CBSE Class 3 English Practice Worksheets (13)-Collective Nouns

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English Worksheet

Ch-4 Collective Nouns

Q1.Match the followingwith their group names:

a) hen crowd

b) soldiers swarm

c) people/men library

d) butterflies bunch

e) firewood flock

f) trees army

g) pigeons murder

h) books bundle

i) grapes cluster

j) crows brood

Q2. Give the group names for the following:

a) bears ___________________________________________

b) fish ___________________________________________

c) cows ____________________________________________

d)ants ____________________________________________

e) monkey ____________________________________________

f) squirrels ____________________________________________

g) lion _____________________________________________

h) wolves _____________________________________________

i) kitten _____________________________________________

j)caterpillars _____________________________________________

Q3. Underline the collective nouns in the following sentences.

a) A herd of cattle is passing

b) Our team is better than theirs.

c) The crowed was very big.

d) The class is studying grammar.

e) The police managed to control the mob.

f) We saw a fleet of sheep in the harbor.

g) India has many soldiers in its army.

h) He gave me a bunch of grapes.

i) A committee of five was appointed.

Q4. Fill in the blanks with appropriate collective nouns in the following sentences.

a)Our ____________________ consists of twenty students.

b) The Indian _________________ defeated Pakistan in Kargil war.

c)A ___________________ of sparrows flew over my head.

d) Anjali was peering at a _______________________ of ants.

e)People cannot get rid of the ______________________ of flies.

f) There are eleven players in a cricket ___________________.

g) I bought a _________________ of strawberries from the market.

h) A _____________________of cows were grazing in the field.

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