CBSE Class 9 Computer Science Introduction to Ubuntu Linux GUI MCQs

CBSE Class 9 Computer Science Introduction to Ubuntu Linux GUI MCQs with answers available in Pdf for free download. The MCQ Questions for Class 9 Computer Science with answers have been prepared as per the latest syllabus, NCERT books and examination pattern suggested in Standard 9 by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Multiple Choice Questions are an important part of Term 1 and Term 2 exams for Grade 9 Computer Science and if practiced properly can help you to get higher marks. Refer to more Chapter-wise MCQs for NCERT Class 9 Computer Science and also download more latest study material for all subjects

Introduction to Ubuntu Linux GUI Class 9 Computer Science MCQ

Class 9 Computer Science students should refer to the following multiple-choice questions with answers for Introduction to Ubuntu Linux GUI in standard 9. These MCQ questions with answers for Grade 9 Computer Science will come in exams and help you to score good marks

Introduction to Ubuntu Linux GUI MCQ Questions Class 9 Computer Science with Answers

(1) ........system can be used by user.

(A) CLI (B) GUI (C) PLI  (D) Both (A) and (B) 

(2)  ........desktop is provided by Linux.

(A) GNOME and KDE (B) Unity and Xfce (C) LXDE  (D) All of these 

(3)  How many components are there on the desktop screen of GNOME2 ?

(A) Two (B) Three (C) Four  (D) Five 

(4)  The horizontal strip displayed on the screen is known as  ..........

(A) top panel (B) desktop  (C) bottom panel  (D) middle panel 

(5)  The horizontal strip displayed on lower part of the screen is known as ..........

(A) top panel (B) desktop  (C) bottom panel  (D) middle panel 

(6)  Panel between top and bottom is known as......

(A) top panel (B) desktop  (C) bottom panel  (D) middle panel 

(7)  In the beginning on the desktop of Ubuntu Linux ....

(A) there is a system folder   (B) there is a trash icon

(C) there is an icon of Ubuntu one  (D) No icons are there 

(8) .......... is there in the top panel.

(A) Menu bar  (B) Application launcher  (C) Notification area (D) All of these 

(9) ........ applet is there in the notification area.

(A) System, date and time (B)  Mozilla firefox  (C) Application  (D) All of these 

(9) ......... can be put on the desktop.

(A) Files (B) Folders  (C) Application launchers (D) All of these 

(10) is used for scientific calculations.

(A) Mathematica (B) GNUPLOT (C) Calculator  (D) None of these 

(11) is used to write CDs.

(A) Nero (B) Disk burner  (C) CD / DVD writer (D) CD / DVD Creator 

(12) ......... for analyzing the usage of disk space directory wise or file type wise.

(A) Disk Analyzer (B) Disk Usage Analyzer (C) Usage Analyzer (D) None of these 

(13).........type of file is created in Gedit.

(A) Formatted text file (B) Plain text file  (C) Graphical file  (D) All of these 

(14) ..........  is for capturing the current screen display in an image (picture) file.

(A) Screen Capture  (B) Capture Screen  (C) Take Screen shot (D) All of these 

(15) .......... software is used to utilize CLI of linux.

(A) Terminal (B) Dos (C) CLI (D) GUI 

(16) . . .. .feature is available in Tomboy Notes.

(A) To find out ideas and thoughts  (B) To note down ideas and thoughts

(C) Create a notebook   (D) All of these 

(17) ......  is for managing photographs taken using a digital camera or mobile phone camera.

(A) Photoshop  (B) F-Spot Photo manager (C) Corel Photo point  (D) All of these 

(18)......... software is for editing of images.

(A) Adobe Photoshop (B) F-Spot Photo Manager (C) GMP Image Editor  (D) All of these 

(19) .......... is for drawing and painting simple drawings.

(A) F-Spot Manager  (B) GMP Image Editor  (C) Draw (D) Ms Paint 

(20) .......... is for scanning  documents and pictures using a scanner.

(A) Simple Scan  (B) Advanced Scan  (C) General Scan (D) Scan Me 

(21).........Using chating is possible in Ubuntu.

(A) Google Talk  (B) Yahoo Massenger  (C) Empathy IM Client (D) Chat Client 

(22)  is the default web browser in Ubuntu.

