CBSE Class 9 Computer Science Introduction to Word Processing MCQs

CBSE Class 9 Computer Science Introduction to Word Processing MCQs with answers available in Pdf for free download. The MCQ Questions for Class 9 Computer Science with answers have been prepared as per the latest syllabus, NCERT books and examination pattern suggested in Standard 9 by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Multiple Choice Questions are an important part of Term 1 and Term 2 exams for Grade 9 Computer Science and if practiced properly can help you to get higher marks. Refer to more Chapter-wise MCQs for NCERT Class 9 Computer Science and also download more latest study material for all subjects

Introduction to Word Processing Class 9 Computer Science MCQ

Class 9 Computer Science students should refer to the following multiple-choice questions with answers for Introduction to Word Processing in standard 9. These MCQ questions with answers for Grade 9 Computer Science will come in exams and help you to score good marks

Introduction to Word Processing MCQ Questions Class 9 Computer Science with Answers

(1) Which company has prepared Ms-Office software?

(A) IBM company  (B) Microsoft company

(C) Intel company  (D) Apple company 

(2) What is included in Ms-Office software?

(A) Microsoft Word (B) Microsoft Excel

(C) Microsoft PowerPoint (D) All of the above 

(3) What is open source software?

(A) It is software available free of charge through the medium of internet  (B) Open programme software

(C) Software with open coding which anybody can see (D) All of the above 

(4) Which of the following is not open source software?

(A) Star Office  (B) Libre Office  (C) MS Office (D) Open Office 

(5) Which of the following is proprietary software?

(A) Star Office  (B) MS Office (C) Libre Office  (D) Open Office 

(6) Whose component is the programme Writer?

(A) MS-Office (B) Star Office (C) Open Office (D) Libre Office 

(7) What is word processing?

(A) Prepare a document (B) Making correction-modification in a document

(C) Formatting in a document (D) All of the above 

(8) Who invented word processing?

(A) American company IBM  (B) Microsoft company

(C) INTEL company (D) Apple company 

(9) Which of the following is word-processing software?

(A) Word Star (B) Word Perfect (C) MS-Word  (D) All the above 

(10) Which of the following is not word-processing software?

(A) Writer  (B) Word-Perfect  (C) Impress (D) Word Star 

(12) Which of the following is not web-based word processor?

(A) Office Web Apps (B) Google Docs (C) Libre office Writer (D) None of the above 

(13) What kind of gadget was typewriter?

(A) Mechanical (B) Electromechanical

(C) (A) or (B)  (D) None of the above 

(14) Who invented the new typewriting machine known as electronic typewriter?

(A) Microsoft company (B) Xerox company (C) Intel company (D) IBM company 

(15) what was the difficulty in electronic typewriting machine?

(A) It had a very small screen  (B) It had a very big screen

(C) Only one or two lines could be seen on its screen  (D) (A) or (C) 

(16) In the earlier years which language was used in word processors was used to change the format of documents?

(A) English  (B) Tag based markup  (C) Command based (D) Gujarati 

(17) In the current modern word-processors what is included?

(A) Command line interface (B) Graphical user interface

(C) Commander user interface (D) Tag based markup 

(18) Which of the following kind of systems do modern word-processors offer?


(19) Give the full form of WYSIWYG.

(A) what - you - see - international - what -you - get

(B) what - you - see - is - where - you – get

(C) what - you - see - is - what - you - get  (D) where - you - see - is - where - you - get 

(20) How many types of alignments are there in modern word processor?

(A) 2  (B) 3  (C) 4 (D) 5 

(21) What can be word processor programme?

(A) One can write as one wish

(B) By synchronization of  different kinds of  images and graphics various kinds documents can be made

(C) Uniform kind of letter can be dispatched to many people

(D) All of above 

(22) Who use word processor?

(A) Majority of the offices (B) Business Units

(C) Students and Writers (D) All the above 

(23) Of which kind of cluster is Office Suite?

(A) Word Processing (B) Database Management

(C) Presentation, Detailed Register (D) All the above 

(24) Which of the following is not an Office Suite programme?

(A) GNOME Office (B) MS-Office  (C) Neo Office  (D) Soft Maker Office 

(25) Which version of Open Office is there in our syllabus?

(A) 2.4  (B) 3.1  (C) 3.2 (D) 3.5 

(26) Which useful programme is in Open Office software?

(A) Writer (B) Calc (C) Impress  (D) Word 

(27) Which useful software in Open Office is for making detailed register?

(A) Writer  (B) Calc  (C) Impress  (D) Word 

(28) Which useful is there in Open Office for preparing presentation?

(A) Writer  (B) Calc (C) Impress (D) Base 

(29) Which programme is there in Open Office for database management?

(A) Writer  (B) Base  (C) Impress  (D) Calc 

(30) Which of the following is the most used Office Suite?

(A)  (B) Neo Office  (C) MS Office (D) GNOME Office 

(31) In our syllabus which version of Ubuntu Linux is included?

(A) 10.4 (B) 10.04  (C) 9.3  (D) 4.5 

(32) How is the uppermost line of Writer window known?

(A) Title Bar (B) Menu Bar  (C) Status Bar (D) Format Bar

(33) Generally, where is menu bar in Winter Window?

(A) At the topmost part (B) Generally below tide bar

(C) At the lowermost part (D) Nothing is certain 

(34) How many menus are included Winter Window?

(A) File  (B) Edit  (C) Format  (D) View 

(35) In which menu are the options affecting the whole document prepared in winter placed?

