CBSE Class 4 Syllabus for Computers

Download CBSE Class 4 Syllabus for Computers 2023 2024. Refer to the latest syllabus provided below and free download latest curriculum of Class 4 for Computers issued by CBSE and NCERT, free download in pdf, get topic wise weightage, suggested readings and books based on latest syllabus and guidelines. The Computers Class 4 Syllabus curriculum has been developed and issued by CBSE and NCERT for Computers in Class 4. All students studying in Class 4 are suggested to go through latest syllabus to ensure that their preparation is as per the latest syllabus issued by CBSE NCERT KVS. Class 4 Computers students should do preparation for Computers exam strictly based on the latest curriculum and concentrate more on the topics with higher weightage to help them score higher marks in Class 4 Computers class tests and exams

Class 4 Computers Syllabus

It is important for students to study as per the latest Class 4 Computers curriculum and marks breakup as per important topics. This will help to prepare properly for the upcoming examination. You can click on the following links to download the latest and past year syllabus provided by us below.

Year Wise Computers Syllabus Class 4

UNIT 1 :  Computer ,Input Devices, Output Devices, Central Processing Unit (CPU)

UNIT 2 : Memory and Storage : Internal Memory, External Memory, Storage Devices, Portable Storage, Hard Disk

UNIT 3: Know your windows: Starting, The Desktop, The Taskbar, Turn off Computer, Windows Elements, Files and Folders.

UNIT 4: Fun with Paint : How to open paint, Using Free From Select Tool, Drawing with pencil and curve, Moving an object, Using copy, Paste options of Edit Menu.

UNIT 5: Brief Introduction about Mr. Charles Babbage, Mr. Bill Gates and Lady Ada. Generations of computer.

Practical : Starting MS - Word, Saving, Opening and Closing a document + Lab Activities + Project Work

Using Special Effects : Flipping, Stretch / Skew the picture, Using Text tool, Zooming the picture, Increasing the size by different ratio + Lab Activity + Project Work.

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Where can I download latest CBSE Syllabus for Class 4 Computers for 2023

You can download the CBSE 2023 Syllabus for Class 4 Computers for latest session from

Can I download the current year Syllabus of Class 4 Computers in Pdf

Yes, you can click on the links above and download Syllabus in PDF for Class 4 for Computers

Is the Class 4 Computers Syllabus available for the latest session

Yes, the syllabus issued for Class 4 Computers have been made available here for latest 2023 academic session

How can I download the current year Class 4 Computers Syllabus

You can easily access the links above and download the Class 4 Syllabus Computers

Is there any charge for the Syllabus for Class 4 Computers

There is no charge for the Syllabus for Class 4 CBSE Computers you can download everything free

How can I improve my scores by using the Syllabus in Class 4 Computers

Planning your studies as per syllabus given on studiestoday for Class 4 subject Computers can help you to score better marks in exams

Are there any websites that offer free curriculum for Class 4 Computers for 2023

Yes, provides all latest CBSE Class 4 Computers Syllabus with suggested books for current academic session

Can latest curriculum for Class 4 Computers be accessed on mobile devices

Yes, studiestoday provides curriculum in Pdf for Class 4 Computers in mobile-friendly format and can be accessed on smartphones and tablets.

Is syllabus for Class 4 Computers available in multiple languages

Yes, syllabus for Class 4 Computers is available in multiple languages, including English, Hindi