(A) Google Chrome  (B) Internet Explorer (C) Mozilla Firefox (D) Netscape Navigator 

(23) .......... is the social networking website.

(A) Facebook (B) Twitter (C) Yahoo  (D) Both (A) and (B) 

(24) .......... software is useful to utilize social networking website.

(A) GMP (B) Empathy client  (C) Gwibber social client (D) Evolution 

(25) .......... software is included in Office submen in Applications.

(A) Online dictionary (B) Calender  (C) E-mail client (D) All of these 

(26) ......... e -mail client is there in Ubuntu.

(A) Outlook express  (B) Evolution  (C) Impress (D) Brasero 

(27).......  software is available for word processing

(A) Gedit (B) MS Word  (C) Writer  (D) Wordpad 

(28) is used to open home directory of logged in user.

(A) Windows explorer  (B) Nautilus file browser (C) Gedit  (D) None of these 

(29) ......... option is used to open home directory of logged in user.

(A) Home directory  (B) Home folder (C) Home drive  (D) Home system 

(30) ......... option is used to open des Nautilus File browser of logged in us

(A) Desktop (B) Open Des  (C) Desktop Folder  (D) My Deskt 

(31) Music files are stored in folder

(A) Home Folder  (B) Music  (C) My Music (D) Songs 

(32) Pictures are stored in......... folder.

(A) Multimedia  (B) Pictures (C) Images  (D) My Picture 

(33) .........folder contains video.

(A) My Videos (B) Videos  (C) Video collection  (D) Movies 

(34) .......... folder contains the files downloaded from internet.

(A) Downloads (B) My Downloads  (C) All Downloads (D) Main Downloads 

(35) Network folder can display computers of which operating system ?

(A) Windows (B) Linux  (C) Both (A) and (B)  (D) None of these 

(36) ...... option is needed to transfer files of computer lying in a network.

(A) Giving (B) Reading (C) Sharing  (D) Downloading 

(37) The large organizations use ......... to provide services to computers in a network.

(A) client computer  (B) server computer (C) super computer  (D) none of these 

(38) .......... option is useful to connect computers in Ubuntu.

(A) Connect to server (B) Join to server  (C) Attach to server  (D) Login to server 

(39) used to search files.

(A)  Find for files (B) Search of tiles  (C) Search for files  (D) Search all files 

(40)..... partitions are established automatically.

(A) removable disk (B) CD / DVD  (C) external disk (D) all of these 

(41) .......... menu allows the user to customize one's Ubuntu installation and carry out system administration.

(A) System Menu  (B) Me Menu  (C) Application Menu (D) Session Menu 

(42) ......... is the submenu of system menu.

(A) Preferences  (B) Administration  (C) Me (D) Both (A) and (B) 

(42) .......... allows the currently logged-in user to view and modify their profile (personal information).

(A) About Me (B) Appearance (C) Main Menu  (D) Me Menu 

(43)  ...... provides special programs and settings to help physically challenged people use the computer.

(A) Assistive Technologies   (B) Mouse Preferences

(C)Power Programs   (D) Remote Desktop 

(44)  Number of pixels lying in total number of rows is known as ..........

(A) visual Effect  (B) resolution  (C) solution (D) appearance 

(45)  is to set resolution in PC.

(A)   Main Menu  (B) Monitors (C) Preferences (D) Power Management 

(46)  is for the settings of the mouse

(A) Mouse Preferences  (B) Mouse Management (C) Mouse Adjustment  (D) Mouse Options 

(47) .......... provides the options for the setting of power supply.

(A) Power Management (B) Remote Desktop  (C) Preffered Applications (D) Remote Desktop 

(48) .......... mode is there when PC is not use certain duration.

(A) Hibernate (B) Sleep  (C) Display closed (D) All of these 

(49) ........... allows to share your desktop someone else.

(A) Other Desktop (B) Connect Desktop (C) Remote Desktop (D) None of these 

(50) Remote Desktop can be used for .........

(A) live demonstration (B) trouble shooting (C) both (A) and (B)  (D) none of these 

(51) .......... has the feature to stop the illegal use of our computer.

(A) Mouse Preferences  (B) Preffered Application

( C)Remote Desktop  (D) Assistive Technologies 

(52) .......... is an application that springs into action when the user does not perform any action for certain duration.

