CBSE Class 9 Computer Science Editing and Formatting Documents MCQs

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(1) What would you do to move information in document from its original place to another place ?

(A) Ctrl + X and then Ctrl + P  (B) Ctrl + C and then Ctrl + V

(C) Ctrl + X and men Ctrl + V (D) Ctrl + V and then Ctrl + X

(2) What would you do to move some information from document to some other location ?

(A) Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + V (B) Ctrl + C and then Ctrl + X (C) Ctrl + C and then Ctrl + V  (D) Ctrl + X and then Ctrl + V 

(3) Which menu will you use to locate a specific word in document ?

(A) File  (B) Edit (C) View  (D) Insert 

(4) Which sign can be used to locate one kind of sign ?

(A) Special signs  (B) Wildcard signs  (C) Bullet signs (D) All the above 

(5) How is the sign ^ known ?

(A) Karat sign (B) Up sign (C) Down sign (D) Page up sign 

(6) For which command is Ctrl + F short key ?

(A) For searching letters/words  (B) To place letters/words at specific place

(C) To open file menu (D) To open Format menu 

(7)  What are special signs in Writer programme ?

(A) Function key seen on keyboard (B)  Signs or letters not seen on keyboard

(C) Keypad on the right side of keyboard (D) Second line of keyboard 

(8)  Which menu will you use to add special sign in front of writing ?

(A) Format (B) Character  (C) Insert  (D) View 

(9)  By which option of Insert menu can one put special sign on the left side of writing ?

(A) Special Character  (B) Main Character (C) Characters  (D) Insert character

(10) Which is the most frequently used characteristic feature of any word processor ?

(A) Placing special sings (B) Formatting (C) Arrangement of Paragraphs  (D) All the above 

(11)  Which tool from formatting toolbar will be useful in arranging paragraphs ?

(A) Style and Formatting  (B) Opening paragraph (C) Font size window  (D) (B) or (C) 

(12)  What will be useful for arranging paragraphs ?

(A)  Paragraph Style (B)  Text Body (C) Font Window (D) There is no such facility

(13)  In how many can paragraphs be aligned ?

(A) 2 (B) 3  (C) 4  (D) 5 

(14) What is "Nested List" ?

(A) Ordered List (B) Unordered List (C) Sub list in ordered list/Unorderlist  (D)  Hybrid List 

(15) Up to how many levels or order does the order or bullet come when we prepare a nested list according to predetermined method ?

(A) 4  (B) 10  (C) 8  (D) 12 

(16) Which facility is available in Writer for checking spellings ?

(A) Spelling Checker  (B) Thesaurus(C) Checker Spell (D) Checker 

(17) What coloured line does Writer programme draw on the word with wrong spelling ?

(A) Green (B) Red (C) Pink (D) Black 

(18) Under what kind of words does Writer programme draw red-coloured wavy line ?

(A)  Under the word with wrong spelling (B) Under the word not included in Writer programme dictionary

(C) Under special words (D) (A) or (B) 

(19) What is the function of  icon on tool bar ?

 (A) To check the spellings of writing (B) To covert the words of writing in the uppercase

(C) To change the mode of writing (D) For all the above tasks 

(20) What would you do to add a specific word to Writer dictionary ? 

(A)  Press Ignore Once  (B)  Press Ignore All (C)  Press Add button  (D) Press Change button 

(21) Which facility used to spellcheck ?

(A) Spellcheck (B) Auto Spellcheck (C) Auto Cheeker (D)Spelling Checker 

(22)  What does locating the word with the same meaning typed in a document suggest ?

(A) Synonyms (B) Antonyms (C) Rethums  (D) None of above 

(23) Which option shows a comparatively longer list Of corresponding words and phrases of selected words ?

(A) Synonyms (B) Thesaurus  (C) Antonyms (D)Rethums 

(24)  Which menu is used to locate encyclopedia for phrases ?

(A) Edit  (B) Format (C) Tools  (D) Insert 

(25)  Which key will you apply from keyboard to | open Thesaurus dialogue box ?

(A) Ctrl + F3 (B) Ctrl + F7  (C) Shift + F7  (D) Ctrl + F4 

(26)  Which facility of Writer programme is used for correcting typing errors ?

(A) AutoText (B) AutoCorrect  (C) Thesaurus (D) Word Completion 

(27)  In which menu is AutoCorrect facility is located in Writer programme ?

(A) Tools  (B) Insert (C) Format (D) Windows 

(28) How is AutoCorrect facility predetermindly ?

(A) ON  (B) OFF  (C) There is no such facility (D) None 

(29) Which of the following facility in Writer programme makes assumption and completes a word being typed ?

(A) AutoText  (B) AutoCorrect (C)Word Completion (D)Thesaurus 

(30) Which menu will you use to close word completion facility in writer programme ?

(A) Format  (B) Tools (C) Insert  (D)Window 

(31) In which of the following facility do we store writing, storage etc for reuse and arrange it with which key ?

(A) AutoText  (B) AutoCorrect (C) Word Completion (D) Word Correction 

(32) Which menu has AutoText facility in Writer programme ?

(A) Edit (B) Tools (C) Format (D) Windows 

(34) While numbering line documents in which mode should a document be kept ?

(A) Normal  (B) Print layout view (C)Outline View  (D)  HTML View 

(35) Which menu is used while numbering lines of document ?

(A) View  (B) Tool (C) Edit  (D)  Format 

(36)  Which mode is useful in adding new writing between two lines or two letters ?

(A)Overwrite  (B) Append  (C)  Insert  (D) Continue 

(37) Which mode is needed, while some letter is on cursor and that time if some letter is typed, it is added at the place of the present letter ?

(A) Overwrite (B) Insert  (C) Append  (D) Continue 

(38)  How many modes are seen while entering information in Writer programme ?

(A) 2 (B) 4 (C)  3  (D) 5 

(39)  Where is the present typing mode location of Writer programme seen ?

(A) In status bar  (B) In menu bar  (C)  In ruler bar  (D) In title bar 

(40)  Which menu is used to count the number of letters and words in our document ?

(A) Edit (B) Tools (C)  Format (D) View 

(41) State the function of Tools WordCount.

(A) Counting letters of document  (B) Counting letters and words of document

(C) Counting letters and words selected in document  (D) Both (B) and (C) 

(42) What is the function of File Properties Statistics ?

(A) Of counting words of selected parts of document

(B)  Of  preparing report of  page number, paragraph, number of  words and letters

(C)  Of showing only the number of lines (D) All the above 

(43) Which menu is used to convert selected information in either capital or lower case ?

(A)  Format  (B)  Tools (C)  View  (D) Edit


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