CBSE Class 4 Computer Science Excel Spreadsheet Notes

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Revision Notes for Class 4 Computers Excel Spreadsheet

Class 4 Computers students should refer to the following concepts and notes for Excel Spreadsheet in standard 4. These exam notes for Grade 4 Computers will be very useful for upcoming class tests and examinations and help you to score good marks

Excel Spreadsheet Notes Class 4 Computers

CBSE Class 4 Excel Spreadsheet. Learning the important concepts is very important for every student to get better marks in examinations. The concepts should be clear which will help in faster learning. The attached concepts will help the student to understand the chapter and score better marks in the examinations. 




Excel is one of the most used software application. It is an application software. Working in Excel is very easy once we get to know about the various menus, features and the shortcut keys. The file extension of the Microsoft Excel 2007/2010/2013 is .xlsx .
Excel finds its use in various aspects of our life. It can be used in educational, financial and mathematical or  tatistical calculations. It also helps analyzing data with the help of various charts.


The Ribbon can also be customized. It means that we can create our own tab and add commands to the tabs.

CBSE Class 4 Excel Spreadsheet_1


A workbook is a file that contains one or more worksheets that can be used to organize related information all at one place.

CBSE Class 4 Excel Spreadsheet_2

The worksheets can be seen in the red encircled region. In MS 2007, by default 3 work sheets are provided. A Worksheet is a collection of cells where we can enter our data and can perform various operations on it. We can add new worksheets by clicking on Insert Worksheet or by pressing Shift + F11. We can also rename our worksheet by right clicking on the sheet and selecting ‘Rename’.


Keyboard shortcuts help us to perform our work quickly without having to us the mouse. Various keyboard shortcuts are listed below:

CBSE Class 4 Excel Spreadsheet_3

5.3 USE IN DAY TO DAY LIFE : Excel spreadsheet has many advantages that we can use it in our day to day life. It can be used to do simple calculations like addition, subtraction etc. and other mathematical computations. It can also be used to make a record of our daily activities or daily expenditure that can easily be managed and maintained. It can also be used to maintain the record of our school friends, their hobbies and interest etc. in easily manageable tabular format.

In short, Excel spreadsheet provides all the tools required to solve mathematical problems. 

5.4 STEPS TO START EXCEL: In order to work with excel,we required to open a blank workbook first.This can be done either of the two ways :

First Way:Go to Start> All Programs> Microsoft Office> Microsoft Excel2010

Second Way :Write Excelin Windows Search text field box and press enter

5.5 COMPONENTS OF EXCEL SCREEN: The various basic components of MS Excel2007 are shown below

CBSE Class 4 Excel Spreadsheet_4


In Excel, data type means the type of values that a cell can hold. Three types of values can be entered in a cell. They are –

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5.7 ENTERING DATA IN SPREADSHEET : A data in Excel spreadsheet is entered at the intersection of a row and a column. This intersection of a row and a column defines a cell in excel an this cell can be formatted as per our own required. A cell in Excel is accessed by its Column letter an Row number. For Example the very first cell of an excel worksheet is referenced or named as A1 where A is the First Column Letter and 1 is the first row number.

You can enter as many characters in a cell as supported by the version of the MS Excel. And you can change the format of the data in a cell by right clicking on the cell and selecting Format Cells from the context menu And after formatting the Cell as per the requirement you can start entering the data.

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The individual units of a worksheet are known as the cell. In other words, an Excel worksheet is composed of cells. Each cell has an address.

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In the above given image, the address of the cell with the text KVS is F7 where F is the column number and 7 is the row number. Various formulas and calculations are done on the basis of these cell addresses.


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To insert a table in a worksheet, follow the given below steps:

CBSE Class 4 Excel Spreadsheet_9

When the table is created, it is given a default name. We can later change the name. The steps are as follows –

CBSE Class 4 Excel Spreadsheet_10

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While selecting the table format always keep in mind its presentation and look. It is advisable to select the table format that suits your data best.


Q 1. MS Excel is a/an ...................... software.

Q 2. Write about the uses of Excel.

Q 3. The shortcut key for inserting a worksheet in a workbook is ................................. .

Q 4. How do we find the address of a cell in Excel?

Q 5. By default, how many worksheets are there in a workbook? Q 6. Tables in Excel help us to organise data. (True/False)

Q 7. The file extension of Microsoft 2007 is ......................... .

Q 8. The ........................ feature automatically helps us to sum a range of cells. Q 9. In Excel, the intersection of row and column is called ............................ .

Q 10.The maximum number of rows and columns in Excel are ...................... and ...................... respectively.


1. Open an Excel workbook and create/insert Five Excel sheet Rename the sheets as the name of five fruit having different color (Apple for red color , Orange for orange color, Mango for yellow color, Grapes for green color, Strawberry for purple color)
2. Create a table in MS Excel to calculate total expenditure on your studies ( say School fee, Uniform, Shoes, Books, Copies, Geometry box, school bag etc. )

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