(A) Startup Application  (B) Ubuntu One (C) Screen Saver (D) Administration 

(53) ......... can be achieved using screen saver.

(A) Visual appearance  (B) Break the monotony

(C) To draw the use's attention to the unused computer.  (D) All of these 

(54) .......... allows the user to set volume level as well as other sound input/output related options.

(A) Music (B) Sound  (C) Sound Control  (D) None of these 

(55) .......  has various tools for the control and management of the system.

(A) Administration (B) Preferences (C) System  (D) Me 

(56) ......feature can be used using Disk utility.

(A) Displays disks and disk partitions

(B) Allows the user to create, delete, edit and format disk partitions

(C) Mount and unmount file systems  (D) All of these 

(57) Disk capable to starting the computer is known as ...........

(A) Startup Disk Creator (B) Bootable Disk (C) Software Disk  (D) Recovery Disk 

(58) ....... is to create a bootable flash disk/pen drive.

(A) Startup Disk Creator (B) Bootable Disk Creator (C) Software Disk Creator (D) Recovery Disk Creator 

(59) .......... is to get latest updated versions of the currently installed software.

(A) Syneptic Manager  (B) Software Centre (C) Update Manager (D) Repository manager 

(60) ....... is to manage the users and us« on the computer.

(A) Users and Groups (B) Ubuntu 1  (C) Ubuntu Groups  (D) Ubuntu 

(61) .......... displays the Ubuntu version in use some introductory material on it.

(A) Help and Support (B) About GP  (C) About Ubuntu (D) Ubuntu 

(62) Application launchers are displayed as........

(A) window (B) menu  (C) icon (D) pointer 

(63) The option ............allows you to create own launcher.

(A) Add to Panel   (B) Add this Launcher to Panel

(C) Custom Application Launcher  (D) None of these 

(64) Custom Application Launcher has  option.

(A) Application (B) Application In Terminal  (C) Location (D) All of these 

(65) Using ........ we can add a launcher for GUI application.

(A) Application (B) Application in Terminal  (C) Location (D) None of these 

(66).......... field is to select executable file.

(A) Command  (B) Comment  (C) Name  (D) Type 

(67) For what applet containing speaker icon is there ?

(A) Music  (B) DVD  (C) Sound  (D) Multimedia 

(68) What is possible using sound icon ?

(A) Stop sound  (B) Play sound  (C) Control sound (D) All of these 

(69) Evolution is in ........... sign.

(A) envelop (B) Bat (C) Date (D) None of these 

(70) What is Evolution ?

(A) E-mail client  (B) Text editor  (C) Graphic editor  (D) Web browser 

(71) ... feature is provided by Evolution.

(A) Download mails  (B) IM / Chat  (C) Calendar (D) All of these 

(72)...........  menu is identified by the currently logged in user's name.

(A) You Menu  (B) Me Menu  (C) Mine Menu  (D) I Menu 

(73) Informatin stored on not sUser's computer.

(A) desktop (B) documen  (C) trash (D) cloud 

(74)....... facility is a boon for people who have to travel a lot as there is no danger of forgetting to carry some important tile with oneself.

(A) Cloud  (B) Network (C) Chat (D) Social network 

(75) On...........  operating system, Ubuntu one can be used.

(A) Android/iOS (B) Linux/ unix (C) Windows (D) All of these 

(76) Ubuntu one free account provides ...........of storage.

(A) 1 GB  (B) 512 MB (C) 5 GB (D) 10 GB 

(77) ............  is the main source of income for canonical institute.

(A) Advertisements.   (B) Selling of storage locations

(C) Music service available on cloud  (D) All of these 

(78) What is the right most icon on the top panel ?

(A) Application  (B) Me   (C) Session  (D) Places 

(79) ..........  is option is there session menu.

(A) System lock (B) Log out (C) Sleep/hibernate  (D) All of these 

(80) If the user deletes  some tile or folder accidentally or by mistake; the......... provides an opportunity to bring the same back.

(A) Recycle bin (B) Ubuntu One (C) Trash (D) Guest 

(81) If we right click on any file in Trash menu .......... menu opens.

(A) Me (B) Ubuntu Help (C) Context  (D) Option 

(82) Using ..........  key opened programs can be displayed one by one.

(A) Ctrl +Tab (B) Alt +Tab (C) Ctrl + Alt Tab (D) Tab



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