CBSE Class 9 Language Conventions Grammer and Usage MCQ

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I - Grammar and Usage-MCQ

1. I ___________on this line before I realised my mistake.

(a) worked (b) was worked (c) am working (d) had been working

2. The doctor______ an operation.

(a) do (b) performed (c) is performed (d) done

3. I ________ we should accept the offer.

(a) think (b) will think (c) should think (d) would think

4. We rested _______ the shade of the tree.

(a) in (b) under (c) ourselves in (d) ourselves under

5. She should be ashamed ________ her actions.

(a) by (b) at (c) of (d) in

6. He _________ friends has come back.

(a) and his (b) or his (c) along with his (d) along with them

7 Nowadays,she________ her drawing board to school.

(a) carried (b) carries (c) take (d) taken

8 Neither he nor his servant _____________.

(a) leave (b) have left (c) has left (d) is left

9 _____________ what he says.

(a) listen to (b) listen (c) hear (d) hear to

10 When I was in trouble, there was ___________ to help me.

(a) anyone (b) no one (c) someone (d) all

11 I _________ lunch one hour ago.

(a) have had (b) had had (c) had (d) have

12 He thought that my car _________ for sale.

(a) is (b) was (c) has been (d) going

13 He tried to prevent me ________ doing my duty.

(a) against (b) at (c) with  (d) from

14 I would apologise if I _________ you.
(a) am
(b) was
(c) were
(d) are
15 He has _______ ulcer on his leg.
(a) a
(b) an
(c) every
(d) big
16 He promised _________ in this matter.
(a) helping
(b) to help
(c) help
(d) helped
17 The teacher made the student ___________ the lesson
(a) repeat
(b) repeated
(c) repeating
(d) has repeated
18 __________ we did not go to school.
(a) Being a holiday
(b) Since a holiday
(c) On holiday
(d) lt being a holiday
19 He would _________ beg than steal.
(a) not
(b) no longer
(c) rather
(d) nor
20 l have not met him _______ he left school.
(a) for
(b) as
(c) since
(d) when
21 The ____________ I purchased, had a tear.
(a) cloth
(b) clothes
(c) clothing
(d) dresses
22 The car was leaking ___________
(a) oil
(b) much oil
(c) oils
(d) some oils
23 A lot of money ____________ wasted on this project
(a) is
(b) are
(c) were
(d) may
24 ___________ is expensive these days.
(a) Shoes
(b) Shoe
(c) A pair of shoes
(d) A pair of shoe
25 There are _______ than sixty boys in the class.
(a) no few
(b) no lesser
(c) no fewer
(d) no lesser
26 His income ________ than yours.
(a) less
(b) is less
(c) least
(d) is little
27 My brother, Ajay is __________ to me and Shalu
(a) elder
(b) eldest
(c) old
(d) oldest
28 He was ____________ sad yesterday.
(a) too
(b) very
(c) much
(d) fairly
29 My brother is ___________ than I am.
(a) more stronger
(b) stronger
(c) strong
(d) most strong
30 My stomach is full. I won't have __________ else.
(a) nothing
(b) anything
(c) something
(d) little
31 The earth _______ around the sun.
(a) moved
(b) has moved
(c) is moved
(d) moves
32 He usually _______ breakfast before he goes to school
(a) has eaten
(b) had eaten
(c) eats
(d) is eating
33 Why _______ your homework yet ?
(a) didn't you do
(b) hadn't you done
(c) haven't you done
(d) haven't you been done
34 Last night I_________ a pleasant dream.
(a) could see
(b) saw
(c) had seen
(d) had been seen
35 At this age he is tired _______ his life.
(a) with
(b) from
(c) of
(d) upon
36 He takes pride ________ his wealth.
(a) in
(b) of
(c) with
(d) by
37 Due to heavy rains, she is trembling_______ cold
(a) from
(b) with
(c) in
(d) by
38 I request you not to interfere ____ my work.
(a) in
(b) with
(c) on
(d) within
39 By the time we reached the station the train ___________.
(a) already left
(b) was left
(c) had already been left
(d) had already left
40 I was reading a book when the telephone bell ___________.
(a) ringing
(b) had rung
(c) rang
(d) should ring
Answer Key Language Conventions -I (Grammar and Usage-MCQ)

1 (d) had been working
2 (b) performed
3 (a) think
4 (b) under
5 (c) of
6 (c) along with his
7 (b) carries
8 (c) has left
9 (a) listen to
10 (b) no one
11 (c) had
12 (b) was
13 (d) from
14 (c) were
15 (b) an
16 (c) help
17 (a) repeat
18 (d) It being a holiday
19 (c) rather
20 (c) since
21 (a) cloth
22 (a) oil
23 (a) is
24 (c) A pair of shoes
25 (c) no fewer
26 (b) is less
27 (a) elder
28 (b) very
29 (b) stronger
30 (b) anything
31 (d) moves
32 (c) eats
33 (c) haven't you done
34 (b) saw
35 (c) of
36 (a) in
37 (b) with
38 (b) with
39 (d) had already left
40 (c) rang



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