animated 

(9) In comparison with the regular post mails, .......facility is faster and cost effective.

(A) MMS (B) SMS  (C) E-mail (D) Letters

(10) People identity the regular post mail as.......... mail.

(A) Slow (B) Snail  (C) Inefficient  (D) Both (A) and (C) 

(11) A benefit of emailing is ...............

(A) It is fast and personal (B)  It is Global

(C) It is cost effective and productive (D)  All of these 

(12) The unnecessary mail is called.........mail.

(A) Spam  (B) Scrap (C) Trash (D) Garbage 

(13) The basic requirements for e-mailing are that both sender and receiver computers must have internet facility and........addresses.

(A) Home (B) Email (C) Post Office (D) All of these 

(14) In a typical e-mail address, info is a.........

(A) Sign  (B) Host name  (C) Domain  (D) User name 

(15) In a typical e-mail address, yahoo is a.........

(A) Sign  (B) Host name (C) Domain  (D) User name 

(16)  In a typical e-mail address,  com is a.........

(A) Sign  (B) Host name (C) Domain (D) User name 

(17)  An email address begins with a ........... , which is selected by the user.

(A) Sign  (B) Host name (C) Domain  (D) User name 

(18)  An email address can be up to ............  characters long.

(A) 254  (B) 255  (C) 256  (D) 257 

(19)  An email address can have special characters like  ..........

(A) Full stop (B) Underscore (C) Hyphen  (D) All of these 

(20) a Mail Service Provider.

(A) Yahoo (B)  Hotmail  (C) Gmail  (D) All of these 

(21)  The process of registration of an email address is often called.........

(A) Sign Up (B)  Registering  (C) Sign In  (D) Processing 

(22)  The process of registration of an email address is carried out ..........

(A) Twice (B)  Once (C) Never (D) All the time 

(23)  After the process of registration of an email address, the user has to ........

(A) Sign Up  (B)  Register (C) Sign In (D) Process 

(24) The typical operations for an email include .

(A) Send  (B)  Compose (C) Reply and Forward  (D) All of these

(25)The .......... to an email can be documents, music or image files.

(A) Attachment (B)  Add-on (C) Connection (D) Extra-part

(26)Once an e-mail is sent from a computer, it goes to the sender's ..........

(A) Computer (B)  Network  (C) Area (D) Internet

(27) An email has to  pass through security features like a ...........  ,  if any.

(A) Protected Area  (B)  Brick Wall  (C) Firewall (D) Spam Wall

(28) ............message is sent by Google after it receives the verification code.

(A) Introduction  (B) Beginner (C) Welcome (D) Verification 

(29) The necessary information to be provided for creating a Gmail account is.........

(A) Name, Username, Password (B) Birthday, Gender, Mobile Phone

(C) Current E-mail address, Location (D) All of these 

(30) ........... is an application that runs on a personal computer and is capable of sending, receiving and organizing e-mail.

(A) Client (B) Gmail (C) E-mail client (D) Hotmail 

(31) ......... is one of the efficient information managers as an e-mail client.

(A) Evolution  (B) Evolve (C) Progress  (D) Development 

(32) ........ can filter unwanted e-mails in secured fashion.

(A) Evolution  (B) Evolve (C) Progress  (D) Development 

(33) When using a mail client, there is no need to be always connected to the...........

(A) Modem  (B)  Internet  (C) Network (D) Both (A) and (C) 

(34) Using a mail client, the e-mails can also be composed and saved when the user is .........

(A) Offline (B)  Online  (C) Downloading mails  (D) Uploading mails 

(35) ......... provide facilities like address book, calendars etc at one place.

(A) Client (B)  Gmail  (C) E-mail client (D) Hotmail 

(36)  E-mail clients can handle .......... e-mail accounts after configuring them once only.

(A) Single  (B)  Double (C) Particular (D) Multiple 

(37)  The Evolution client can be chosen directly from the "....... " menu at the Ubuntu screen.

(A) Applications  (B)  Programs (C) Accessories (D) My Computer 

(38)  Evolution is an ............... software.

(A) Hardware  (B)  Application  (C) System (D) Both (B) and (C) 

(39)  While configuring Evolution, the ............ wizard guides through the steps.

(A)  Evolution setup  (B)  Evolution Setup Assistant

(C)  Evolution Assistant (D) Evolution 

(40)  To configure "Sending Email", the Server Type is  ............

(A)  MAP (B) IMAP  (C)  SMTP (D) GMAP 

(41) The Gmail Server for sending emails is.........

(A) (B) (C)  (D) 

(42)  Full form of ISP is ..............

(A)  Information Service Provider  (B)  Internal Service Provider

(C)  International Service Provider  (D) Internet Service Provider 

(43)  Whenever information and resources  is shared using a public........ , there is a need to assure that only authentic people would use the resource.

(A)  Internet  (B)  Domain (C) Website (D) Server 

(44)  The..........provides base to share information and services across the world without any geographical barriers. 

(A)  Internet (B)  Domain  (C) Website (D) Server 

(45)  Today all the valuable resources available on the Internet have to be saved from ........

