CBSE Class 5 EVS Worksheet - Force, Work and Energy

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Chapter –11, 12, 13 (What everything is made up of, Force, Work and Energy, Simple Machines)


Q. 1. Define the following terms:-

a. Matter b. Atom c. Molecules d. Force e. Energy f. Machine g. Wedges h. Evaporation

Q. 2. Name the following:-

a. The point above which a lever moves freely.

b. The process of changing of gases in to liquids on cooling.

c. The substances which are made up of only one kind of atoms.

d. The force with which a magnet attracts certain substances.

e. The force which opposes motion.

Q. 3. Fill in the blanks:-

a. Heat makes a liquid change into its __________ form.

b. Liquids have a ___________ volume, but they do not have a fixed shape.

c. Work is done when a ___________ is applied on something and it moves.

d. Writing on smooth surfaces like glass is difficult because of __________ friction.

e. Matter exists in three states, called __________, ___________ & _________.

Q. 4. Answer the following:-

a. Differentiate between an element and a compound.

b. Why do solids have a fixed shape and size?

c. Write about the good and bad sides of friction.

d. Why are hill roads made to wind around hills?

e. What things can a force do?

Q. 5. Differentiate between solids, liquids & gases.

Q. 6. Differentiate between gravitational force & magnetic force.

Q. 7. Label fulcrum, load & effort in the following figures.

Q. 8. What is the importance of simple machines?


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