CBSE Class 9 PSA Qualitative Passage Based MCQs Set B

CBSE Class 9 PSA Qualitative Passage Based MCQs Set B. Based on CBSE and NCERT guidelines. The students should practice these Sample Papers to gain perfection which will help him to get more marks in CBSE examination. Based on the same pattern as released by CBSE every year. CBSE releases sample papers every year. These papers are released prior to the CBSE examinations so that students can do practice.

Passage No. – 1

Disability refers to any kind of physical or mental incapacity that limits a person‟s ability to work. Yet it is seldom that we have thanked God for the gift of Good health and well being. The smallest actions like seeing the sunrise, brushing our teeth, popping peanuts into your mouth come so naturally and effortlessly, and Yet we are never satisfied, always discontented. It is not so for the disabled. For them it requires immense concentration, effort, will power, energy and a lot of time. Despite this, it could be a long way of perfection. It takes great courage and determination to cope with disability. We can make life easier for them by becoming more sensitive to their handicap, their needs and their problems. Feeling of pity or under sympathy will only shake their confidence. Give them encouragement, facilities and resources, and then watch them as they learn, earn, play, work and even start their families. Very often we find that a person lacking in one faculty is gifted in some other way. That‟s nature‟s way of maintaining balance. Some of the most beautiful greeting cards are made by disabled children, using one hand, one foot or even mouth. Nothing stops them from using their talent, intelligence and their knowledge.

1. To cope up with disability one needs lot of …………….

a) Courage

b) Determination

c) Courage and determination

d) Effort

2. Pity and sympathy can make them loose.

a) Confidence

b) Will power

c) Determination

d) Ability

3. If we are sensitive to their needs and problems we will.

a) Learn to cope better

b) Admire ability

c) Enhance our lives

d) All of the above

4. A person lacking in one faculty is gifted in some other way. That‟s how nature ….…

a) Maintains imbalance

b) Maintains balance

c) Helps them cope with disability

d) Helps them to be tough

5. An agency promoting greeting cards made by specially gifted children is ………

a) WTO

b) IMF


d) WHO

6. We should thank God for …………

a) Being able to do easiest of tasks

b) Being able to enjoy benefits of nature

c) Being able to walk and talk

d) All the above

Passage No. – 2

Once a man saw three masons along with some labourers were constructing a temple. He observed the masons for some days and found that though the three of them were doing the same kind of work, there was a marked difference in their approach to their job. He saw that the first mason reported for his work late, did his work half-heartedly and sluggishly enjoyed longer respite, frequently checked the time on his wrist-watch and left the work before time. The second mason was very punctual in arriving and leaving, and did his work methodically and conscientiously. The third mason, however, would come before time, took little rest in the interval and often worked over-time. The man naturally got curious and wanted to know the three masons‟ outlook own their work. He asked them what they were doing. The first mason tapped his protruding belly with his hand and said, I am earning fuel for this belly. The second said „I am constructing a building. Third looked at the stately edifice and said “I am building the house of God”.

1. The first mason‟s approach to work was that of……………..

a) Earn livelihood

b) Just to spend time

c) Earn only money

d) Waste time

2. The second mason was ………………. In his approach.

a) Structured

b) Professional

c) Unmethodical

d) Punctual

3. The third mason approached his work with.

a) Zest

b) Skill

c) Duty

d) Dedication

4. The first mason was ………………….

a) Lazy

b) Sick

c) Hard-working

d) Active

5. The Phrase „work is worship‟ can be associated with …………..

a) First mason

b) Second mason

c) Third mason

d) All of the above

6. The writer of the above passage is trying to tell the readers that…………….

a) All work and no play is healthy

b) All play and no work is healthy

c) Enjoy doing work with commitment

d) All of the above

 Passage No. – 3

Just as it is vital for parents to live their own lives as fully is possible and to deepen their understanding of themselves to the utmost, so it is important for teachers and educators to do the same. When children go to school their teachers become, during school hours, substitutes for their parents. The children transfer to their teacher some of the feelings they have for their parents and are influenced in their turn by the personalities of the teachers. This mutual relationship is of more importance than any teaching method, and a child‟s ability to learn is continually hampered if the relationship is unsatisfactory. Again, if teacher really want to be educators, to help children to develop into satisfactory men and women, and not simply to stuff them knowledge, they will only be really successful if they themselves have sound personalities. No amount of preaching, however well done, no principles however sound, no clever technique of mechanical aids can replace the influence of a well – developed personality.
1. The teacher will be real educators by _
a) Adopting advanced teaching methods
b) Stuffing children with knowledge
c) Developing sound personality of their own
d) Through good teaching skills
2. The central idea of the passage is_
a) Teacher should develop sound personalities of their own to be able to influence the children
b) Informal education is better than formal education
c) There should be research done in education
d) Parent should have good interpersonal relations with teachers
3. The writer recommends to the teachers to deepen their understanding of themselves on the assumption that.
a) Will earn them a name of nation-builder
b) It is their duty
c) Will make them earn high pay
d) Helps to build well developed personality
4. The teachers and educators are important to children because
a) Without teachers they would remain ignorant
b) They help them to get jobs
c) Teachers serve as substitutes for parents in schools
d) Teachers preach good principles
5. What do you understand by well-developed personality
a) To develop into healthy beings
b) To develop into completely good human beings
c) To develop into rich personalities
d) To develop into educational beings
6. A good relationship between parents and teachers enhances…………
a) Educational qualifications
b) Interpersonal relationships
c) Wholesome development of the child
d) Healthy environment
Passage No. – 4

