CBSE Class 9 English Dialogue Competition Assignment

CBSE Class 9 Assignment-Dialogue Competition - Listening Comprehension. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practise them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.


The purpose of dialogue writing is to enable a student to develop the given input in a grammatically correct and meaningful conversation. While writing the sentences, one must take care to avoid errors and ensure that the following grammatical elements are kept in mind:

 Tense

 Subject verb agreement

 Sentence connectors

 Appropriate punctuation

 Sentence form- statement or interrogative

 Correct use of imperatives


Given below are some pieces of conversation. Complete the dialogues by filling in the gaps.

E.g. Samuel and Deborah are discussing their plans for a trip to Ooty. Complete the following dialogues meaningfully.

Samuel : I am really excited about this trip.

Deborah : I have been to this place and I (a) _really liked it and enjoyed myself .

Samuel : Really, did you travel by train or car?

Deborah : I (b) _had gone by train .

Samuel : This time we’ll try going by car. Have you packed some woollens?

Deborah : (c) That will be nice. Yes. I’m carrying some light woollens .

Q1. Complete the following conversation given below by reading the dialogues in the bubbles. Tick the correct answer against the blanks provided.

Ms. Geeta Ms. Geeta

Mr. Shah

Mr. Mukesh

Mohan is at the interview board. He is being interviewed by three people.Ms Geeta asked Mohan (a) ………. M.Sc? She further asked him(b) ………. In B.Sc . Mr . Mukesh, the other member, asked him(c) ………… training if it was required. Finally Mr Shah asked him(d) …………?

(a) i. when did you pass your (b) i. what were your subjects

ii. when you had passed ii. What were his subjects

iii. when he had passed iii. What had been your subjects

(c) i. are you willing to go for a (d) i. what did his parents do?

ii. if he is willing to go for a ii. what his parents did?

iii. if you are willing to go for a iii. What do your parents do?

What do your parents do?

Are you willing to go for a training ?

When did you pass your M. Sc?


What were your subjects in B. Sc?

Q2. Ram's mother fell ill all of a sudden and he had to look after her. So he couldn't go to his school. Complete the following conversation between him and his teacher in about 100 words:

Teacher: Ram, why didn't _____________________________________________?

Ram : Madam, my mother __________________________________________.

Teacher: Wasn't any _________________________________________________?

Ram : No, madam. Father was out of station and my sister is too young to help her.

Teacher: What _____________________________________________________?

Ram : The doctor said that she had food poisoning.

Teacher: I see ! What ________________________________________________?

Ram : She ate the food that had come from a hotel.

Teacher: Oh ! Many a time hotel food gets poisonous. Don't worry, she


Ram : Thank you, madam.

Q3. Complete the dialogues choosing the correct options:

Meena : ‘The Elizabeth Affair’ by Robert Barry Holmes is indeed , a very good novel

Involving the Maori culture …………………. From. (Where did you get it/ Where

did you buy it).

Anupam : I got it from the author himself. He ……………this Mall and we became friends

Instantly. (came one day/ came another day).

Meena : The main plot is really gripping as it involves human relationship between two

Cultures. Expecting a few short comings, the story reveals the Maori culture.

……………………….. ( Which is / What is)

Q4. Shan is in dilemma he wants to go to excursion to Goa but his Father insists that he should stay back for his cousins wedding. Construct a dialogue between both of them in 100 words.



CBSE Class 9 Assignment-Dialogue Competition



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