CBSE Class 9 Computer Science Basic Utilities in Ubuntu Linux MCQs

CBSE Class 9 Computer Science Basic Utilities in Ubuntu Linux MCQs with answers available in Pdf for free download. The MCQ Questions for Class 9 Computer Science with answers have been prepared as per the latest 2021 syllabus, NCERT books and examination pattern suggested in Standard 9 by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Multiple Choice Questions for important part of exams for Grade 9 Computer Science and if practiced properly can help you to get higher marks. Refer to more Chapter wise MCQs for NCERT Class 9 Computer Science and also download more latest study material for all subjects

(1) Which is the limitation of text mode terminal using through keyboard ?

(A) GUI program does not run  (B) Function of CLI and GUI program b not work. 

(C) Copy-paste feature does not work   (D) (B) and (C) both 

(2) Which feature gives us functionality of GUI ?

(A)  Rhythmbox music player  (B)  Totem movie player

(C)  GNOME terminal   (D) Keyboard Terminal 

(3) GNOME is started using...........

(A)  Applications Accessories Terminal  (B)  Ctrl + Alt + T shortcut key

(C) (A) and (B) both    (D) Shift + Alt + D 

(4) .......... lines are saved in the memory of terminal result.

(A) 12  (B)255  (C) 512   (D) 125 

(5) One or more terminals remain open and its usability features guideline are lying in which operating system ?

(A) UNIX   (B) LINUX  (C) (A) and (B) both (D) Windows 

(6) How to change the tab in GNOME terminal ?

(A) Clicking on the respective tab  (B) Ctrl + Alt + PgUp

(C) Ctrl + Alt + PgDn    (D) All of these 

(7) ......... is used to close the tab in GNOME terminal.

(A) Clicking on the close button of respective tab  (B) Shift + Ctrl + W

(C) (A) or (B)    (D) Alt + Ctrl + W 

(8) there in the beginning of command prompt.

(A) Usemame   (B) Name of computer system

(C) Name of current directory  (D) Special symbol 

(9) .......... is used to exit CLI mode in GNOME terminal.

(A) Giving exit command (B) Pressing Ctrl + D  (C) Pressing Alt + D  (D) (A) or (B) 

(10) Ubuntu file browser is known as ...........

(A) Nautilus (B) Nutrilus (C) Mozilla  (D) None of these

(11) Nautilus is the name taken from ....... creatures.

(A) Wild   (B) Sea  (C) Domestic (D) Desert area 

(12)  Where the files and folders are displayed in Nautilus ?

(A) In the Left Side Pane (B) In the Content Pane (C) On Right Side  (D) On Upper Side 

(13)  .......... is the folder containing deleted data items.

(A) Desktop  (B) Network  (C) Trash   (D) Download 

(14) Where the folder opens where it is double clicked ?

(A) In a particular window. (C) In the backward window. 

(B) In that same window

(D) Can't say 

(15)Files are opened in..........program

(A)  In gedit editor (B)  In the Eye of Gnome program (C) In the Rhythmbox program (D) In the Totem Movie player

(16)Images are opened in........

(A)  In gedit editor (B)  In the Eye of Gnome program 

(C) In the Rhythmbox program (D) In the Totem Movie player

(17) Music files are opened in the ..........

(A)  In Gedit editor (B) In the Eye of Gnome program (C) In the Rhythmbox program (D) In the Totem Movie player

(18) Movie files are opened in the...........

(A) Icon   (B) List (C) Compact  (D) Long

(20) Which is the shortcut key for Icon View ?

(A) Ctrl + 1  (B) Ctrl + 2 (C) Ctrl + 3   (D) Tab + 1

(21) Which is the shortcut key for List View ?

(A) Ctrl + 1  (B) Ctrl + 2 (C) Ctrl + 3   (D) Tab + 1

(22) Which is the shortcut key for Compact View ?

(A) Ctrl + 1  (B) Ctrl + 2 (C) Ctrl + 3  (D) Tab + 1

(23) Each folder precedes with .... in List View.

(A) #   (B)@ (C) +  (D) -

(24) .....type of new file can be created in Nautilus.