The bulk of our population is poor and illiterate. Their sorry condition poses a problem. On the one hand there is a shortage of teachers for Adult Education and on the other, the adults feel shy of starting to learn at a late age and attend classes. Moreover, the adult villagers have little time to spare for attending classes as the job of a farmer is very strenuous. In addition, he finds that what is taught at adult centres of education has no bearing on his daily needs, therefore he has become cynical about adult education. It is necessary to make it more meaningful for farmers in the villages. In towns and cities also, emphasis should be laid at increasing literacy rate and encourage adult education. Though it can be made useful and work based to arise their interest. It should comprise types of system in which earning and learning go together. Efforts to enhance adult education will ultimately discourage tendency to migrate to towns for better earning.
1. What is needed for Adult Education in villages?
a) It should be agriculture oriented
b) It should be free
c) It should be compulsory
d) It should be available in all villages
2. The main problem for educating adult in village is ………..
a) Financial helplessness to purchase books etc.
b) They hardly find time to study and feel shy
c) Their inability to read and write
d) There is no room for schools in villages
3. The farmers have grown cynical about education because……
a) He has no time go to school
b) What is taught in such schools is mostly of no use in his daily life.
c) He has no money to pay fees
d) He needs rest & recreation after strenuous work.
4. Adult Education should be encouraged in …………..
a) Towns and cities
b) Schools, collages
c) Towns , cities and villages
d) Only villages
5. The inherent problem of education system is ………….
a) Lack of funds
b) Shortage of teachers
c) No spare space for schools
d) Lack of interest
6. The education imparted should be…………..
a) Entertaining and interesting
b) Vocational
c) Useful & Meaningful
d) Limited to cities
Passage No. – 5

Read the given statements and answer the given questions:-

Neena, Madhu and Payal can play Tabla.
Neena, Madhu, Salma can play guitar.
Neena, Salma, Seema can dance.
Seema, Neena, Madhu can sing.
Question 1:- Who can play guitar, dance and sing?
a) Neena
b) Seema
c) Madhu
d) Salma
Question 2:- Who can dance and sing but can not play guitar ?
a) Neena
b) Seema
c) Salma
d) Madhu
Question 3:- Who can play guitar and sing but can not dance?
a) Payal
b) Madhu
c) Salma
d) Neena
Question 4:- Who can play guitar, dance and sing and play Tabla?
a) Payal
b) Neena
c) Madhu
d) Seema
Question 5:- Who can play Tabla only?
a) Payal
b) Madhu
c) Neena
d) Salma
Question 6:- Who can play guitar but can not sing?
a) Salma
b) Madhu
c) Neena
d) Payal
Passage No. – 6
CBSE Class 9 PSA Qualitative Passage Based MCQs Set B

1. In the above arrangement how many vowels are there which comes just after a symbol.
a) Three
b) Two
c) One
d) Four
2. In the above arrangement how many numerals come just before a symbol.
a) Two
b) Three
c) Four
d) Five
3. In the above arrangement how many consonant are there which comes just before a numeral.
a) One
b) Four
c) Three
d) Five
4. In the above arrangement how many symbols are there which have a numeral just before them and a vowel does not come just after.
a) Three
b) Five
c) Two
d) Four
5. In the above arrangement how many Geometrical figures are there which comes just before a numeral but does not come after a vowel.
a) Three
b) Two
c) Four
d) One
6. In the above arrangement how many vowels are there which comes either just before or just after any consonant.
a) Two
b) Four
c) Three
d) Five
Passage No. – 7

