CBSE Class 9 PSA Qualitative Reasoning (1)

CBSE Class lX PSA MCQs and Short Questions Database. Based on CBSE and NCERT guidelines. The students should practice these Sample Papers to gain perfection which will help him to get more marks in CBSE examination.  Based on the same pattern as released by CBSE every year. CBSE releases sample papers every year. These papers are released prior to the CBSE examinations so that students can do practice.

Analogy Test

The dictionary meaning of the word „Analogy‟ is „resemblance in certain ways‟. In this type of questions the candidate are to discover likeness between the firsttwo words, group of alphabets, figures or numbers. Bearing this resemblance in mind you are to pick one word or group of alphabets or figures which bears the  same resemblance with the third word, group of alphabets or figures. 

Word Analogies-

Hot : Cold :: Agitated : ?

The analogy between the first and second word is that the second in the antonym of the first. Bearing this relation in mind, calm bears the same relation with agitated.

There could be different type of relationship:-

--- Synonym Relationship e.g. Thin: Slim :: Stout : Strong

--- Antonym Relationship e.g. Thin: Portly :: Slim : Stout

--- Degree of Difference e.g. Frequently : Always :: Seldom : Never

--- Cause and effect e.g. shoot : Kill :: Insult : Humiliate

--- whole & part e.g. Fender : Tire :: Elevator : Aileron

--- Function composition action e.g. Axe: Wood :: Scissor : Fabric

--- Sequential e.g. Eight: Nine :: 23 : 32

Number Analogy:-

1) 4 : 27 :: 9 : ?

a) 12 b) 64 c) 32 d) 16

Explanation :- 23 : 33 : : 32 : ?

So the answer should be 43 = 64

So correct answer is (b).

2) 3 : 26 :: ? : 124

a)15 b) 13 C ) 17 d) 24

Explanation :- 22 – 1 : 33 – 1 : : ? : 53 -1

So the answer should be 42 - 1 = 16-1 = 15

So the correct answer is 15 

Similarly analogy in alphabets is seen.


Select the related word / letters/ numbers from the given alternative.

Q.1:- Laughter : Smile :: Hot : ?

a) Cold b) Summer c) Warm d) Temperature

Q.2: Planet : Sun :: Moon : ?

a) Satellite b) Universe c) Mars d) Earth

Q.3 : Axe : Wood :: Scissors : ?

a) Knife b) Blade c) Fabric d) Nail.

Q.4: Eight : Nine :: 23 : ?

a) 9 b) 32 c) 22 d) 8

Q.5 : The Taj : Agra :: Lions : ?

a) Animals b) Zoo c) Tiger d) lioness

Q.6 : DBL : AKK :: ? : JMN

a) MDO b) GDO c) MKE d) GKE

Q.7: ABC : F :: CB : ?

a) E b) F C) G d) H

Q.8: 8 : 27 :: 125 : ?

a) 625 b) 380 c) 375 d) 343

Q.9 : 234 : 24 :: 12345 : ?

a) 123456 b)120 c) 123645 d) 1245

Q.10: O : Q :: E : ?

a) F b) G c) H d) I

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