(A) File (B) Edit  (C) Format (D) View 

(36) In which menu are the commands necessary for making necessary modifications in document prepared in winter placed?

(A) File  (B) Edit (C) Format (D) View 

(37) In which menu are the commands necessary for showing the method of presenting a winter prepared document shown?

(A) File  (B) Edit  (C) Format (D) View 

(38) In which menu are the commands for inserting pictures, sound, figure in a winter prepared document shown?

(A) File  (B) Insert  (C) Format (D) Edit 

(39) In which menu is the command for changing the appearance of Writer prepared document placed?

(A) File  (B) Edit  (C) Format  (D) Insert 

(40) In which menu is the command for preparing necessary table in Writer programme and for adding necessary rows and columns placed?

(A) Insert (B) Table  (C) Format (D) Edit 

(41) In which of the following menu are the commands for checking spelling and grammar placed?

(A) Tools  (B) Format (C) Table (D) Window 

(42) When in Writer menu more than one document is open, the commands of which menu are useful?

(A) Tools (B) Format (C) Table (D) Window 

(43) Which programme is not included in Office Suite?

(A) Writer  (B) Calc (C) Ms-Word (D) Impress 

(44) What is used to move toolbar?

(A) Handles of Toolbar  (B) Title bar (C) Mouse  (D) All the above given 

(45) Which short-cut key will you give for making new document file?

(A) Ctrl + F  (B) Ctrl + N (C) Shift+ N  (D) Ctrl + D 

(46) What is template in Writer programme?

(A) Pre-determined form and mode of document file  (B) One kind of style

(C) One type of document

(D) Cluster of documents in Writer programme 

(47) Where is the option in templates and documents located?

(A) In Open command of File Menu

(B) In Template command of File Menu

(C) In New command of File Menu

(D) In Edit Menu of Template command 

(48) When storing file for the first time if you do not give it a title what will come as file name?

(A) document a.odt (B) Untitled1.odt  (C) noname.odt (D) No file will be stored 

(49) What extension is suffixed to file stored in programme?

(A) .odg (B) .odp  (C) .odt  (D) .ods 

(50) Which facility is placed in Writer programme to guard against unforeseen incidents?

(A) That of storing documents in File menu by Save command

(B) That of Auto save command  (C) That of Anytime save

(D) No such facility is mere 

(51) In Writer programme, in which menu is Auto save facility is placed?

(A) File  (B) Edit  (C) Tools  (D) Insert 

(52) How much is the duration of predetermined Autosave facility in Writer programme?

(A) 12 minutes (B) 17 minutes  (C) 3 Minutes  (D) 15 minutes 

(53) Which first point will you consider before saving file document as word document prepared in Writer programme?

(A) It should be stored as Open Office determined form or Writer document  (B) Check if there is any spelling error in Writer document

(C) Check is there is grammatical error in Writer document

(D) This matter is needed to be considered. 

(54) Which menu will you use to arrange that Writer is auto-saved as Microsoft Word?

(A) File  (B) Edit  (C) Tools  (D) View 

(55) In how many ways can document be prepared in Writer programme?

(A) 2  (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) Only one  

(56) In which view does writer programme show document as pre-determined?

(A) Print Layout View (B) Web Layout View

(C) Full Screen view  (D) Outline View 

(57) Which view is useful to see how the document will look after printing? (A) Print Layout View (B) Web Layout View

(C) Full Screen View (D) Outline View 

(58) What is useful in changing the appearance of ^r document in Writer pogramme?

(A) Standard Tool Bar (B) Format Toolbar

(C) Status Bar  (D) Drawing Tool Bar 

(59) What is useful in making smaller or bigger the document prepared in Writer programme?

(A) Slide bar (B) Zoom slider

(C) Zoom (D) Magnifier 

(60) Where is zoom slider located?

(A) In status bar (B) In standard tool bar

(C) In format bar  (D) In drawing tool bar 

(61) What is the function of zoom slider?

(A) To modify the appearance of the document

(B) To modify the appearance of document according to percentage

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) Only to increase the appearance of document 

(62) Which effect is not shown in web layout view?

(A) Effect of formatting  (B) Effect of alignment

(C) Both (A) and (B)  (D) None of the above 

(63) Which dialogue box does not remain visible in web layout view?

(A) Zoom (B) Zoom and layout

(C) Outline  (D) View layout

(64) What cannot be seen full screen view?

(A) Title bar(B) Menu bar (C) Status bar  (D) All the above 

(65) What only is seen in full screen view?

(A) Full screen icon (B) Title bar  (C) Menu bar  (D) Status bar 

(66) What will you do to come out of full screen view?

(A) Press Esc. Key (B) Click on Full screen icon

(C) By short key Ctrl + Shift + J (D) By any one of the given above 

(67) Which command will you give to show screen in specific percentage?

(A) Edit Zoom (B) View Zoom  (C) File Zoom (D) View Magnifier 

(68) What menu will you use to close open document in writer programme?

(A) File (B) Edit (C) View  (D) Tools 

(69) What function does File Close perform?

(A) To close writer programme  (B) To close open document file

(C) To close any document (D) To close all open document files 

(70) What will you do to close writer software?

(A) File Close (B) File Close all  (C) File Exit (D) Edit Exit 

(71) What will you do to get help in Writer software?

(A) F1  (B) F2 (C) F3 (D) F4 

(72)  Which menu is useful in getting help of any kind in Writer software?

(A) File Help (B) Help Open  (C) Help Writer (D) Edit Help



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