(A) Only Image file (B) Only Text file (C) Only Graphics file (D) Not possible in Nautilus

(25)........ program is used to make text file in Open

(A) Calc  (B) Impress (C) Notepad (D) Writer

(26) .......image editor is useful to create image file.

(A) gedit  (B) Brasero (C) GIMP (D) Image Viewer

(27) like a dustbin.

(A) Document  (B) Music  (C) Trash (D) Desktop

(28)The particular part of memory in Window system is known as .......

(A) Window Board  (B) Clip Board  (C) Memory Board   (D) None of these

(29) What is dragging of a mouse ?

(A)  Dragging a mouse

(B) Clicking on object and pressing left key and dragging the mous

(C) Right clicking on object and dragging the mouse

(D) Moving the mouse on the desktop

(30) Calculator is in which program ?

(A) Applications (B) Places  (C) System     (D) None of these

(31) How to display a scientific calculator ?

(A)  View -> Scientific (B)  View —> General (C)  Edit -» Standard (D) Calculator —Scientific

(32).....feature is added for the IT professionals.

(A) Scientific Digits  (B) Necessary functions (C) ASCII Values    

(D) All of these

(33).....graphical editor is there to make simple text file and document.

(A) GIMP   (B) Gedit  (C) NOTEPAD   (D) Totem

(34)In Gedit text editor.........type of language is used.

(A) Arabic (B) Chinese   (C) Indian   (D) All of these

(35) not displayed when full screen of Gedit is done.

(A) Tide bar  (B) Menu bar (C) Toolbar    (D) All of these

(36)  How to change the program using short cut key ?

(A) Alt + Tab (B) shift + Alt + Tab (C) Alt + T   (D) Shift + Tab

(37) Which menu is used to find a particular word in gedit ?

(A) View menu (B) search menu (C) Tools menu  (D) Document menu

(38) ......checks the spelling of the words from the beginning till the end.

(A) Documents —> Check Spelling  (B) Tools -> Check Spelling

(C) Tools -> Spelling Check 1  (D) Documents -» Spelling Check

(39)  ..... is the feature of Eye of GNOME opens the image in F-Spot image program.

(A) Edit  (B) Editing   (C) Tools   (D) Image 

(40)  Human Audio broadcast over internet is known as .......

(A) Broadcast Audio  (B) Podcast Audio  (C) Human Audio  (D) Waves Audio 

(41)  A music library is created in Rhythmbox which is known as ........

(A) Catalog   (B) Storagelog  (C) Librarylog  (D) backlog

(42) To arrange the songs as per the user's choice is known as ......

(A) Selection List  (B) Play – List (C) Listing  (D) Favourite List

(43)....... program does not run MP3 format.

(A) VCL Player  (B) Rhythmbox (C) Totem (D) None of these

(44) the function of Totem Program.

(A) Listen to music  (B) Watch movie  (C) Editing an image (D) As text editor

(45)  Image dots are known as ..........

(A) Bytes  (B) Bits  (C) Pixel   (D) Point 

(46)  What is the background and foreground colour of GIMP ?

(A) White and Black  (B) White and Red  (C) (A) or (B) (D) Black and White 

(47)  How many lines of output are stored in the memory by default by the Terminal ?

(A) 251   (B) 512   (C) 521   (D) 215 

(48)  Which command is used to come out of the CLI session ?

(A) Finish  (B) Terminate (C) Quit  (D) Exit 

(49)  Which program is used to open video by default ?

(A) Totem Movie Player (B) Tutom Video Player (C) VLC Player  (D) Eye of GNOME 

(50) What is the shortcut key for undoing the last action in gedit ?

(A) CTRL + U (B) ALT + U (C) CTRL + Z (D) ALT + Z 

(51) Which is GIMP's native file format ?

(A) XPG   (B) XCF   (C) IPG   (D) PNG 

(52)  The act of cutting certain parts of the image out is called.........

(A) deleting  (B) cropping  (C) scaling  (D) erasing 

(53) The act of enlarging or shrinking an image is called.........

(A) deleting  (B) cropping (C) scaling   (D) erasing



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