(A) Robbers  (B)  Stealers  (C) Hackers (D) Thieves 

(46)  An organization in a shared environment has to keep the information secured against ............  users.

(A) Authenticated  (B)  Unauthenticated (C) Resourceful  (D) Shared 

(47) counts much when it comes to financial and e-commerce application.

(A) Internet (B) Network (C) Services  (D) Security 

(48) ........ systems are difficult to survive without proper security provisions.

(A) Shopping Sites (B)  Bill Payments  (C) Banking  (D) All of these 

(49)  A ........... is a parasite program that comes along with software.

(A) Bug (B)  Disease  (C) Germ  (D) Virus 

(50) A parasite program is usually attached to some fancy and attractive software.

(A) Bug  (B)  Disease  (C) Germ (D) Virus

(51)When the ......... program is executed, the virus is spread.

(A) Host (B)  Main (C) Application (D) System

(52) ..........antivirus software is an example of free and open source antivirus software.

(A) Cleaner (B) Clam  (C) Worms (D) Bug

(53) Antivirus software is available at.............

(A) (B) (C) (D)

(54) A.......... is a program or code segment that hides inside a program and performs a harmful function to computer resources.

(A) Worms  (B) Virus  (C) Trojan Horse  (D) Traps 

(55) The name "........." is given from Greek Mythology and the story of Troy.

(A) Worms (B)  Virus (C) Trojan Horse  (D) Traps 

(56)  Popular example of a Trojan horse is the ........... grabber.

(A) Login  (B)  Password  (C) User name (D) Program 

(57)  A Virus is an independent program where as a Worm is an independent ..........

(A) Service  (B)  Function  (C) Service (D) Utility 

(58)  The  ........ virus hybridizes characteristics of viruses and worms.

(A) Logic Bomb (B)  Melissa  (C) Trojan Horse (D) Trap Doors 

(59)  A ......... is a way of accessing system or resources of the system using  an undocumented way.

(A) Logic Bomb (B)  Melissa (C) Trojan Horse (D) Trap Door 

(60) a program that triggers when some logical conditions are met.

(A) Logic Bomb  (B)  Melissa (C) Trojan Horse (D) Trap Door

(61)  Unauthorized access to any system can be made possible through computers unique ..........  address scanning.

(A) ISP  (B)  HTTP (C) IP  (D) TCIP 

(62)  The ......... attacks are used to shut down or make the system inoperable.

(A) Denial (B)  Sniffing (C) Spoofing  (D) Redirecting 

(63)  Many times spam emails are used as carriers of......... attacks.

(A) Denial (B)  Sniffing (C) Spoofing  (D) Redirecting 

(64) a method of secret writing.

(A) Cryptography  (B)  Crypto  (C) Cipher-text  (D) Encipher 

(65)  ....... is an application of various techniques and principles to transform simple message into unintelligible secret message.

(A) Crypto  (B)  Cryptography  (C) Cipher-text  (D) Encipher 

(66)  Cryptography can be used as a tool to..........

(A) Provide privacy (B) To authenticate the identities

(C) To ensure message integrity (D) All of these 

(67)  In Cryptography Terminology, the original message is called...........

(A) Plain Text (B)  Cipher Text (C) Algorithm  (D) Cipher 

(68)  In Cryptography Terminology, the transformed secret message is called..........

(A) Plain Text  (B)  Cipher Text  (C) Algorithm  (D) Cipher 

(69)  The process of converting plain text to cipher-text is known as .............

(A) Encryption  (B)  Encoding  (C) Enciphering (D) All of these 

(70)  The process of converting cipher-text into plain text is known as ..........

(A) Decryption  (B)  Deciphering  (C) Decoding (D) All of these 

(71) The critical information used for encoding or decoding of messages is called as......

(A) Code (B)  Password (C) Key (D) Cipher 

(72)  The above mentioned critical information is also known as ..........  key.

(A)  Public or private  (B)  Asymmetric / symmetric (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of these 

(73) Encrypted text can be retrieved but cannot be decoded in the absence of.........

(A) Code  (B) Password  (C) Key  (D) Cipher 

(74)  the  study  of  principles  and  methods  of  transforming  an  encrypted  message  back  into meaningful information without the knowledge of the key.

(A) Cryptanalysis (B) Code Breaking (C) Cryptology  (D) Both (A) and (C) 

(75) Both cryptography and cryptanalysis together is known as .............

(A) Cryptanalysis  (B) Code Breaking (C) Cryptology (D) Both (A) and (C) 

(76)  When objects are sent via network, they have to be ...... in order to save memory and bandwidth.

(A) Packed  (B) Compressed (C) Condensed  (D) Stacked 

(77) What type of information can be send through an E-mail ?

(A) Text and voice  (B) Text and numbers  (C) Multimedia  (D) All of these 

(78)  Cryptanalysis is also called

(A) code breaking  (B) logic breaking  (C) design breaking  (D) system breaking 

(79) What is the collective name of both cryptography and cryptanalysis ?

(A) Cryptography (B) Cryptanalysis  (C) Cryptology  (D) All of these



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