Four friends Anuj, Dinesh, Pankaj and Sumit come from different cities of India. They have different professions like Artist, Doctor, Player and Singer. Now read carefully the following rules and information and answer the questions that follow. You can take help from the given table by marking the (× ) or ( √) in the boxes.
1. The first letter in the name of person, profession and the city is not same.
2. Sumit is a player and comes from Durg city.
3. Pankaj, Anuj and the player do not come from Pune.
4. Anuj is not a singer and comes from Sambhal
5. Pankaj comes from the city whose first letter can not be the same as the first letter of his profession
CBSE Class 9 PSA Qualitative Passage Based MCQs Set B-
1. Dinesh comes from which city?
a) Ajmer
b) Durg
c) Pune
d) Sambhal
2. What is the profession of Anuj?
a) Artist
b) Doctor
c) Player
d) Singer
3. Name the city from where Pankaj comes?
a) Ajmer
b) Durg
c) Pune
d) Sambhal
4. Who among the following is the singer?
a) Anuj
b) Dinesh
c) Pankaj
d) Sumit
5. Which pair of the following can exchange their profession with each-other if they follow the rule number 1 strictly ?
a) Anuj – Dinesh
b) Sumit – Pankaj
c) Dinesh – Pankaj
d) None of these
6. What is the profession of Dinesh?
a) Artist
b) Doctor
c) Player
d) Singer

Passage No. – 8

Education is for life, not merely for a livelihood! So long as we are unmindful of this truth the quality of our educational curriculum as well as that of our teachers and students will remain inadequate. It is not enough for a society to have experts. It needs human beings who can think, feel, and act generously, the kind of people who cannot be replaced by the computers and robots. The great fault of our present age is its emphasis on efficiency at the cost of humanity.
1. The author talks about___________________ in the above passage.
a) Human beings
b) Teachers
c) Education
d) Curriculum
2. When the author says that education is for life, he means to say that –
a) Education is useful for earning money.
b) Education is useful for earring money
c) Education can make a person rich
d) Education can train the people to be proper human beings
3. The author says that it is not enough for a society to have experts because:
a) Experts are very egoistic people
b) Experts cannot give overall view of facts
c) Experts are not really sensitive to the needs of the society
d) Experts are eccentric people
4. According to the author the present educational system:
a) Stresses on efficiency
b) Fulfills social aspects
c) Is science oriented
d) Emphasizes on computer education
5. Human beings cannot be replaced by computers and robots because:
a) Computers and robots are non-human
b) They react mechanically
c) They do not have specialized knowledge
d) They cannot think and feel like humans
6. The main idea of the passage is:
a) Educated people should have a sympathetic attitude
b) Education should be to improve the quality of life rather than efficiency
c) Only experts are efficient
d) The only goal of education is to gain efficiency.
Answer Key to Qualitative Passage Based MCQ
Passage – 1

Answer 1. (c) Courage and determination
Answer 2. (b) Will power
Answer 3. (d) All of the above
Answer 4. (b) Maintains balance
Answer 5. (c) UNICEF
Answer 6. (d) All the above
Passage – 2

Answer 1. (a) Earn Livelihood
Answer 2. (b) Professional
Answer 3. (d) Dedication
Answer 4. (a) Lazy
Answer 5. (c) Third Mason
Answer 6. (c) Enjoy doing well with commitment
Passage – 3
Answer 1. (c) Developing sound personality of their own
Answer 2. (d) Parent should have interpersonal relations with teachers
Answer 3. (d) Help to build well developed personality
Answer 4. (d) Teachers preach good principles
Answer 5. (c) To develop into rich personality
Answer 6. (c) wholesome development of the child
Passage – 4

Answer 1. (a) It should be agriculture oriented
Answer 2. (b) They hardly find time to study and feel shy
Answer 3. (b) What is taught in such schools is mostly of no use in his daily life
Answer 4. (c) Towns, cities and villages
Answer 5. (b) Shortage of teachers
Answer 6. (c) Useful & meaningful
Passage – 5
Answer 1. (a) Neena
Answer 2. (b) Seema
Answer 3. (b) Madhu
Answer 4. (b) Neena
Answer 5. (a) Payal
Answer 6. (a) Salma
Passage – 6

Answer 1. (b) Two
Answer 2. (d) Five
Answer 3. (a) One
Answer 4. (a) Three
Answer 5. (d) One
Answer 6. (c) Three
Passage – 7

Answer 1. (c)
Answer 2. (b)
Answer 3. (a)
Answer 4. (c)
Answer 5. (d)
Answer 6. (a)
CBSE Class 9 PSA Qualitative Passage Based MCQs Set B-1

Passage – 8

Answer 1. (c) Education
Answer 2. (d) Education can train the people to be proper human beings
Answer 3. (c) Experts are not really sensitive to the needs of the society
Answer 4. (a) Stresses on efficiency
Answer 5. (d) They cannot think and feel like human
Answer 6. (b) Education should be to improve the quality of life rather than efficiency



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