CBSE Class 5 EVS Worksheet - Organ Systems

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(Topics- Some Organ Systems and Organ Systems that Help Us Move)


Q. 1 Fill in the blanks:

a. The air we breathe in passes from the wind pipe to the ____.

b. The thigh bone is connected to the hip by a ____.

c. _____ pairs of ribs make up a rib cage.

d. Urine leaves the kidneys through the ______.

e. There are ______ bones in an adult’s body.

Q. 2 Name the following:

a. Instrument used by the doctors to hear the heart beat.

b. Number of bones in the skull.

c. Sticky substance inside the nose which helps to filter the dust.

d. The organ of the digestive system where most of the digestion takes place.

e. The opening through which faeces pass out of the body.

Q. 3 Define the following:

a. Organ system

b. Digestion

c. Excretion

d. Joint

e. Vertebrae

f. Respiration

Q. 4 Write the functions of :

a. Spinal cord

b. Kidneys

c. Skeletal system

Q. 5 Differentiate between:

a. Internal & external organs.

b. Veins and arteries.

c. Voluntary and involuntary muscles.

d. Ball and socket joint & hinge joint.

Q. 6 Name the four different types of teeth that we have along with their numbers and functions.

Q. 7 Explain in a few lines:

a. What happens to food in the mouth?

b. How does exercise help your muscles?

c. How does living beings get energy from food?

Q. 8 Draw and label the diagrams of Digestive and Urinary system.


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